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The India-IAEA Safeguards Agreement

'The PM's falsehood is exposed'
'We can pull it off at NSG'
'Clean waiver for nuclear deal is a fantasy'
'History will decide on Dr Manmohan Singh'
'Deal or no deal, the Left would have withdrawn'
'Not enough time to pass n-deal in US '
'PM's reputation is in some jeopardy'
'The Left wants to humiliate the Congress'
'Nuclear deal will affect Muslim votes'
'The people of India are for nuclear deal'
'They can't hoodwink the Left at every stage'
'I am not interested in barking or biting!'
'McCain will take Indo-US relations in a positive direction'
'The Left parties have lost ground'
'Reforms are required, but not the type initiated by the Congress and BJP'
We will have zero credibility: Ambassador to US
'An open debate won't hurt India'
'We were prepared to walk away from the nuclear agreement'
'India has important role in Central Asia'
Dr A N Prasad: ‘National interest is at stake’
'PM Singh is right man for the job'
'The US is perceived as hypocritical'
'No American can treat India like a pet'
'US wants to cap our nuclear programme'
'The US has not fully delivered'
'It's the best nuclear deal India could've got'

Why China did what it did at NSG
Text of revised draft for NSG
'The disclosure'
Text of India’s draft IAEA safeguards agreement
'It is sad the N-deal is smeared in murky politics'
Sonia, Karat ready with exit plan
Scoop: What the IAEA agreement gives India
No more negotiations, says US
Analysis: Have the Left, UPA reached breaking point?
The people who swung the N-deal
Why Bush has to deliver in India

Body blow to nuclear disarmament
India’s ever-shifting nuclear goalpost
Political implications of the NSG waiver
The deal may cause India to collapse
Political implications of the NSG waiver
Reiterations, not revelations
No Dark Secrets in a Bureaucratic Note
Embarrassing revelations on the Nuclear Deal
NSG: Do not discard the baby with the bath water
We are not there yet
IAEA draft: Invoking Para 29 won’t be easy
Is the nuclear deal about big business?
Francois Gautier: France and the nuclear deal
India has got the best possible agreement
The nuclear deal’s essence is politics
Has the Left overplayed its hand?
Will the final joke be on Mulayam Singh Yadav?
How the Congress mismanaged the N-deal
Next Steps in the Nuclear Deal
The prime minister cannot take things personally
Dr Singh, lead or leave
The Hawa Mahal of our politics
Nuke deal and the prime minister's dilemma
The deal that refuses to die
N-negotiators have not learnt from Tarapur experience
Praful Bidwai: The new form of McCarthyism
Special: IAEA and NSG will be no Cakewalk
Amend Constitution to enable public debate
Amend Constitution to enable public debate
The Left's 'death of a 1,000 cuts'
'These are vital issues which cannot be ignored'
'China's interest is our interest'
Nuclear steal: It's the Constitution, stupid
The nuclear deal: A positive fallout
America's Dhritarashtra's embrace?
Does N-deal really solve issues?
Goal post shifts for Indo-US nuclear deal
It could have been worse
India has no leverage
N-deal breakers still alive
Why should India test now?
Do we really have a nuclear deterrent?
The case for nuclear testing
India's N-programme: The perils ahead
Amend US law, or reject nuclear deal
India surveys the energy war
US Senate's N-Bill facilitates spy operations
N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
India's delicate minuet
Uncle Sam's devious plans
Indo-US deal may die in Congress
That Obscure Object of Desire: Nuclear energy
Standing up to America with buyer power
Iran, the US, energy and nuclear issues
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
The Perkovich Alternative: Inadequate Indeed
PM's visit: Focus will be on nuclear issue
Indo-US nuclear treaty: A good deal
Do we really need the nuclear deal with the US?
N-deal enters choppy waters
'China's interest is our interest'
Prakash Karat on the Indo-US nuclear deal

December 06, 2010
India, France ink pact to build two N-power plants
October 27, 2010
India signs IAEA convention on nuke compensation
October 24, 2010
'India won't amend nuclear liability bill'
August 17, 2010
BJP hints at supporting Nuke-Liability Bill
July 15, 2010
Panel on Nuke bill expected to submit report
June 10, 2010
Govt mulls diluting nuke liability bill
April 16, 2010
'Nuke deal with India shows US double standards'
February 20, 2010
N-deal with India a game changer: US
February 11, 2010
India, UK sign civilian nuclear pact
December 16, 2009
Indo-US n-deal to be finalised soon: Foreign Secy
December 07, 2009
India signs nuclear deal with Russia
December 03, 2009
'US committed to early implementation of N-deal'
November 24, 2009
'Negotiation on reprocessing n-fuels to take time'
India is a valued strategic partner: Burns
November 17, 2009
Why Indo-US nuke deal won't take off anytime soon
November 12, 2009
Rudd stands firm on not selling uranium to India
October 22, 2009
Nuke deal embedded in Indo-US ties: Clinton
October 04, 2009
India, US hope for deal on reprocessing N-fuel
September 29, 2009
Listen to India's voice on disarmament: IAEA
September 18, 2009
'US, India can work together on NPT'
July 21, 2009
Obama's N-deal report to Congress creates doubts
July 16, 2009
Indo-US nuke deal 'not off-track': US
July 08, 2009
'N-deal with India to boost US security'
June 18, 2009
'Clinton's speech should ease India's concerns
June 10, 2009
Ellen Tauscher is undersecretary of arms control
June 06, 2009
Now, Pakistan wants India-like N-deal from US
Indo-US N-deal not on backburner: US official
May 28, 2009
Canada set to ink N-deal with India
May 22, 2009
India seeks movement on Indo-US nuclear deal
May 15, 2009
Indo-US nuclear agreement on track: US
April 01, 2009
Post N-deal, India gets uranium from France
March 25, 2009
'New Indian government may not abandon N-deal'
March 20, 2009
Shyam Saran to address conference on nuke deal
March 11, 2009
US assures India it will proceed with nuclear deal
March 09, 2009
Menon in US, to meet Hillary, top officials
The missing trust between India-US was restored
March 05, 2009
Sen's last speech in DC extols N-deal
February 27, 2009
5 to 7 sites identified to set up nuke parks
Mulford urges Obama to complete N-deal formalities
February 06, 2009
India to stockpile N-fuel: Kakodkar
February 03, 2009
India inks crucial safeguards agreement with IAEA
January 31, 2009
India to sign IAEA nuke safeguards deal on Feb 2
January 17, 2009
N-deal with India: Canada beats US
January 16, 2009
Bettering India ties a highlight, says Bush
January 09, 2009
US protocol on nuclear safeguards comes into force
January 02, 2009
N-deal key achievement: White H
November 19, 2008
Bush hopes Obama maintains ties with India
November 15, 2008
India, Canada negotiating nuke deal
October 27, 2008
Left suffering from Americaphobia: Pranab
October 23, 2008
Stop N-deal with India: US Christian group
October 22, 2008
N-deal: Bush issues first phase of certifications
October 21, 2008
India looking for uranium in Kazakhstan and Niger
October 20, 2008
N-deal consistent with India's interests: Govt
October 18, 2008
US snubs Pakistan, says 'no' to India-like N-deal
October 17, 2008
'N-deal is a crowning achievement of Bush'
N-deal with India "net gain" : US
October 15, 2008
Left gears up to take on government in Parliament
October 11, 2008
India allays Pak fears over N-deal with US
'India bound by agreed text of 123 Agreement'
It's done: India signs N-deal
October 10, 2008
Indian-Americans bask in Nuke deal glory
N-deal 'strengthening the emerging alliance'
October 09, 2008
Oppn terms N-deal a defeat, Cong elated
N-deal: 'India's concerns have been met'
'There will be limitations on Indo-US N-trade'
Bush floors India in N-deal speech
Bush signs N-deal, allays India's fears
October 08, 2008
After Bush nod, N-deal may be done Friday
October 07, 2008
Bush to sign bill on nuclear deal on Wednesday
US uncertain about date of signing N-deal
October 05, 2008
Indo-US N-deal will create 'new crises': Iran
Focus should be on future ties: Indian-Americans
October 04, 2008
Indo-US nuclear deal will be signed soon: Rice
Left observes 'Black Day' to protest Rice's visit
Rice arrives in Delhi, won't sign 123 pact
Now it's time to look further ahead: Rice
Thackeray praises N-deal, Dr Singh
N-deal: Rice on her way to India, suspense mounts
October 03, 2008
Aussie oppn asks govt to review Indian nuke ties
India has right to test: Pranab
Bush looking forward to sign N-deal bill
N-deal: McCain welcomes Senate approval
Rice holds meet after N-deal ratification
Exclusive: Barack Obama's letter to Dr Singh
October 02, 2008
Will renegotiate N-deal when we come to power: BJP
Every single commitment in the deal is binding: US
It is a complete surrender to US, says Left
'It's the greatest moment in India-US history'
US Senate approves nuclear deal
N-deal: Senate concludes debate, voting later
Senate floor managers oppose killer amendements
October 01, 2008
US Senate to vote on N-deal on Wednesday
White House wants 'high priority' N-deal passed
'N-deal will help address energy, climate issues'
October 0, 2008
White House wants 'high priority' N-deal passed
'N-deal will help address energy, climate issues'
September 30, 2008
The French Connection: India's nuclear isolation e
India eyes N-deals with other EU nations
India, France ink landmark nuclear deal
Bush made N-deal central to Indo-US ties: NYT
India, France finalise nuclear agreement
Senate likely to clear N-deal on Wednesday
September 29, 2008
PM arrives in Paris, to sign nuke deal with France
Chiranjeevi criticises Kalam for supporting N-deal
PM-Bush meeting had an eye on history
PM may sign N-deal with France
September 28, 2008
PM happy over US house nod to nuke deal
Nuclear deal in world interest, says PM
Bush, India hail passage of nuclear deal
US House OKs nuclear deal
September 27, 2008
Pranab, Rice to sign N-deal on October 4 in Delhi
Condoleezza Rice to visit India next week
US House of Representatives postpones N-deal vote
Ensure India, US complete their journey: Rice
NSG waiver shows India's impeccable record: PM
On 76th birthday, PM awaits his gift in New York
Indo-US nuke deal on 'hold' in US Senate
September 26, 2008
PM had a calm and serene effect on Bush
'N-deal to be taken up in Senate next week'
Berman's new bill identical to Senate version
PM's praise of Bush irks BJP, Left
Need a deal that satisfies India: Dr Singh to Bush
'N-deal not bound by internal laws of any country'
India confident of N-deal passage: Menon
US Congressman Pallone backs N-deal
PM misses out on memorable birthday gift
Non-proliferation lobby disappointed
How Howard Berman agreed to support the N-deal
India loves you, Dr Singh tells Bush
We hope US Congress clears N-deal soon: PM
We want the agreement to satisfy you, Bush to PM
PM-Bush meeting ends, N-deal vote likely tomorrow
September 25, 2008
Indian-Americans praise Republicans over N-deal
US admn can live with N-deal critic Berman's Bill
India downplays provisions in Senate bill
Influential Republican leader supports N-deal
Bill on N-deal in US House of Representatives
September 24, 2008
N-deal: Left to observe protest day
'N-deal completion unlikely when PM, Bush meet'
Senate move: India unhappy
Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes N-deal
PM arrives in New York, hopeful about N-deal
US bodies urge lawmakers to approve N-deal
September 23, 2008
Global crisis may dwarf PM's agenda in New York
N-deal faces bumpy ride in US Senate
Indian Americans plan Day of Advocacy
It's official: PM won't ink N-deal with Bush
September 22, 2008
India won't renegotiate 123 Agreement
India likely to sign N-deal with France, Russia
NPC approaches US companies for nuke technology
N-deal: Experts urge Senate leader to act soon
Editor alleges religious bias over visa denial
PM to discuss nuclear deal with Bush
CPM to form third front without Congress, BJP
September 21, 2008
N-deal may get push to Senate floor on Tuesday
September 20, 2008
UPA struck underhand deals with US nuke firms:Left
N-deal: Indian Americans on overdrive
Dr Singh will help push N-deal over the line: US
September 19, 2008
China's approach at NSG is behind us now: India
India downplays US comment on cutting off fuel
US firms can't be compelled to sell fuel to India
Lawmakers question India's nonproliferation record
'India has right to test, US has right to respond'
'Let N-deal process take its course or ...'
September 18, 2008
US Senate hearing on N-deal starts
Burns, Rood to testify on N-deal at US Senate
Enrichment tech not part of Indo-France N-deal
Rice pushing for nuke deal before Sept 26
US lawmakers push nuke deal
India engaged in illicit nuclear trade: US report
US Senate to hear N-deal today, hectic lobbying on
McCain backs N-deal but knows less about it
US lobby makes last attempt to derail N-deal
September 17, 2008
Nuke accord to open opportunities: Ravi
NSG waiver proof of benign global environment : PM
Why Left wants India to walk away from N-deal
'France, Russia will ensure uninterrupted N-fuel'
Indo-Russian nuclear deal likely in October
US lawmakers urged to support N-deal in Congress
September 16, 2008
France nuke tech for India after NSG waiver
September 15, 2008
N-deal critic Berman's stance crucial for Cong nod
September 14, 2008
Bush admn woos Indian Americans to push N-deal
September 13, 2008
US Senate to take up N-deal for hearing on Sept 18
BJP slams PM for 'mega fraud' on N-deal
N-deal will strengthen non-proliferation:US
Don't rush N-deal vote, say Democratic lawmakers
September 12, 2008
US parries queries on Bush memorandum
N-deal will be legally binding: India
Nancy Pelosi nod for N-deal in Congress
Indo-US N-deal in US interest: Post
Behind-the-scene truth of NSG waiver
N-deal: Reprocessing agreement in 6 months
India intrigued by Bush's statement on fuel supply
BJP cracks the whip on Centre in B'luru
50:50 chance on N-deal, US politician tells Deora
NSG waiver good news for N-reactors
'Many unanswered questions in the N-deal'
Seal the deal before other nations get in: Boucher
US can stop N-cooperation if India tests: Mulford
September 11, 2008
N-deal: McCain hails Indian-Americans
Bush invites PM to White House on Sept 25
India, US agree to defence cooperation
Pranab's statement addressed our fears: Holland
Top lawmaker to push N-deal in US Congress
Bush sends Indo-US nuclear deal to Congress
September 10, 2008
Goof-up: Mulford denied meet with Antony
India has sovereign right to test: Mulford
Nuke deal will bring in restricted technologies
Rice meets Pelosi to discuss Indo-US nuclear deal
Rice meets Berman to expedite N-deal passage
'US engaging India on a number of issues'
September 09, 2008
Let us move beyond doubts, China to India
'Fuel supplies will be governed by 123 agreement'
N-deal was a bad idea from the start: NYT
US rules out nuclear deal with Pakistan
Aussie PM faces tough time over India uranium sale
PM, Bush may sign 123 agreement in Washington:US
Antony thanks Indian Americans for help in N-deal
We are working overtime on Hyde amendment: US
N-deal: White House asks Congress to act quickly
September 08, 2008
Efforts on to clear 123 agreement by USIBC
Statement on moratorium convinced New Zealand
NSG waiver passport for India's N-trade: Pranab
Next aim for US: Making India 'partner' in NSG
NSG waiver text in media not accurate: MEA
Japan backs nuke deal due to international consens
Berman opposes rushed ratification in Congress
Australia refuses to sell uranium to India
'India will have China's answers on Monday'
Rice praises India's effort at NSG meet
September 07, 2008
India to take up controversial letter with US
No direct reference to nuclear tests in NSG waiver
NSG waiver another surrender, thunders Karat
Bush gears up to push N-deal through Congress
No easy sailing for India at NSG
September 06, 2008
India's legal right to conduct N-tests preserved
NSG nod elicits mixed reactions
It is a defeat for the nation: BJP
Bush praises Dr Singh's 'strong leadership'
PM hails NSG waiver
Nuclear Deal: A chronology
India gets NSG waiver by consensus
NSG meet: PM holds talks with Pranab, NSA
'India's statement has given a positive momentum'
NSG puts off India decision to Saturday
NSG waiver: Hectic negotiations on in Vienna
September 05, 2008
Vienna: India walks NSG tightrope
Govt seeks to allay apprehensions of NSG members
'Committed to voluntary moratorium on N-test'
Indian officials meet reps of sceptic NSG nations
'Only minor progress at NSG meet'
US denies N-document cover up
NSG waiver: Indian officials work overtime
NSG inches closer to ending India's N-isolation
September 04, 2008
CPM to join other parties to vote out UPA govt
India can't go beyond its commitment to Parliament
Document disclosure is routine, says Blackwil
Deal gives adequate protection to India
Status quo on N-deal has not changed: Sibal
NSG mulls revised waiver draft
'Letter shows the US negotiated in bad faith'
UPA government cheated people on N-deal: Karat
Mulford meets prime minister over N-deal
Revised waiver draft for consultation among NSG
BJP to move privilege motion against PM
Berman unapologetic about timing of release of doc
September 03, 2008
'N-deal will be a non-proliferation disaster'
India gears up for nail-biting finish at NSG meet
Secret letters say US will pull out if India tests
N-deal: US will push for waiver in NSG
September 02, 2008
Survivors of Nagasaki bombing oppose N-deal
'US Congress may return for Lame-Duck session
China says it won't obstruct India at NSG meet
UPA will have to face the people on N-deal: CPM
September 01, 2008
China: People's Daily questions Indo-US N-deal
August 30, 2008
PM meets Sonia, discusses revised NSG draft
India talks tough on NSG waiver
August 29, 2008
India wants clean NSG waiver: Mukherjee
'India's demands are too unreasonable for NSG'
August 26, 2008
N-deal: China remains non-committal
N-deal prime focus of US nuclear policy: Rice
August 25, 2008
Menon meets Burns, discusses nuclear deal
Committed to working with India on NSG nod: US
August 24, 2008
NSG draft: Government holds high-level meeting
August 23, 2008
India won't accept prescriptive conditionalities
India, US set to fine-tune draft waiver
NSG meeting constructive and useful: Menon
August 22, 2008
No NSG decision on India waiver, next meet in Sept
Will not obstruct Indo-US N-deal: Pakistan
Kakodkar for talks on uranium mining in Meghalaya
US hints at changes in draft NSG waiver
NSG resumes discussions on waiver to India
N-deal: 'NSG nod will power India's growth'
N-deal: 'Why should India get a free pass?'
August 21, 2008
India holds special briefing for NSG members
NSG waiver may take time: US
August 20, 2008
India urged to sign CTBT
We are aware of N-deal's importance: Ireland
Menon to brief NSG troika ahead of Vienna meet
NSG nod to India-specific waiver unlikely: Critic
August 17, 2008
India still hopeful about exemption from NSG
Switzerland to support India at NSG meet
August 16, 2008
Experts ask NSG to reject India-specific exemption
August 14, 2008
US proposal on India agreement an abomination'
August 13, 2008
Left Front overestimates USA: Amartya Sen
August 12, 2008
India hopes China will help at NSG
India pins its hopes on US, France for NSG nod
'NSG may meet again to finalise waiver for India'
August 08, 2008
Switzerland may not block waiver for India at NSG
N-deal: Berman's salvo was not expected this early
N-deal will not supersede domestic law: US
US Under Secretary Burns likely to visit India
August 07, 2008
US lawmaker opposes NSG exemption for India
August 06, 2008
N-deal: Indian-Americans swing to action again
August 05, 2008
New conditions will nullify IAEA pact: India
India should sign NPT, CTBT: Japan
US Congress likely to discuss N-deal on Sept 8
Japan may back India at NSG
August 03, 2008
US vows to push through NSG process
August 02, 2008
NSG support: India seeks US help
Lot of work has to be done ahead of NSG meet: US
N-deal: Canada may back India at NSG
What N-deal really means for some in India
August 01, 2008
An important day for India, says PM
IAEA clears India safeguards agreement
'US seeking to turn India into military base'
China, Pak may abstain in case of IAEA vote
NPT lobby resigns to India vote at IAEA
July 31, 2008
Pak cannot expect India-like N-deal: US
US can terminate N-deal if India conducts tests
Why Friday's IAEA meet is crucial for India
N-deal: 'US has given India a blank cheque'
July 30, 2008
India's N-chief in Vienna for IAEA meet
N-deal: Positive response from NSG, IAEA members
July 25, 2008
PM talks to world leaders on N-deal
US confident of IAEA, NSG nod for N-deal
India to lobby hard with China over N-deal
No compromise on India's strategic programme: DAE
PM calls Russian Prez; N-deal on agenda?
July 24, 2008
Bush calls up PM
Difficult to fix time frame for N-deal: Pranab
India, US talk to finalise N-deal
Government open to amending law to scuttle Hyde Ac
China studying India-IAEA safeguards agreement
'PM not a mere politician but a statesman'
McCain roots for N-deal; takes a swipe at Obama
Tough to take up N-deal this year, say US politico
India's step forward on N-deal pleases US
July 23, 2008
N-deal: India confident of IAEA approval
ASEAN terms N-deal positive
US hopes to wrap up N-deal
July 22, 2008
Iran factor may derail Indo-US relations
July 21, 2008
Menon confident of IAEA exemption
Ronen Sen slams 'those who oppose tech'
July 19, 2008
Centre hints at taking steps to counter Hyde Act
Foreign secretary briefs IAEA Board, NSG members
July 18, 2008
N-deal: Foreign Secretary Menon meets IAEA chief
July 17, 2008
China will not object at IAEA
France backs India ahead of IAEA meet
Cong, CPM workers clash in Srinagar over N-deal
Is the N-deal good? Debate rages
N-deal won't affect foreign policy: Sonia
US sends top bureaucrat to bat for India
India to brief IAEA in Vienna tomorrow
July 16, 2008
Nuclear deal worth the risk, says Rahul Gandhi
Closing N-deal very difficult now: US Senator
India to brief IAEA board, NSG nations on July 18
July 15, 2008
Trust vote: TRS to vote against UPA government
France to back India at IAEA, NSG
JMM keeps UPA guessing on trust vote
Sonia meets top Congress leaders
Trust vote: JD-S may vote against Congress
Please don't quit, SP tells Somnath
PM not Advani changed stand on N-deal: BJP
N-deal vote: Shahabuddin moves HC for permission
BJP issues trust vote whip, Akalis dont
Maya rushes aide to jailed party MP
Jailed ex-SP MP Atiq can take part in trust vote
Karat blames PM, Congress for coalition's collapse
Trust vote poses tough choice for Gowda
Omar Abdullah to decide NC support for trust vote
No threat to our foreign policy: PM
India to brief IAEA board of governors on July 18
July 14, 2008
Kalam hasn't changed stand on N-deal: Congress
IAEA board to meet over N-deal on Aug 1
Government rubbishes Bardhan's allegations
'Kalam changed his stance on N-deal'
UPA buying MPs, charges Bardhan
Bengal minister questions CPI-M's stand on N-deal
RJD to get jailed MPs for trust vote
SP rebel warns Cong of SP's opportunism
There is deal behind N-deal alliance: Shatrughan
Left plans to carry its battle to the people
Centre pushing N-Deal to cover up failure: BJP
To quit or not: Speaker yet to decide
July 13, 2008
Trust vote: TRS plays tough with Centre
Maya's call to Naidu raises UNPA's hopes
Marxists may back Congress post election
Numbers game clearly favours nobody
Pranab meets CPM patriarch Jyoti Basu
Left ropes in Maya to topple government
July 12, 2008
Worried, but Muslim League will vote for UPA
Pressure mounts on Chatterjee to quit
Trust vote: NPA to vote against UPA
Sovereign interests protected in IAEA deal: Centre
Gowda sets conditions for support to Congress
N-deal: Basu cautions party against hasty decision
Karat has reasons to fume, says RSS
We are yet to take a stand on N-deal: Janata Dal
PM never consulted Sikhs on N-deal: SAD
Left dares Congress to face poll on N-deal issue
'Finally, Congress party showed some spine'
July 11, 2008
Lok Sabha session to be summoned on July 21
We are in process of making history: PM
Left in touch with all parties,says Karat
Former NDA advisor Mishra hails N-deal
UNPA's 8 MPs to vote against UPA in Parliament
Advani most favoured PM candidate: Poll
Don't take support of convicted MPs: BJP to Congre
I am reluctant to seek changes in N-deal: Obama
Sonia confident of winning trust vote
N-deal: Special session convened on July 21
Sonia all praise for Left
The trust vote on July 22
Kerala Assembly adopts resolution against N-deal
Safeguards agreement unique: Top scientist
US vows to fulfill its side of N-deal
UPA leaders meet to fine-tune strategy
MNF decision on trust vote by next week
Non-proliferation lobby flays safeguard agreement
N-deal: US welcomes India's step forward
'India-IAEA agreement worse than useless'
Numbers game on, Cong reaches out to Opposition
Punters bet high on UPA trust vote win
July 10, 2008
US expert claims flaws in India's safeguards text
Will seek trust vote at the earliest, PM to Prez
N-deal: Crucial UPA meeting on Friday
Advani fears horse trading
Only Cong, SP can help Muslims: Shia body
N-deal: PM meets US envoy
Back the N-deal: Sri Sri
Request does not mean going to IAEA: Congress
SP tries to keep rebels from joining BSP
Scientists wary of safeguards agreement text
Speaker gives broad hints of not quitting
PM to meet President this evening
India's strategic programme out of IAEA ambit
We are with BJP, says Akali Dal
Pranab briefs PM on developments
India expects smooth passage in IAEA
Government's move a shocking betrayal: Left
Government unveils the safeguards text agreement
US will do whatever it can if India moves forward
PM has misled the nation: BJP
Non-proliferation lobby flays safeguard deal
G-8 to support N-deal; PM returns from Japan
IAEA safeguards draft can't be public: Kakodkar
Mulford meets envoys of NSG nations
Left, BJP surprised by government's IAEA move
July 09, 2008
Call emergency session of Parliament in a week:BJP
N-deal may not get through current Senate session
Samajwadi MP says 7 will vote against UPA
After NSG ok, India doesn't really need the US
Sikkim Democratic Front endorses N-deal
Independents back N-deal; may support UPA
G-8 backs Indo-US civil nuclear deal
MDMK to vote against UPA government
'Nuclear energy option inevitable for India'
Now only numbers matter!
Amar Singh gives President list of SP MPs
Fight against notorious N-deal will go on: Left
Left meets President, withdraws support to UPA
Don't juggle with numbers, Sena tells Cong
N-deal discussions hit cyberspace
Australia unlikely to oppose N-deal at NSG
Indo-US ties have moved forward: PM
Prove majority within a week: Advani
N-deal important for both India, US: Bush
July 08, 2008
JD-S non-committal on supporting UPA
Govt will seek vote of confidence soon: Pranab
Tough test for President Patil
I respect the Left, says Amar Singh
Why keep IAEA text secret, asks Left
N-deal: China to back India at IAEA
PM to meet Bush on Wednesday
Chronology of politics over N-deal
Full text of IAEA agreement can't be shared: Prana
Left to Pranab: 'That time has come'
BJP plans to ask UPA to show its strength
We will vote for UPA if trust vote is moved: SP
Cong says it has numbers
Left to pull out, to meet Prez tomorrow
PM meets UN general secretary
N-deal: Crucial meeting of Left parties begins
Seeking support for N-deal, PM to meet Bush today
July 07, 2008
Left to name economy, foreign policy in letter
India will approach IAEA, says PM
Left to submit pullout letter by Thursday
Left made country's politics bipolar: SP
N-deal is not a religious issue: Muslim body
Left should wait till UPA's next meeting: Antony
SP moves to prevent cross-voting
PM leaves for G-8 Summit in Japan
July 06, 2008
Pranab will reply to Left on N-deal: Cong
BJP tried to topple UPA govt, says Amar Singh
Left Parties to charge-sheet Centre
July 05, 2008
Majority of Muslims not against N-deal: SP
Left may withdraw support before deadline: Bardhan
Govt relieved after SP support for trust vote
Congress attacks Advani for seeking trust vote
Left awaits Pranab's response on N-deal deadline
UNPA heading for a split over N-deal
Samajwadi Party still undecided on support to UPA
N-deal is the need of the hour, says Lalu
Seek vote of confidence in Parliament: Advani
'History won't forgive if N-deal is not inked'
July 04, 2008
We will vote against confidence motion: Left
N-deal: US delegation meets PM
N-deal: Congress rejects deadline set by Left
Mulayam, Sonia meet after five years
'No time-frame can be fixed for approaching IAEA'
Left meet over
Left or no Left, UPA is safe: Paswan
Mulayam favours nuke deal
3 ministerial berths awaiting Samajwadi Party?
July 03, 2008
UNPA meet dashes Congress hopes of early SP suppor
Left will decide pullout modalities on Friday
UNPA will now consult experts on nuclear deal
N-deal: US lawmakers stress on August timeline
UNPA meet on nuclear deal begins
Chandrababu Naidu meets top Left leaders
Now it is official: PM will attend G-8 summit
July 02, 2008
Congress hopes PM with majority support will go to
Enough time to conclude N-deal, says Saran
Let PM make statement to allay our fears: SP
N-deal: NSA meets Mulayam as revolt brews in SP
Samajwadi Party is against early poll: Amar Singh
PM brushes aside Karat's objection, to attend G-8
Pawar meets Pranab over N-deal
N-deal: Realignment of forces on the cards
July 01, 2008
PM meets President amidst N-deal standoff
Sena to play 'crucial' role in N-deal stalemate
Left attacks PM again over N-deal
N-deal is anti-Muslim: Mayawati
Left will pull out before PM leaves for G-8 summit
Lalu meets Sonia amid stand-off on nuclear deal
'NSA to discuss N-deal with me on July 2'
N-deal will be consummated, Ronen Sen tells AAPI
Samajwadi Party talks N-deal with UPA
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