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Bush looking forward to sign N-deal bill

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October 03, 2008 09:35 IST

President George W Bush has said he looks forward to signing the bill containing the US-India nuclear agreement into law and "continuing to strengthen the strategic partnership" between the two countries.

Bush, who issued a statement on Thursday, welcoming the Congressional approval of the landmark nuclear accord, however, did not indicate as to when he intends to sign the bill.

He said the agreement would "strengthen our global nuclear non-proliferation efforts, protect the environment, create jobs, and assist India in meeting its growing energy needs in a responsible manner."

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, "We believe that the relationship between the US and India is on a very firm footing, and that can only be good for democracy and it can only be good for the world. Obviously, this has been Dr Singh and Mr Bush's vision to have this agreement cement and be one of the cornerstones of our relationship."



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