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  April 2000

DAY 26
30 April 2000:

For Hansie Cronje it is purgatory!
Scotland Yard team for India
ICC officials give themselves a clean chit

DAY 24
30 April 2000:

I'm very clean, says Ajay Sharma
Amnesty to players providing info on betting

DAY 23
29 April 2000:

Dalmia takes Agarwal to court
I will provide all details to CBI: Prabhakar
'It is apparent that Dalmiya's friend got a profit out of the deal'

DAY 22
28 April 2000:

Govt orders CBI probe into match-fixing
Attempt to fix me, says Dalmiya
Whistle-blower Lewis has no regrets
Ajay Sharma denies role in match-fixing

DAY 21
27 April 2000:

Govt to decide on CBI probe into match-fixing in 'two days'
Invitees satisfied with outcome of meeting
Cloud over DD's sports telecasts
England cricketers cleared of match-fixing
Ban match fixers for life, says ACB chief

DAY 20
26 April 2000:

'Govt. will crackdown on match fixers'
Qayyum report to be tabled at ICC meet

DAY 19
25 April 2000:

Was Rediff lying
Kishen Kumar gets anticipatory bail in cheating case
BCCI in the dock
ICC asks Pakistani board for Qayyum report
Blame it on the ICC, says South African journalist

DAY 18
24 April 2000:

Govt hints at CBI probe into match-fixing
That is not what I told Chandrachud: Mankad
Tarar blocked Qayyum investigation
A safe bet

DAY 16
22 April 2000:

We are not cheats: Bangladesh
The four monkeys
The outlook is murky
Night cricket without the floodlights
Murky doings in Sharjah
When ignorance is bliss...
Khetrapal denies Lewis charges

DAY 15
21 April 2000:

Calcutta high court summons ICC, BCCI, sports ministry

DAY 14
20 April 2000:

The Chandrachud Report
No complaint against Indians: Dhindsa
Kishen Kumar granted bail
Parliament not to ask for CBI probe
Court issues notices to BCCI, DDCA
We need a clean-up: Waugh
It's just not cricket
Kapil denies match-fixing allegations
Delhi high court admits PIL
CBI prepared to take over investigation
Who can do it better? CBI or Delhi police?

DAY 13
19 April 2000:

Bindra says all teams and players are involved in match-fixing
Drastic measures for drastic times
I'm ready to give names: Manoj Prabhakar
Cronje hasn't lost it all
Waugh silent on Cronje scandal

DAY 12
18 April 2000:

Simply stunned!
Kishen Kumar moved to Tihar jail
Stop maligning me: Azhar
Police seek more details from BCCI
Lewis called to explain match-fixing claims
Centre tells BCCI to make Chandrachud report public

DAY 11
17 April 2000:

ICC calls emergency meeting to discuss match-fixing
Diplomat may have triggered off Cronje's confession
Too many one-day games cause of match-fixing, says Woolmer

DAY 10
16 April 2000:

South Africans wanted to 'throw' 1996 ODI in India

15 April 2000:

No match-fixing in Sharjah, says Asif Iqbal
Gibbs declares his innocence
Kishen Kumar arrested, sent to judicial custody for 14 days

14 April 2000:

Cricket is a three-way contest

13 April 2000:

ED gets two days to grill Kalra
Cronje surrenders the money
'I was not involved in fixing or manipulating the results of cricket matches. I always played to win'
'I think now is the time when I will go to the president and ask for the Qayyum Commission report'

12 April 2000:

Dalmiya to chew Cronje with BCCI chief
'Kishan Kumar denies meeting Cronje
Chawla says he never met nor spoke to Cronje
'The mistake Cronje did was to use the cell phone given to him'
It's definitely inexcusable. I should think this will be the end of his career'

11 April 2000:

Jagmohan Dalmiya steps in for a late cut
Adios, Hansie, thanks for the memories
'People who were heroes are now seen or looking increasingly like villains'
The feline's out of the bag
Hansie admits taking bribe
Cronje sacked after admitting 'dishonesty'
Indian officials see racism behind initial South African outrage
Cronje admits to being 'untruthful'
Cronje pulls out
Govt summons for Dalmiya, Lele

10 April 2000:

ED, Delhi police raid Chawla's house
Lost, somewhere in London...
More proof needed to tighten case

9 April 2000:

Rajesh Kalra remanded to four days' police custody
Dalmiya asks Prabhakar to tell BCCI all

8 April 2000:

Betting: Kishen Kumar to be questioned
Prabhakar says ex-India captain, manager threw matches
Voice authentication not done
Titanic revisited
There will be more surprises for you

7 April 2000:

Dalmiya waffles while cricket burns
The Crime Branch file
Low profile with high stakes
Cronje named in match-fixing scam
Cronje involved in match-fixing, allege Delhi police
The 'Hansie' tapes
'We have got his voice as proof'
Charges are rubbish, says Cronje
'The South African players aren't talking'
SA cricket administration in state of seige

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