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  June 2000

DAY 83
30 June 2000:
Sinless in Sun City
Dhindsa denies calling for status report

DAY 82
29 June 2000:
Delhi cops seek Cronje tapes
'Not a single player has confessed his involvement in match-fixing'

DAY 81
28 June 2000:
Mukesh Gupta surfaces in CBI headquarters
Forgive match-fixers, says Jethmalani
Judge King not sure whether Cronje was truthful

DAY 80
27 June 2000:
'Banjo' wants Indian cops to hand over tapes

DAY 79
26 June 2000:
King non-committal on summoning Azhar
Cronje's father pleads forgiveness for disgraced son
Banjo tunes up for song sung true
Chawla handed Cronje money: Cassim
Delhi Police undecided about release of tapes
Change in attitude made the difference -Paul Martin
ICC appoint ex-policeman to investigate match-fixing - Roshan Paul

DAY 77
24 June 2000:
'Cronje could face hefty tax bill'
'CBI denies arresting bookmakers

DAY 76
23 June 2000:
CBI questions two in match-fixing
Cronje ends cross examination in tears

DAY 75
22 June 2000:
Bacher charges senseless: Gaekwad
Azhar deposes before CBI; denies charges
Cronje plays with words -- and with the prosecutor - Prem Panicker

DAY 74
21 June 2000:
Cronje's June 21 testimony on Real Video
Cronje reveals new payment
Transcript of Cronje's June 21 testimony
Team Cronje stalls hearings -Prem Panicker
'Match-fixing gives you a buzz'
Mukesh Gupta holidaying, not absconding
New ICC chief attends Cronje case hearing

DAY 73
20 June 2000:

CBI records Wadekar's statement again
Bits and pieces on the Cronje scandal
Boje may face arrest in Sri Lanka
SA unaware of Cronje extradition plea

DAY 72
19 June 2000:

Prashant Vaidya tells CBI 'I know nothing'
An air of expectation as Cronje's trial continues - Roshan Paul

DAY 71
18 June 2000:

There is no such thing as match-fixing: Azhar

DAY 70
17 June 2000:

Vishwabandhu Gupta to sue
Lara denies betting charges
Azhar finally crosses the line - Prem Panicker
Azhar named in Chawla tape
Dear God, let's do a deal... - Theuns Botha

DAY 69
16 June 2000:

Azhar lashes out at former cricketers, media
Journalist threatened
CBI studying Cronje statement
Cronje not yet out of the woods
Hansie Cronje's statement before the Judge Edwin King Commission

DAY 68
15 June 2000:

Azhar denies Cronje's charge
Cronje names Azhar, Salim Malik
Much ado about too little - Prem Panicker
Still more to come - Harsha Bhogle
Victory for freedom of information

DAY 67
14 June 2000:

Cronje's testimony live on radio, TV
I am innocent, says Kishen Kumar
CBI got tough with Sidhu, Mongia?
Bacher in a 'fix'?
CBI summons Kapil, Azhar, Jadeja, Gavaskar, Shastri

DAY 66
13 June 2000:

Richardson confirms international cricketer's bribery offer
Cronje received death threats, King told.
India denies World Cup fix
Mongia appears before CBI
CBI to probe Bacher's fix claim

DAY 65
12 June 2000:

King permits mikes in court
Give India credit, SA told
Bacher identifies 'fixed matches'
World Cup matches were fixed: Majid Khan
Klusener, Boucher tell of Cronje's money offers

DAY 64
11 June 2000:

Delhi cops feel vindicated

DAY 63
10 June 2000:

Cronje may be forgiven if he tells the truth

DAY 62
09 June 2000:

Williams also admits accepting offer; Gibbs axed
Strydom too nails Cronje

DAY 61
08 June 2000:

Gibbs says he accepted Cronje's offer
Text of Hansie Cronje's April confession
'There will be no cover-up'
Plea for live broadcast of proceedings
Cronje case hearing likely to be postponed

DAY 60
07 June 2000:

Cronje to lift the lid off match-fixing
Judge King warns witnesses to tell whole story
CBI finishes scrutinising Prabhakar tapes

DAY 59
06 June 2000:

Prabhakar upset by Dhindsa's remarks
Kapil to sue CNN, Bindra for Rs 100 million
MP police file cheating case against Prabhakar
Prime accused Rajesh Kalra gets bail
Woolmer says Cronje should get another chance
CBI zeroing in on top bookies
In defence of

DAY 58
05 June 2000:

CBI begins viewing Prabhakar tapes

DAY 57
04 June 2000:

'UCB was warned about Cronje 5 years ago'

DAY 56
03 June 2000:

Prabhakar hands over his videocassettes to CBI
Delhi police to probe news report

DAY 55
02 June 2000:

Cronje blames the deceit on the devil
CBI to probe cricketers' bank accounts
Notice to ED on Kishen's bail plea

DAY 54
01 June 2000:

Board games - Prem Panicker

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