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  May 2000

DAY 53
31 May 2000:

Imran 'confused' by Qayyum report
Prabhakar yet to hand over tapes to CBI

DAY 53
30 May 2000:

No notice yet, says Prabhakar's advocate
The proof of the pudding...
SA ready to permit Indian cops to quiz Cronje

DAY 52
29 May 2000:

Asif Iqbal clarifies
Betting racket busted
Prabhakar, sent legal notice
Tape recordings can only act as corroborative evidence

DAY 51
28 May 2000:

Prabhakar himself is not above board, says Latif

DAY 50
27 May 2000:

Videos produced to back Prabhakar allegations
CBI homes in on Ajay Sharma
To Latif, with thanks...
'Say it ain't so, Joe...'
Prabhakar: Victim, or villain?
Prabhakar tapes doctored, says Lele
CBI unfit to probe match-fixing, says former chief

DAY 50
26 May 2000:

'Manoj tapes' point to Azhar, Jadeja
'You people won the match, but took money for losing'
'If I was in Kapil's place, I would have kicked the job'

DAY 49
25 May 2000:

Kapil at Dev-astating best
'It is Kapil Dev!'
The Justice Quayyum Report
PCB reacts to Quayyum report; Malik protests ban
'I was told,' says Shastri
'Ajay Sharma is the only one against whom we have evidence'
Allegations are 'baseless and malicious'
Aggarwal, others hauled to court

DAY 48
24 May 2000:

Bans recommended on Malik, Ata-ur Rahman
'Cricket doesn't need a policeman; it needs someone who feels inside for every player'
Prabhakar confirms it was Kapil
ICC calls for Malik tapes
Produce proof or keep quiet, says Steve Waugh

DAY 47
23 May 2000:

Prabhakar likely to depose before CBI this week
The geese are flying south
Bangladesh rejects match-fixing claims

DAY 46
22 May 2000:

Prabhakar seeks more time from CBI
ACB to probe fresh match-fixing claims

DAY 45
21 May 2000:

Cronje case: Investigators stuck in the absence of fugitive bookie
Lele clears Indian team of charges of match-fixing
Bindra will reply to CBI on Monday

DAY 44
20 May 2000:

'If Prabhakar is not telling the truth then he will face stiff action from the board'
BCCI has an 'informal get-together'
'I don't believe that there is match-fixing'
Call to probe cricket's administrators
Vox Populi

DAY 43
19 May 2000:

BCCI issues show cause notice to Bindra
'We have decided to back Kapil Dev till it is proved that he is guilty'
Dalmiya under fire
Ouch, don't shout!
Dalmiya 'forced' to move court

DAY 42
18 May 2000:

My Dear Kapil
Muttiah cracks the whip on mud-slingers
Bindra to be questioned next week

DAY 41
17 May 2000:

SA to ask for Cronje tapes
Bindra lashes out at Rungta, Morarka
A-betting evil
Defending the fan's-eye verdict

DAY 40
16 May 2000:

Govt. collecting material on BCCI's functioning
Dubai businessman did issue cheques to Salim Malik
On a sticky wicket

DAY 39
15 May 2000:

The heat is on
Qayyum suggested life ban on Salim Malik
Richards tried to hush up allegations
Bindra submits 360-page report to CBI

DAY 37
13 May 2000:

Stracon chief, Aggarwal trade charges
The 'real issue', Mr Dalmiya, is corruption!
Did Dalmiya bribe his way to the ICC chairmanship?
Did Dalmiya negotiate with Doordarshan?
The television rights scam

DAY 36
12 May 2000:

Latif says PCB is protecting its players
Allegations a 'sentence without trial'
Tough men do cry!

DAY 35
11 May 2000:

Kapil will continue as coach

DAY 34
10 May 2000:

Woolmer feels 'betrayed'
Keeping the faith

DAY 33
9 May 2000:

Viv tosses wood into match-fixing fire
Dalmiya refutes allegations
The ACB report
Legends for a Fall

DAY 32
8 May 2000:

Cronje inquiry seeks truth, not 'criminals'

DAY 31
7 May 2000:

Dalmiya denies ouster from ICC's marketing committee

DAY 30
6 May 2000:

Start of Cronje inquiry delayed

DAY 29
5 May 2000:

Kapil sends legal notice to Bindra
BCCI turns down Kapil's request to pull out of Asia Cup
Bedi lashes out at Bindra
New Commission may dig but not find
Aussie cricketers to sign corruption undertaking
Delhi high court rejects Kalra's petition against police custody

DAY 28
4 May 2000:

Kapil offered money to Prabhakar: Bindra
Kapil denies Bindra's charge
Edwin King to head SA inquiry
Why is the ICC lying?
Transcript of the ICC statement

DAY 27
3 May 2000:

ICC sets up panel to probe corruption
Scotland Yard sleuths meet Delhi cops
Sound and fury
ICC chiefs begin operation salvage
Was Stracon just a big con?

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