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Need a sabbatical from work to study abroad?

By Karan Gupta
May 06, 2005 15:02 IST
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This is a forum for our young readers who want to know more about education abroad, have lots of questions but didn't know whom to ask!

karan GuptaInternational education counsellor Karan Gupta will now answer your questions:

I am a 31-year old banker. I have been working in the UAE for the last three years, before which I worked in India.

I have now worked for nine years. I think it is time to take a sabbatical.

I hold a post graduate degree in Management (MMS) from Bombay University. I have enrolled for GMAT and TOEFL, and will appear for them in May.

I am blank on what to after I have finished the exams. I would appreciate if you can advise. I would like further my education in business administration and allied fields.


After you complete the GMAT and the TOEFL, start working on application documents like the essays, resume, recommendation letters, and so on.

Begin researching universities in the field (s) you are considering, and finalise your list by October, so that your complete application packets can be sent by November.

You will also have to send the GMAT and TOEFL scores officially to these universities through ETS.

I have have applied to Cardiff Business School, UK, for an MBA course.

Does the university have a good reputation? What are my job prospects after the course?

- Ajit

Cardiff University is an average university. Students can get an admission for the MBA programme without prior work experience.

International students find it difficult to get a job in UK.

Are there loans available for students to study overseas?

Where can I get all the information regarding application procedures?


Loans are available for education overseas. Most state banks give loans upto Rs 15,00,000 (Rs 1 million). Some private banks like HSBC may offer Rs 25,00,000 (Rs 2.5 million) for study overseas.

To avail of these loans, you must have security (usually 150%). The interest rates vary from 10% to 12% at most banks.

For more details on admission procedures and universities, please contact The British Council.

I plan to pursue my undergraduate studies in computer science in the US.

I have an excellent SAT score: 1,500. I am a national merit scholar, a national finalist in maths and the IT Olympiads, and am very active in extra-curricular activities too.

I have admission from Cornell and Stanford for their Summer 2005 high school programme. Which one should I choose?

- Rushi P Sreedhar

Cornell and Stanford are excellent, reputed universities in the US. Summer programmes are not competitive and practically everyone who applies for summer admissions gets in.

Keep in mind that joining a summer programme at any of these universities does not mean you can stay on to complete your Bachelor's degree.

You must make your final university choice depending on the courses offered at each of these universities. 

My SAT 1 test scores were 1,500 (750 in each). I have appeared for SAT 2: Writing Test, and scored 730.

I will appear for the SAT 2: Physics and Maths Level 2 tests in June. 

I plan to major in Engineering, preferably from Stanford, Berkeley or Cornell.

Do I stand a chance at these colleges? Will applying under the early decision help? Could you tell me the exact application procedure?

- Nakul Gupta

You have scored very well in your SAT.

The universities you have mentioned consider the applicant's overall performance, including leadership roles, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and so on.

You can consider applying for an early decision, but you have to choose only ONE of these universities.

In some cases, your chances of getting admission in these universities may increase by applying for ED.

Please check the university web sites for application deadlines.


Got a question for Karan? Please write to us!

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