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   Complete Coverage >> The Daniel Pearl Murder Case

May 2, 2003
'Pearl knew about Pakistan's nuclear secrets'

French President Jacques Chirac's special envoy to Afghanistan, Bernard-Henri Levy, who investigated the murder, told the BBC that Pearl was abducted for one reason and killed for another.

July 15, 2002
Sheikh sentenced to death

Sheikh, 29, and three accomplices, who have been sentenced to life imprisonment, can appeal in a high court, and then the Supreme Court.

Pakistani religious parties condemn conviction
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Abdul Karim Abid said the government had made him a culprit to appease the US.

May 18, 2002
Identification of remains as Pearl's will take time: US

Forensic testing, including matching of dental records, will be required to establish the identity of the remains, US state department spokesman Richard Boucher said.

May 17, 2002
Pakistan police may have traced Pearl's body

With clues from three suspects, they have come across a headless torso with the head lying beside it, at a grave near Karachi.

April 21, 2002
Omar sheltered, supported by Pak: Report

Quoting documents, 'The Sunday Times' said it has found evidence to show that Omar Sheikh, prime accused in the Daniel Pearl murder case, was sheltered and supported for several years by Pakistani authorities.

April 20, 2002
Pearl murder trial likely to begin Monday

'There has been excellent cooperation thus far between our (US and Pakistani) law enforcement agencies', US state department spokesman Richard Boucher said.

April 6, 2002
US following Pearl murder trial closely

Deputy Spokesman of the State Department Philip Reeker said Officers from the US consulate in Islamabad would attend the trial.

April 5, 2002
Frank Pallone urges Pak to extradite Omar Sheikh

The US Congressman's demand follows reports that Sheikh would have to complete his sentence in Pakistan before he is extradited to the US.

March 29, 2002
Pearl murder trial to start on April 5

The trial will be held inside a Pakistani prison because of security concerns, chief prosecutor Raja Qureshi said.

March 22, 2002
Pak to charge four, including Omar

Chief prosecutor Raja Quereshi said his case would not be weakened by the fact that Pearl's body is yet to be found.

March 21, 2002
Sheikh Omar, 10 others charged with Pearl's murder

The prosecutors also submitted a list of 21 witnesses, including the slain journalist's widow Marianne Pearl, to testify at the trial.

March 20, 2002
Pearl's murder highlights challenges to Musharraf: US

'President Musharraf's intention to establish a moderate, tolerant Islamic State is being welcomed by most Pakistanis, but he will still have to confront major vested interests', CIA Director George Tenet said.

March 14, 2002
US court indicts Sheikh Omar in Pearl case

Some documents produced in the court indicated that Saeed had been indicted in the US last year in connection with the 1994 abduction of an American in India.
Cops say man's claim about killing Pearl false
The man, identified as Adnan, earlier claimed he killed Pearl on a boat off Karachi, where the journalist was abducted on January 23.

March 12, 2002
Pak wants FBI agent to testify in Pearl case

An unspecified number of FBI agents were actively involved in the investigation into Pearl's abduction along with the Pakistani police.
Pak won't hand over Sheikh Omar to India
Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider indicated that Omar would be tried in Pakistan.

March 7, 2002
Daniel Pearl got over-intrusive: Musharraf

The Pakistan president said journalists should beware of getting into dangerous areas.

March 5, 2002
Pakistani prosecutors blank on Pearl case: Report

A report on the probe concludes that the evidence is so fragile that the defence team will trounce the prosecution, government official said.
Pakistan not to extradite Omar before trial
The decision to try the accused in the abduction of American journalist Daniel Pearl was conveyed by President Musharraf during a meeting with US ambassador Wendy Chamberlin, a report said.

February 26, 2002
Pak hints at extraditing Sheikh Omar

Pakistan denied that Pearl's murder was a manifestation of the severe reaction to President Pervez Musharraf's decision to ban militants and extremists and align with the US in its fight against terrorism.
US wants Pearl murder suspects extradited
However, it is moving cautiously as Pakistan had earlier said that terrorist suspects would not be extradited and would be dealt with by the country's judicial system.
Cops probing Pearl's murder receive death threats
The first call was made the day before Pearl's kidnappers handed over a video cassette in which the journalist was shown beheaded.

February 23, 2002
Pearl leaves lasting memories in Kerala too

The slain American journalist was a guest at a get-together at the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club last year.

February 22, 2002
'Senseless' killing shocks family

Danny's senseless murder lies beyond our comprehension. Danny was a beloved son, a brother, an uncle, a husband and a father to a child who he will never know, the statement said.
Pak police received video of Pearl's slaying
A government spokesman said the tape containing scenes of Pearl in captivity and scenes of his murder by the kidnappers was received on February 21 around 11:00 pm.
India condemns Daniel Pearl's murder
`His murder is a crime and an act of terror,' external affairs ministry spokesperson Nirupama Rao said.
Pak launches manhunt for Pearl's killers
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said Pearl's killers had defamed Pakistan and Islam by their acts and vowed to `liquidate' terrorists from his country.
Musharraf vows to track down Pearl killers
He said he has directed the government of Sindh province to apprehend each and every member of the gang of terrorists involved in this gruesome murder.
Pearl's friends express anguish over his murder
'It is terrible... The Pakistani government will have to pay a heavy price for this,' said Manjeet Kripalani, bureau chief of Business Week.

February 21, 2002
Daniel Pearl is dead: US

The US embassy in Pakistan claimed to have evidence that Daniel Pearl is dead.
No deal with abductors: US
It is the US government's policy to deny hostage-takers the benefits of ransom, prisoner releases, policy changes, or other acts of concession, a state department spokesman said.

February 16, 2002
Pearl suspect missing from CBI's hijack case

CBI spokesman S M Khan told that Hyder, the mastermind of the IC 814 hijack, is not under investigation.

February 15, 2002
IA hijacker is suspect in Pearl case

The plot to abduct the American journalist was hatched by Mansoor Hasnain, architect of the IC 814 hijack, Pakistani authorities said.
Daniel Pearl possibly alive: Musharraf
It is most tragic that the American journalist is in the hands of the fundamentalists, the Pakistan president said.

February 14, 2002
Daniel Pearl dead, says Sheikh Omar

He, however, refused to divulge details about when and where the 38-year-old journalist was killed.
US Muslim group being probed for terrorist ties
The group has links to Sheikh Sayeed Mubarak Ali Gilani, who is being detained in Pakistan in connection with WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl's abduction.

February 13, 2002
Omar fails to provide clues about Pearl

There is speculation that the kingpin behind the journalist's abduction could be someone of a rank higher than Sheikh Omar.

February 12, 2002
Sheikh Omar arrested in Pakistan

Three militants, arrested earlier in connection with the case, had told interrogators that the photograph of Pearl sent in an email to his employers were given to them by Omar.
Pak detains two ex-ISI officers in Pearl kidnapping
They have ties with militant groups and had even trained fighters for the anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan, The New York Times said.
US pleased with Omar's arrest
The US is making every effort possible to find and secure WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl's release,' a senior administration official said.
India wants Sheikh Omar
A senior minister said the timing of the arrest caused suspicion, as it came a day before President Musharraf was scheduled to meet his US counterpart George W Bush.

February 11, 2002
Two more arrested

Police said the arrests relate to some phone calls that the suspects made from a mobile telephone set.
Pakistani claims of Indian hand irritate US
The USA Today said that the abduction of the Wall Street Journal reporter would cloud the visit of President Pervez Musharraf.

February 10, 2002
Pak cops doubt allegations of Indian link to Pearl case

The Karachi police have concluded that the main suspect made calls to some phone numbers of Indian politicians to mislead investigators.

February 9, 2002
Pak refutes report about Pearl release

Pakistan's Dawn newspaper had earlier reported on its website that Pearl had been freed and was scheduled to fly out of the country.
India behind Pearl abduction: Musharraf
In his first extensive comments on the abduction of 'The Wall Street Journal' correspondent, the Pakistan president suggested that Pearl may have been a pawn in the hands of Indian intelligence agencies.

February 8, 2002
Pak police conduct more raids

The authorities are under pressure to solve the case before President Musharraf leaves for the US next week.

February 7, 2002
Pakistan claims progress in Pearl case

The authorities arrested another activist of the Jaish-e-Mohammed and conducted nationwide raids to locate prime suspect Sheikh Omar Saeed.

February 6, 2002
JeM denies link to abduction

Spokesman Rana Farooq Tahir said the outfit did not believe in 'inhuman' activities such as abductions.
Omar Sheikh emerges as key suspect
The man is one of the militants released by the government in exchange for the passengers of Indian Airlines Flight IC 814, which was hijacked to Kandahar.
Omar Sheikh: A deadly whirlpool of terror
He has been named by US authorities as a prime suspect in the abduction of Daniel Pearl.

February 5, 2002
Prime suspects named, 6 arrested

Pakistan Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider said that those behind the kidnapping have done a disservice to Pakistan and Islam.
Pakistan denies extradition report
A government statement said that, as per the stated policy, all suspected terrorists would be tried in Pakistan.
US satisfied with Pakistan's efforts
The US is very grateful for the efforts taken to help resolve this situation,' Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Kenneth W Dam said in Islamabad.

February 4, 2002
Pakistan to extradite suspect to US

American authorities have given proof of Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani having received $ 400,000 from certain unnamed organisations in the US.
Pearl alive, but mystery shrouds his whereabouts
Though the Pakistani authorities still consider extremists to be behind the journalist's abduction, they have widened their investigations to include criminal gangs.

February 2, 2002
Pakistan makes three arrests

The police arrested a telephone caller who demanded a $2 million ransom from the US consulate in Karachi and two others who had sent emails to media offices about the reporter's fate.
New email claims Pearl is alive
An email received by CNN and Fox News earlier had claimed that the Wall Street Journal staffer had been killed and left in a cemetery in Karachi.
PM rubbishes Pak claim on scribe's abduction
'Various allegations are being levelled. But the truth has not been found yet,' Vajpayee said.

February 1, 2002
New e-mail says Pearl killed

Earlier, another report quoting a Pakistani police officer had said the kidnappers of Daniel Pearl had demanded $ 2 million within 36 hours for his safe release.
US is doing its best: Bush
'We are working with the Pakistani government to chase down any leads possible,' the US president said.
US won't negotiate: Powell
The group holding the WSJ scribe has demanded better treatment for prisoners seized in the Afghan war and held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Suspect claims links with Pakistani agencies
To back his claims, Syed Mubarrak Ali Gilani requested interrogators to grant him permission to call his contacts in the government.

January 31, 2002
Key suspect found dead

Aarif, who was believed to have crucial information regarding the Wall Street Journal scribe's abduction, was found dead at Ahmedpur East in Punjab province.
India rejects Pak charge
Islamabad had charged that there was an Indian link in the abduction of the Wall Street Journal scribe.
Key suspect denies involvement
In an email sent to the media and the WSJ, the group holding Daniel Pearl hostage threatened to kill him within 24 hours.

January 30, 2002
WSJ scribe drawn into a well-laid trap: Report

Daniel Pearl was allegedly trapped by abductors who had been in contact with him for more than two weeks, officials and reports in the US said.

January 29, 2002
FBI team in Karachi to help locate Pearl

The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty has claimed holding him in 'very inhuman conditions'.
Breakthrough in WSJ scribe kidnapping case
Cops say that Daniel Pearl had a long meeting with Al Qaeda activist Pir Mubarik Ali Shah, after which he went missing.

January 28, 2002
Pakistani group claims to hold WSJ reporter captive

The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty has claimed holding Daniel Pearl, a Mumbai-based reporter of the WSJ.

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