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October 15

CBI registers fresh case against JMM accused
Earlier, the apex court, while handing down a judgment in the JMM case, had held that those who received bribes for voting in favour of the Rao government could not be held accountable.

'Corruption will always remain in politics'
'People say you should speak the truth, but when you do so there is no one to support you. I spoke the truth, but now when I turn back, I find no one behind me. I am lonely.' Shailendra Mahto, whose deposition nailed P V Narasimha Rao, on political corruption

11 shot dead in Siwan, Bihar
State Director General of Police K A Jacob attributed the massacre to the gang war, but refused name the gang involved. All those killed are Yadavs.

Jaswant, PM discuss West Asia crisis
Jaswant Singh was closeted for about 45 minutes with the prime minister on the seventh-floor room of the hospital, where the latter is recuperating after a knee replacement surgery he underwent on Tuesday.

Pakistan's information minister resigns: PTI
Reports suggest that military ruler General Pervez Musharraf had asked the minister to resign for mishandling the publicity campaign during Musharraf's recent visit to the United States of America.

Militant threat to J&K assembly complex
Authorities have made unprecedented security arrangements in and around the Jammu and Kashmir assembly complex in Srinagar.

Industrial slowdown may last longer
Economists say that in addition to reconciling itself to a slowdown, the country will also have to brace itself for more bad news: a rise in inflation, and a weaker rupee, to begin with.

'India is among seven or eight priority markets outside the UK'
'We're very well known in India for news, but that is only a small part of our offering,' says Rupert Gavin, chief executive officer, BBC Worldwide.

India favourites in knock-out final
Only complacency can prevent the giant-killers from beating New Zealand.

Plunder of the Proteas
Images of the India-South Africa match on Friday.

Govinda, Nana together for the first time
The daring unifier? Director Aziz Sejawal.

'Did you wash your arse today?'
'I would have been happier if the people had marched to Mantralaya, the civic headquarters, the ward offices, perhaps even Breach Candy hospital... yes, even defecated outside these places,' says Saisuresh Sivaswamy.

The curse of casteism
'The greatest tragedy is that the Indian state has simply given up its fight against casteism,' says Amberish K Diwanji

Oh, Save Our Moneyed Souls
'Now, who's that character who said Vajpayee was tender-tender about the Brothers Hinduja? Nothing of that sort, and we have got proof!' Capital Buzz.

October 14

India crush SA by 95 runs, enter final
Skipper Sourav Ganguly shone in a fine all-round display by the Indians.

Border shelling forces thousands to migrate in Kashmir
Minister of State for Home Mushtaq Ahmad Lone revealed in the state assembly that 18,582 families comprising 83,804 persons had migrated from border areas since May 1999.

RSS aims to revive nationalistic fervour
Joint secretary Mohan Bhagwat exhorted volunteers to be alert against the ISI's activities. He also referred to schoolchildren speaking English instead of Hindi and 'the ceaseless invasion of multinational companies'.

'I have done nothing wrong'
'The Supreme Court has already given a judgment saying that if members of the Lok Sabha or legislators vote even after taking money there is nothing wrong. But I never gave money or took it.' Buta Singh presents his case.

Digvijay Singh comes out in support of Rao
The Madhya Pradesh chief minister expressed surprise that the bribe takers and givers had been acquitted while Rao had been punished.

Rao, Buta do not deserve leniency: court
Special Judge Ajit Bharihoke said their action amounted to cutting at the roots of the democratic system provided by the Constitution of India.

Confinement irks prime minister
Outside, Bombay was temporarily paralysed by a civic strike, with even taps running dry and citizens blocking road and rail traffic in protest.

PM may be allowed visitors from Saturday
A medical bulletin released by surgeon Chitranjan Ranawat and Breach Candy Hospital chief physician Farokh Udwadia said the prime minister was stable and was having normal meals.

Bomb hoax at Breach Candy
Police traced the call to a PCO at Kandivali in northwest Bombay and arrested one person.

PM vows to carry on fight against terror
Vajpayee claimed that the situation in Kashmir and the Northeast was improving steadily.

'It's time capital market-related news on the Web was monitored'
L K Singhvi, senior executive director, SEBI, talks about plans to formulate regulations to check stock market-related news on the Internet.

Arun Bajoria: The mysterious jute baron
Those who know Arun Bajoria -- who hit the headlines after his controversial purchase of Bombay Dyeing stake -- swear by his sharp business acumen and uncanny ability to buy things at very low rates.

Jis film ko Mahesh direct karta hai
Mahesh Manjrekar, the director with a difference, in Real Video.

New Zealand beat Pakistan
Images from the first semifinal of the ICC knockout tournament in Nairobi.

Repertoire unlimited
Remembering Kishore Kumar on his 13th death anniversary.

FTII students call off strike
After 45 days, Vinod Khanna and I&B Minister Sushma Swaraj intervened to put an end to the agitation.

Move over, David Dhawan. Enter Manjrekar!
The Jis Desh Mein Rehta Hai review.

Kalmadi denies officials partied in Sydney
The Indian Olympic Association president said the officials were there to campaign for the Afro-Asian Games and Asian Games.

Shahnawaz Hussain's charge countered
IOA president Kalmadi lashed out at the sports minister following his remarks that Indian team officials went to the Sydney Games on a 'joyride'.

And back she went, in time
'Who says only Veerappan can hold hostages? I held one too, that day long ago...' Ranjini S K journeys back.

The worldwide failure of peace processes
'Peace-keeping has been mainly confined to treating the symptoms as, in the absence of research, the 'real', as opposed to the perceived, cause of the conflict remains illusive as ever,' says Colonel (retd) Anil Athale.

God save us from bigotry: Or will he?
'Yes, give me agnosticism any day. Maybe nobody notices us, but at least we would have to manufacture bigotry on our own if we wanted it. Not have it handed to us on a platter by our very own faith,' says Dilip D'Souza.

October 13

Rao, Buta get 3 years RI, and bail; CBI to file case against JMM ex-MPs
Former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao and his Cabinet colleague Buta Singh were both sentenced to three years' rigorous imprisonment in the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha bribery case by Additional Sessions Judge Ajit Bharihoke.

Sentence wipes smiles off Rao, Buta's faces
Rao was accompanied by V Rajeshwar Rao and Maninderjit Singh Bitta. NCP leader Devendra Prasad Dwivedi was seated next to him.

Counsel to both in 'no hurry' to file appeal
Rao's relative Varhalu Rao stood surety for the former prime minister, while son Arvinder stood surety for Buta Singh.

AP to delete lesson on Narasimha Rao: PTI
Andhra Pradesh Education Minister K Srihari said the decision was the result of the ex-prime minister's conviction.

Crushed by a sentence
Images of the day.

'The patient is in good spirits'
The prime minister had a good breakfast, IT Minister Pramod Mahajan said.

'We have written 3 jokes to make you laugh'
The special reception area created for the PM at the hospital has several letters by children pasted on its walls. Some fondly addressed to Vajpayee Dadaji and Vajpayee Uncle and some more respectfully to Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji and The Prime Minister.

No visitors for the PM
Doctors are keeping him under strict supervision, so much so that not even his relatives are allowed access to the PM.

PM on path to speedy recovery
Vajpayee was in a 'cheerful mood'. Post-surgery physiotherapy has begun.

TV bosses refuse to dump Cronje
Supersport, Africa's main providers of cricket broadcasts, said they 'will not be prescribed to by the UCB' on whether to employ the banned South African skipper.

One year of Musharraf's rule
All in all, the Pakistani CEO's balance sheet is not impressive. Whatever his claims, he has only led the country further down the hill, says defence analyst Sreedhar.

The private thoughts of Pervez Musharraf
'The Indians are becoming really impossible. They refuse to talk to me or even recognise me. They refuse to forget statements I made about why low-intensity conflict with India would continue even if Kashmir were resolved.'

'This government's agenda is to kill public-sector companies'
"'Kill the companies. Sell them cheap' is its motto. Somebody is making money somewhere," a globally known telecom expert told

Madhuri may yet challenge AB
Anupam Kher is to host Sawaal Dus Crore Ka, but Madhuri is still the first choice.

'I'm scared I'm coming out of people's ears!'
Mahesh Manjrekar, no holds barred.

The model man
Nidhi Taparia lunches with supermodel John Abraham and... well, read about it!

The RSS is wrong
'It has failed to recognise the fact that whatever success Christianity has met with in India is only because it has successfully understood and adopted the spirit of India and, therefore, Hindutva,' says Pritish Nandy.

Kerala abolishes political untouchability
'The best-kept secret in Kerala politics is that both the Marxists and Congressmen are depending on support from the BJP. If the two Big Brothers can get away with that, it would be hypocritical to deny one of the smaller siblings the same privilege!' says T V R Shenoy.

Of backseat driving and other crimes
When the BCCI is not massaging egos, says Avinash Subramanium, they're settling scores.

October 12

You don't operate on a PM every day!
Exclusive! An eyewitness account of Atal Bihari Vajpayee's knee surgery.

The PM, post-surgery
A slide show of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his ward.

PM 'cheerful, relaxed, alert'
On Tuesday morning, he woke up at his usual time -- 6 am -- and said his prayers before going through the day's newspapers.

PM's progress satisfactory: Dr Ranawat
The pain in his operated knee is significantly less and well tolerated by him, the doctor said.

New zeal douses Pak fire
Roger Twose, Craig McMillian and Shayne O'Connor took the Kiwis to the final.

'If not for Maaran, Veerappan could not have kidnapped Rajakumar'
'The extremist has great influence over Veerappan. And he cherishes a grand idea: to forge alliances with all the militants groups in India.' The concluding part of the series.

Sinking Pakistan poses challenge for India
'If Pakistan continues to sink, its military will increasingly take recourse to its economical tool of proxy war to keep India mired in internal security problems,' says Brahma Chellaney.

Where does Pakistan stand?
'Pakistan remains dependent on foreign donors and creditors to meet its financial needs. Even with the assistance of international financial institutions, the country has run a current account deficit in recent years,' said William B Milam, the US ambassador to Pakistan.

'Good dotcoms are always going to survive'
'Most people jumped into dotcoms without a proper business model. They could not have survived, whether they were dotcoms or brick-and-mortars,' says venture capitalist K B Chandrasekhar.

He is special -- he is my father
Abhishek Bachchan's tribute to Amitabh.

I can't see the show without him
Siddhartha Basu on AB and KBC.

He has matured like fine wine
Ramesh Sippy on AB's long run in Hindi cinema.

October 11

PM's operation 'successful'
The prime minister is currently in the recovery room on the second floor of the hospital. He is not being sedated, Home Minister L K Advani told the media at noon.

PM has severe arthritis: Dr Ranawat
The prime minister also has moderate arthritis on his right knee, but there are no plans to operate on it at present, the surgeon added.

Don't insist on visiting PM: Mahajan
When Union Industry Minister Manohar Joshi (of the Shiv Sena) came to see Vajpayee, he only made it as far as the special visitor's room on the ground floor.

Day of the surgeon
Images from Breach Candy.

Dr Ranawat, after the surgery
Excerpts from the press briefing of Dr Chitaranjan Ranawat. In Real Audio.

Proteas smash England in quarters
With the English bowling ordinary and fielding sub-standard, South Africa cruised home in one ball over 40 overs, for the loss of just two wickets.

'They sang the LTTE national song, praised Prabhakaran'
'TNLA and TNTR are active because they have managed to win over Veerappan. It is a deadly combination.' The second part of George Iype's series on Tamil extremism.

'Kanti, my husband, is not married to me. He is married to books...' Sheela Bhatt on living in a house full of books.

RBI leaves Bank Rate, CRR untouched
RBI Governor Dr Bimal Jalan said the focus of the policy was mainly on the structural measure to strengthen the financial system and improve a functioning of the various segments of the market.

In defence of PVN
'To convict Rao of corruption, that too for providing stability at a time when the nation most needed it, and without taking into consideration the extenuating circumstances, is simply unfair,' writes Saisuresh Sivaswamy.

May his knees become stronger
'If, after his surgery, Vajpayee has any spunk left in him, he will tell Mamata to cool herself in Calcutta and Chandrababu to first clean up Cyberabad before lecturing to New Delhi on this or that. If the PM shows he is willing to put his own job on the line in the national interest, the rest will fall in line,' says Arvind Lavakare.

October 10

No problems expected: Dr Ranawat
The operation will begin at 0930 and take an hour, the surgeon said. The prime minister will be conscious throughout the procedure.

3 hotlines will keep PM in touch
The hotlines will keep Vajpayee linked to the world even while he goes on the operation table on Tuesday morning.

Dr Ranawat, before the surgery
Real Audio clips from the press conference addressed by Dr C S Ranawat and Pramod Mahajan.

Elite Marine Commandos patrol the sea off Breach Candy
The Marine Commando Force, modelled on the US Navy SEALS, is among the world's best special forces and the pride of the Indian Navy.

Kiwis in semis, meet Pakistan
It was another one-sided affair in the ICC knockout as Zimbabwe went down tamely. Prem Panicker reports.

3 years' RI for Jaya, Sasikala in Tansi case
However, the judge suspended the operation of his judgement till November 7 to enable Jayalalitha and others to appeal before the Madras high court.

India Millennium Deposit not to be sold in the US
The State Bank of India has been advised by the US Council that regulatory matters for implementing the IMD in the US would require a considerably longer timeframe against that proposed for implementing the current programme.

The silence of the lambs
'There will be no protest over Chenchu Hansda's plight -- especially from those who push and support the rights of the "animist" tribals :-). There will be no word on the inhuman and degrading conditions of prisons. For Chenchu -- if he actually did light the match that burnt the three Christians -- was with a Hindu mob,' says Varsha Bhosle.

Champagne time
Sujata Prakash lauds the performances of Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan in the match against Australia.

On a good wicket
Harsha Bhogle is convinced that cricket is in robust health.

Australia lost; Australia regained
Raju Bharatan reflects on India's battles with Australia. And, following the recent ICC knockout victory, says Indian cricket is back centrestage.