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   Death Toll
Bangladesh Myanmar East Africa India Indonesia Malaysia Maldives Sri Lanka Thailand
2 59 137 16,389 228, 948 74 82 43,832 8,506

April 29, 2005

$ 1.213 bn: Cost of tsunami rehabilitation
India to develop tsunami warning system in 2 years

April 19, 2005

Set up tsunami warning systems: UN

April 13, 2005

Tsunami report to be placed before Cabinet
Tsunami-hit fishermen offer catch for free

April 5, 2005

Life in tsunami-hit Colachel, and a scare

April 4, 2005

Vivek did little for tsunami victims: Jaya

April 1, 2005

Jaya seeks tsunami warning centre in TN

March 31, 2005

Quake measuring 6.3 hits Sumatra

March 30, 2005

Experts had predicted Sumatra quake

March 29, 2005

Why didn't the quake trigger a tsunami?
Fresh quake hits Indonesia
Over 2000 feared dead in Indonesia
India withdraws tsunami warning

March 28, 2005

Sri Lanka withdraws tsunami warning
Indonesian quake kills over 300
Centre withdraws tsunami warning
Centre issues fresh alert
India panics after quake near Sumatra
Aftershocks rattle Sumatra
Sri Lanka issues tsunami warning
High alert in nine coastal districts in AP
Tsunami recorded at Cocos Islands
Indonesian quake kills dozens: Reports
As yet, no sign of tsunami
Home ministry alerts coastal states
Met Dept does not rule out tsunami
Disaster Management Team activated
8.7 quake rocks Indian Ocean off Indonesia

March 23, 2005

UK public raises $565 mn for tsunami victims

March 22, 2005

Plan to protect Mumbai from tsunami

March 17, 2005

Second tsunami possible, warn scientists

March 11, 2005

Sea threatens Kanyakumari villages again

March 10, 2005

Sensors in seabed for tsunami warnings

February 23, 2005

Parliament may adopt tsunami orphans

February 16, 2005

We will help tsunami victims: PM

February 12, 2005

Tsunami reveals stone scriptures

February 10, 2005

Bush to raise tsunami aid to $ 950 million
US gives Indian NGOs $4.1 mn for tsunami relief
Tsunami: Quake was 3 times stronger than estimated

February 9, 2005

Mata's tsunami aid plan in phase 2

February 4, 2005

Life goes on in Kanchipuram


January 2005 | December 26-31, 2004

Here's how YOU can help
Info on Tamil Nadu
External Link: Resources, aid, donations, volunteers
Helpline Numbers

Donate through GiveIndia


Cuddalore Collector Gagandeep Singh
Message Board

Where were you when nature struck?

'I saw sea eat my wife, kids'
'We loved the sea, now we hate it'
'Entire village disappeared'
'Some old buildings in Port Blair collapsed'

India's Ground Zero
The heroes by the sea
Tsunamis: Picking up the threads
Hope and Succour
The Battering of Kanyakumari
Anguish, despair, hope
Friends in need
Death by the sea
Tsunamis devastate India

A short history of quakes
Quake causes havoc in India


'We are in the final phase of rebuilding houses'
'We make sure nobody suffers'
'Money is not a constraint for relief'
'Mangroves reduce tidal waves'
No tsunami effect on nuclear plant
'Similar quake may not happen this century'
'We want to reach out to every island'
No rescue for Andamans' rare tribes yet
'No UN team sent to India'
'Quakes don't kill, human error does'


Tackling disasters: India pulls up its socks
Tsunami warning system by September 2007
The tsunami: Putting the record straight
The orphans the waves left behind
The tsunami-hit, a year later
Where news still causes panic
Found by govt, lost to NGOs
Still scared of the sea
The lost fishermen of Talaguda
Nagapattinam copes with tsunami aftermath
Priyanka gets a home
Tsunami victims: Return to life
What the survivors need!
The Heroes By the Sea
Another Bhopal in Tamil Nadu?
The story of a great escape
The government can work
Clamour to adopt orphans of tsunami
'This will also slip away from public memory'
When time stopped on the coast
They are not beggars, they don't like handouts


My future in a pyre
Party time for the UN
Prevent, prepare & protect
Abysmal failure to check nature's fury

What Experts Say

'There was no warning at all'

Expect after-shocks for 3-4 days

External Link

National Disaster Mgmt
The last of the aboriginals

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