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December 23, 2009
No truth in 'food for sex' in camps, claims Sri Lanka

December 21, 2009
Canadian Tamils favour autonomous state in Lanka

December 20, 2009
Sexual abuse rampant in Lanka refugee camps: Report

December 16, 2009
We, not India, take our own decisions: Sri Lanka
SL: Apex court asks Fonseka to approach EC on 'media bias'

December 15, 2009
Fonseka violated official secrets act: Report
Financial head of LTTE's front organisation arrested

December 13, 2009
'Lankan army killed surrendering LTTE leaders'

December 12, 2009
Lanka formally informs India about Prabhakaran's death

December 07, 2009
New Tamil group promises 'renewed struggle for Eelam'

December 05, 2009
Nearly 1.7 lakh Tamil IDPs resettled: Lanka
Lanka still holding 11,000 Tamil prisoners

December 04, 2009
India to engage with Sri Lanka on resettlement of Tamils
All refugees have been registered: Lankan Minister

December 01, 2009
Indo-Canadian LTTE supporter arrested, asked to leave Canada

November 29, 2009
SL: Fonseka to contest against Rajapaksa in Prez polls

November 28, 2009
Canada, Britan oppose next Commonwealth meet in Sri Lanka

November 25, 2009
Fonseka looks forward to support from India

November 20, 2009
Fonseka vows to protect democracy in Lanka

November 19, 2009
Sri Lankan cabinet fails to finalise poll dates

November 17, 2009
Will Bonapartist Foneska outgrow Sri Lankan democracy?

November 15, 2009
Sri Lanka formally accepts Fonseka's resignation
Pranab meets Lankan Prez, discusses Tamil IDPs

November 13, 2009
Why Lankan war hero Fonseka and Rajapaksa broke up
President asks Lankan defence chief to leave immediately

November 12, 2009
Top Lankan general Fonseka quits, may run for president

November 11, 2009
90,000 displaced Lankan Tamils return home

November 05, 2009
Ukraine, China supplied arms to LTTE: former commander
Lanka must speed up rehabilitation of Tamil IDPs: US Cong

November 02, 2009
SL Tamil IDP's houses unlawfully occupied by Sinhalese: Report
Lankan leader seeks Karunanidhi help in solving Tamils' problems

November 01, 2009
'US to interview SL army chief on war crimes'

October 27, 2009
EU steps up pressure on Sri Lanka over human rights

October 25, 2009
'Prabhakaran wanted to kill Tamil intellectuals'

October 23, 2009
Lanka rubbishes US report on rights violations

October 15, 2009
2,400 displaced Lankan Tamils sent to India: Baalu

October 14, 2009
Lankan opposition seeks India's help to visit IDP camps
MPs return from Lanka, present report on Tamils to CM

October 11, 2009
TN MPs hold 'emotional interaction' with Lankan Tamils

October 10, 2009
TN MPs' delegation in Sri Lanka, to visit camps

October 09, 2009
TN MPs to tour Lankan refugee camps

October 08, 2009
Pak team in Sri Lanka to probe Lahore attack on cricketers

October 07, 2009
Live without fear, Sri Sri tells Sri Lankans
India, Sri Lanka begin joint naval exercises

October 06, 2009
'The Sinhalese don't object to Tamils leaving Lanka'

October 05, 2009
No recent evidence of rape as weapon in Lanka: US

October 02, 2009
Reports of firing by Lankan navy on Indian fishermen wrong: PC

October 01, 2009
UNHCR concerned about safety of Tamil refugees in Lanka

September 30, 2009
Indian citizenship won't help Lankan Tamils, says Vijaykanth

September 29, 2009
Tamil youths from ex-war zone join Lankan police

September 24, 2009
Why peace seems elusive in Sri Lanka

September 23, 2009
Rajiv assassination case convict Nalini ends fast
India discusses resettlement of Tamils with Sri Lanka

September 22, 2009
UN worried about lack of freedom for Tamils

September 18, 2009
'We remain very concerned about the situation in the Tamil refugee camps'
UN concerned over recent developments in Sri Lanka
DMK seeks Centre's help for welfare of Lankan Tamils

September 14, 2009
'Prabhakaran was a good weapon to use'

September 11, 2009
Two surrendered LTTE leaders released on bail

September 10, 2009
US unhappy over Sri Lanka's 'modest' progress in settling Tamils

September 09, 2009
Ban regrets Lanka's expulsion of UNICEF official

September 07, 2009
Pak team to visit Lanka to probe attack on SL cricketers

September 01, 2009
Jailed Lankan journalist receives prestigious awards

August 31, 2009
Sri Lanka: Tamil scribe gets 20 years in jail
Escaped LTTE cadres could rebuild outfit: Report

August 27, 2009
Prabhakaran tried to escape day before death: Aide

August 26, 2009
Video showing Lankan forces executing Tamils surfaces

August 21, 2009
A tale of truth silenced in Sri Lanka

August 16, 2009
India for 'broad-based' political solution in Lanka

August 11, 2009
Lanka puts Tamil reconciliation on back-burner, US miffed

August 09, 2009
LTTE's still the choice in some parts of Sri Lanka

August 07, 2009
New LTTE chief KP being grilled

August 06, 2009
New LTTE chief arrested in Thailand: Reports

August 03, 2009
Hardcore LTTE cadres hiding in refugee camps: Lanka

July 31, 2009
'It is time for the Lankan govt to reach out to Tamils'

July 22, 2009
LTTE names arms smuggler as new chief

July 19, 2009
LTTE provided Tamil translations on war strategy

July 14, 2009
Lankan President wanted to 'chat' with Prabhakaran
India under pressure in Obama's AfPak strategy

July 13, 2009
Facilities inadequate in Lankan IDP camps: Doctors

July 10, 2009
1,400 weekly deaths in Lankan refugee camps: Report
Al Qaeda fears its time is up, says book

July 04, 2009
Lankan aid ship permitted to offload at Chennai

June 29, 2009
'Lanka not doing enough to rehabilitate displaced Tamils'

June 25, 2009
The three dangers that India faces

June 22, 2009
Rajapaksa won't extend term without polls, says Lanka

June 21, 2009
Sri Lanka now plans elections in LTTE-held areas

June 20, 2009
DMK asks Centre to urge Lanka to allow aid ship

June 17, 2009
Pak arrests Lankan cricket team 'attacker', blames Mehsud
Karuna writes to PM on Lanka's reported move on military base

June 15, 2009
Prabhakaran tortured before being shot dead?

June 12, 2009
Canadian MP Deepak Obhrai denied Lankan visa

June 11, 2009
Prabhakaran didn't carry cyanide pill in the last battle

June 10, 2009
4 Tamil-Americans plead guilty in conspiring to support LTTE

June 04, 2009
Is it the end of the LTTE?

June 03, 2009
War over, now win hearts of Tamils: Rajapaksa to troops

June 02, 2009
Sri Lankan journalist kidnapped, beaten up
Didn't underestimate Lanka civilian deaths: UN

May 31, 2009
UN chief Ban, top aide aware of Tamil massacre: Report
Prabhakaran's father never endorsed him, claims Lankan Army
Lanka probing LTTE intel chief Pottu Amman's death

May 29, 2009
'I fought India's war by eliminating LTTE'
20,000 Tamils killed in final war, says Times

May 28, 2009
Pak claims key role in SL victory over LTTE

May 27, 2009
Where is Prabhakaran's family?

May 25, 2009
Power struggle may be brewing among LTTE remnants
5000 LTTE have surrendered, claims Lankan government
'India's refusal forced Lanka to turn to China'

May 24, 2009
Global leaders advised us against fighting LTTE

May 23, 2009
UN chief visits Tamil camps in Lanka
Top LTTE leaders tried to surrender: Report
Sinhalese restaurant bombed in Toronto
Rajapaksa promises political solution to ethnic conflict

May 21, 2009
Lanka ready for devolution of powers in Tamil areas
Jaya asks Colombo to ensure equal rights to all

May 20, 2009
Prabhakaran carried cyanide capsule when he met Rajiv
End Tamil refugees' suffering, Sri Lanka told

May 19, 2009
Will provide equal rights to Tamils, says Rajapaksa
The day I met Prabhakaran
Sri Lanka releases photograph of Prabhakaran's dead body
Rajapaksa silent about LTTE chief
'Prabhakaran left behind a fragmented society'
Blood on our hands, but this too shall pass

May 18, 2009
Sri Lankan army kills Prabhakaran's son
Pranab calls up Lankan President
Prabhakaran shot dead, says Sri Lankan army
LTTE may be defeated, but India must be careful
Does Tamil Nadu care about Prabhakaran's death?

May 17, 2009
Is LTTE chief dead? Yes, says Lanka

May 15, 2009
LTTE will be stamped out in 48 hours: Lanka
Concerned UN sends envoy to Lanka

May 14, 2009
Obama 'saddened' by Lankan humanitarian crisis

May 13, 2009
LTTE launches wave of suicide attacks to halt Lankan army

May 11, 2009
LTTE spokesman killed, Lankan army advances

May 10, 2009
Sea Tigers' deputy chief killed in SL

May 09, 2009
Fleeing LTTE men could enter India: Navy

May 07, 2009
Lankan troops only 800 meters from Prabhakaran

May 05, 2009
Prabhakaran surrounded by forces: Lankan PM

May 04, 2009
'LTTE conscripting children to fight'
Endgame and tragedy in Sri Lanka

May 03, 2009
LTTE restricted to 4.5 sq km area: SL army

May 01, 2009
Rajapaksa asks Tamil civilians to come over to 'cleared areas'

April 30, 2009
'Civilians are part of the LTTE concept of war'

April 29, 2009
Southern ports on alert for LTTE activists
LTTE killed Tamil civilians, say surrendered Tigers

April 27, 2009
We have not announced a ceasefire: Sri Lanka
Lanka volte-face: No ceasefire offered
Lanka ends military ops, to rescue civilians

April 26, 2009
Lankan governnment rejects LTTE truce offer

April 25, 2009
TN: Protestors burn flags of India, SL
Stop fighting immediately, US tells Sri Lanka, LTTE
'Sri Lankan army missed Prabhakaran by a whisker'
Security lapses responsible for Lahore attack: Report
Over one lakh civilians in Wanni facing starvation: LTTE

April 24, 2009
Prabhakaran may use submarine to flee: SL army
50,000 civilians trapped in Lanka war zone: UN
India rushes NSA, Foreign Secy to Lanka

April 23, 2009
UNSC urges LTTE to surrender
Lankan troops close in on Prabhakaran's suspected hide-out

April 22, 2009
Two top Tiger leaders surrender, LTTE near collapse: Lanka
Sri Lanka: 80,000 Tamils flee war zone

April 21, 2009
India can't pardon Prabhakaran for killing Rajiv: Priyanka

April 20, 2009
LTTE is an extremist organisation, admits Karunanidhi
Lankan government sets 24-hour deadline for LTTE chief
Karunanidhi trying to exploit crisis, says furious Lanka
The Tamil cause might be Vaiko's ticket to Parliament

April 17, 2009
UN sends Vijay Nambiar to Sri Lanka

April 12, 2009
'Prabhakaran agrees to civilian rescue'

April 11, 2009
Pro-LTTE supporters protest outside Canadian parliament

April 07, 2009
Tamils lay seige to UK parliament

April 06, 2009
Where is Prabhakaran hiding?

April 05, 2009
Lankan troops capture LTTE base, 420 rebels killed

April 01, 2009
'US gravely concerned over plight of Tamils in Lanka'
Prabhakaran's son hurt in clash with SL army

March 31, 2009
Sri Lankan Tamils expect India's support: LTTE

March 27, 2009
LTTE may still have an aircraft left in its arsenal: Report

March 26, 2009
Attack on cricketers due to security lapse, admits Pak

March 22, 2009
LTTE wanted a huge Tamil Eelam state: Gotabhaya

March 21, 2009
Prabhakaran and son spotted in Pudukudiyyirippu

March 16, 2009
Prabhakaran could be leading LTTE on battle front: Army
LTTE accuses Lankan army of committing war crimes

March 12, 2009
Devolution of powers only solution: India to Lanka

March 10, 2009
SL: 15 killed, minister injured in suicide attack
Hillary discusses Sri Lanka crisis with Foreign Secretary Menon

March 09, 2009
LTTE attacks ship carrying food supplies
Jayalalithaa fasts over Lankan Tamils issue
India not involved in Lahore attack: Lanka

March 07, 2009
Rogue Pakistan's biggest victim is India

March 06, 2009
Lankan PM rules out ceasefire with LTTE
Lankan troops move into last LTTE-held areas

March 05, 2009
No role in Lahore attack: LTTE
Lahore attack: Suspects' sketches released

March 04, 2009
'The news of the attack shook Colombo'
Key questions on Lahore attack answered
J&K CM Omar Abdullah condemns attack on Lankan cricketers
Lankan view: Why the Lahore attack hurt

March 03, 2009
Why terror outfits recruit during crackdowns
Harkat repays an old debt to LTTE in Lahore?
Attack forces Lankan prez to cut short visit to Nepal
Attack came despite change in Lankan team route
Lahore attack: Pakistan sets up probe team
Another Black Day for Pakistan

March 02, 2009
Photos with LTTE chief are old, says Vaiko

March 01, 2009
Pottu Amman in direct charge of LTTE
Lanka virtually rejects India's appeal for ceasefire with LTTE
Lanka asks LTTE to surrender for safe exit of Tamil civilians

February 26, 2009
Editor of Sri Lankan Tamil newspaper arrested

February 24, 2009
LTTE's ceasefire offer hilarious, says Lankan govt
Lankan govt, LTTE should end hostilities, says US
India urges Lanka to evacuate trapped civilians

February 23, 2009
Lankan troops encircle LTTE's last town: Army
LTTE offers ceasefire, refuses to lay down arms
21 civilians killed by LTTE in Lankan village

February 22, 2009
LTTE has no aircraft left, says Sri Lanka
We are like Jews, says LTTE's suicide bomber

February 21, 2009
Political solution only way out in SL crisis, says India
Colombo air strikes were suicide attacks, says LTTE
Air attack shows LTTE not finished yet

February 20, 2009
Lankan troops close in on last LTTE bastion
LTTE strikes back, attacks Colombo

February 19, 2009
What Noam Chomsky says about Lankan conflict & Obama
Lankan troops discover LTTE aircraft research site

February 18, 2009
UN not taking effective steps to protect civilians' life: LTTE
Only dialogue can bring peace in Lanka, says Chandrika
India can't force Lanka to take a particular line, says Pranab

February 17, 2009
PMK chief meets Sonia on Sri Lankan Tamils issue
LTTE ready for ceasefire, says Tamil party

February 16, 2009
Will arrange SL-LTTE talks if fighting stops, says Chidambaram

February 15, 2009
Prabhakaran's son commanding LTTE forces: Report

February 14, 2009
Sri Lanka rejects Britain's special envoy

February 12, 2009
US freezes assets of pro-LTTE Tamil charity
India shifts stand on Sri Lanka

February 10, 2009
US: Genocide case file against Sri Lankan government

February 09, 2009
Female LTTE bomber blows herself up, 24 killed
Casualties caused by LTTE under-reported: Sri Lanka

February 07, 2009
Sea Tiger chief 'missing' after air raid on his hideout
PMK slams DMK on Lankan Tamils issue
Congress worker sets himself ablaze on Lankan Tamils issue

February 06, 2009
Will protect Tamil civilians, Lankan President tells UN
Lanka offers amnesty to surrendering Tigers, rejects dialogue

February 05, 2009
Lankan army captures last Sea Tiger base
Lanka rejects 'no-fire' period proposed by donor countries
Ensure safety of Tamils caught in war zone, says Pranab

February 04, 2009
Violence mars Tamil Nadu bandh, Chennai remains unaffected
US, UK seek temporary 'no-fire period' in Sri Lanka
Why the LTTE hates Sonia Gandhi
Rajapakse assures Tamil community of equal status
52 civilians killed in Lanka crossfire; hospital bombed
Lankan airmen asked to leave Chennai

February 03, 2009
PMK seeks support over Lanka protests
India should help Lanka resolve crisis, says DMK
Lankan government not doing enough for stranded civilians: US

February 02, 2009
Lankan president urges LTTE to surrender
Why New Delhi fiddles when Lanka burns
Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka, LTTE's nemesis

January 31, 2009
Lanka rules out ceasefire with LTTE
Lanka protests: TN government orders closure of all colleges

January 30, 2009
'UN alarmed over increasing civilian casualties in Sri Lanka'
TN: Protestors slam Sonia, SL president on Lanka issue
First Person: 'Mullaithivu, Kilinochchi are ghost towns'
Prabhakaran should be prosecuted in India, says Congress

January 29, 2009
UN evacuates wounded Tamil civilians from war zone
Nothing secret about Pranab's visit, says Lanka government
UN to try evacuating civilians from SL war-zones
Tigers' artillery power centre falls

January 28, 2009
India asks Sri Lanka to ensure Tamils' safety
Lankan army finds bullet-proof car in Prabhakaran's area

January 27, 2009
Prabhakaran is still in Lanka, says LTTE leader
With peace on agenda, Pranab heads for Sri Lanka
India has no sympathy for LTTE: Pranab

January 26, 2009
Sri Lanka wants to capture Prabhakaran 'dead or alive'

January 25, 2009
Lankan troops enter last Tamil Tiger-held town of Mullaittivu

January 23, 2009
Prabhakaran may use LTTE aircraft to flee Sri Lanka

January 22, 2009
Malaysia sounds alert for LTTE chief

January 21, 2009
Lankan Tamils return to government held areas

January 20, 2009
Lanka's victory hopes not around the corner: WSJ

January 19, 2009
What is the prized discovery of Lankan Army?

January 18, 2009
LTTE supremo may have fled: Lankan Army
Only 1000 LTTE fighters left: SL army chief
India seeks political settlement to Lanka conflict

January 17, 2009
Lankan bus operates in Kilinochchi after 20 years!

January 15, 2009
Government against terrorists not Tamils: Rajapaksa

January 14, 2009
'Prabhakaran can't face the army, he will flee Lanka'
Lankan troops take full control of Jaffna

January 13, 2009
Lankan troops capture LTTE training camp

January 12, 2009
Slain Lankan editor buried amid anti-government protests

January 10, 2009
'Seven crore Tamils will not remain mute spectators'

January 09, 2009
Lanka: Tigers lose Elephant Pass

January 07, 2009
Sri Lanka re-imposes ban on LTTE
We can take back Kilinochchi from Army: LTTE

January 06, 2009
4073 LTTE cadres killed in ongoing battle

January 05, 2009
Sri Lankan troops tread closer to Prabhakaran

January 04, 2009
Lankan troops moving towards Mullaittivu

January 02, 2009
Lankan troops fight their way into Killinocchi
LTTE concedes Kilinochchi defeat
The end of Prabhakaran?

January 01, 2009
50 Tigers killed in Lankan clashes

December 30, 2008
Kilinochchi will not fall, says Prabhakaran

December 24, 2008
Sri Lanka: 20 Tiger rebels killed

December 22, 2008
56 LTTE men, 10 soldiers killed in Lanka

December 19, 2008
Killinocchi: The kiss of death

December 15, 2008
Prabhakaran facing imminent defeat at Kilinochchi: Karuna
'LTTE tortures Tamils in Lanka'
Lankan Army captures another LTTE bastion

December 09, 2008
Lashkar-e-Tayiba: A history of terrorism

December 08, 2008
LTTE has 15,000 armed fighters left, says Wickremesinghe

December 05, 2008
LTTE loses another bastion

November 25, 2008
Lankan army kills scores of Tamil Tigers

November 23, 2008
Army on Kilinochchi's doorstep, says Lanka

November 21, 2008
LTTE a true friend of India: Rebel leader

November 18, 2008
'There is no sympathy for the LTTE in Tamil Nadu'

November 17, 2008
Sri Lanka: Army seizes more LTTE areas

November 16, 2008
Lankan army inches closer to Prabhakaran
Humanitarian aid from India reaches Lanka

November 15, 2008
Sri Lankan forces capture Pooneryn

November 13, 2008
PM tells Rajapaksa to ensure welfare of Tamils
Indian aid to reach Lanka this weekend

November 12, 2008
School teacher who fought for the LTTE
DMK urges PM to talk tough with Lankan president

November 10, 2008
Lankan 'war heroes' to be gifted houses

November 04, 2008
War with LTTE nearly over, says Sri Lankan Army chief
For better or worse, DMK's fortunes linked to LTTE

November 03, 2008
'Separating Tamil people and LTTE is foolish'

November 01, 2008
Film stars fast for Sri Lankan Tamils

October 29, 2008
LTTE stages air attack in Colombo

October 26, 2008
LTTE chief V Prabhakaran speaks out

October 24, 2008
Lankan army clears 4 km stretch of Tamil Tigers
'If Prabhakaran surrenders, Tamil suffering will end'
India's knee jerk reactions in Lanka

October 23, 2008
We don't want refugees from Lanka: India
India's reluctant diplomacy in Lanka

October 22, 2008
Sri Lankan tsunami in Indian politics

October 20, 2008
Sri Lankan army captures strategic town
'Militarily, Colombo is at an advantage'

October 18, 2008
Protect rights of Tamils, PM tells Lankan Prez
Bloodbath as SL army enters LTTE bastion
Lanka to send high-level delegation to India

October 17, 2008
Tamil issue: India summons Lankan envoy
Military aid to Lanka not to escalate conflict, says India

October 16, 2008
Is the Eelam dream over?
We follow zero civilian casualty doctrine: Lanka
'Lanka takes PM's remarks seriously'

October 15, 2008
The urgent political message from Chennai
Lankan situation is of serious concern: Dr Singh
Kanimozhi quits Rajya Sabha over Lankan crisis
52 Tamil Tigers killed in Lankan violence

October 13, 2008
Intervene in Lanka, Vaiko tells PM
41 killed in Lankan clashes

October 06, 2008
Suicide attack kills 22 in Sri Lanka
NSA summons Lankan envoy over Tamils' safety

October 04, 2008
TN CM opposes joint patrolling with Sri Lanka

September 26, 2008
Lanka: Rajapakse speaks in Tamil at UN

September 18, 2008
India sidelined in Lankan war

September 16, 2008
If caught, LTTE chief may be handed over to India

September 15, 2008
Protect Tamils in LTTE-held areas, India tells Lanka

September 12, 2008
35 Tigers killed in Lankan clashes

September 10, 2008
Tamil Tigers fighting a defensive battle
UN chief concerned over Sri Lanka violence

September 09, 2008
Two Indians hurt in LTTE air-strike

September 02, 2008
Lankan troops capture LTTE bastion Mallavi

August 06, 2008
SAARC security lapse: Steps not implemented, says India

August 03, 2008
Manmohan Singh concludes Lanka visit
Lankan guards fail to 'protect' Indian leaders
SAARC to have strongest possible cooperation against terror

August 02, 2008
Terror was the talking point
Pakistan PM promises probe into Kabul attack
Terrorism biggest threat to South Asia's stability: PM
PM with Pak counterpart
Who controls ISI? Confusion prevails in Pakistan

August 01, 2008
Dr Singh's security in Colombo leaves nothing to chance
Sri Lanka should reach out to the Tamil community: US

July 31, 2008
Top LTTE man held in Chennai
SAARC ministers meet in Colombo to finalise summit

July 25, 2008
LTTE's ceasefire: Public relations or more?

July 22, 2008
LTTE declares ceasefire ahead of SAARC Summit

July 17, 2008
82 LTTE militants killed in Sri Lanka

July 16, 2008
Lanka denies killing Indian fishermen

July 11, 2008
Lanka: LTTE firing on passenger bus kills 3
Ready for ceasefire and talks, says LTTE

July 07, 2008
Prabhakaran keeps the LTTE fire on

July 04, 2008
'Prabhakaran shoots people who disagree with him'
Tamil Nadu fishermen on indefinite strike protesting Lankan Navy action

July 03, 2008
42 Tamil Tigers killed in Sri Lanka

July 01, 2008
India doesn't supply arms to Lanka, says Sri Lankan army chief

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