September 24

Pak pulls diplomatic staff out of Afghanistan
In a related development, the defiant Taleban took over the UN's offices in Kandahar and placed a communication blackout on other UN operations.

Pak asks Taleban to abide by UN resolutions
'It is in the interest of the Afghan people that UNSC resolutions are implemented,' Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said.

Mullah Omar demands US withdrawal from Gulf
'If America wants to end terrorism, then it should withdraw its forces from the Gulf and end its partiality on the Palestine issue,' he said.

Lifting of US curbs to benefit LCA project
Scientists said the US sanctions denied key components like hydraulic actuators and ring laser gyros to make inertial navigation systems for the aircraft.

Canadian Asians hold peace vigil
The word peace was expressed at the peace vigil meeting in Toronto in several languages, and representatives of many religions and cultures took pride in introducing each other.

'Pak dismantling terrorist camps under US pressure'
Quoting wireless intercepts of communications between the Pakistani Army and militant outfits, a ministry of defence official said initially confusion prevailed in militant ranks about these directions.

Masood wanted US pressure on Pak to stop aiding Taleban
Two weeks before he was assassinated, the anti-Taleban Northern Alliance leader said in an interview to 'Newsweek' that people were distancing themselves from the ruling militia.

Thousands attend NY prayer meeting
'What was meant to divide us has united us. From the ashes (of the WTC) will rise a new America,' Oprah Winfrey said.

Australia resumes defence ties with Pak
'Our decision to lift the measures is one way of demonstrating Australia's support for Pakistan's stand against terrorism,' a government statement said.

September 23

US puts $ 25 mn bounty on Osama's head
'Twenty-five million dollars is a great deal of money, and I feel there might be somebody with the necessary information would exchange it for the money', US Secretary of State Powell said.

Bush lifts sanctions on India, Pakistan
The US president said the sanctions no longer serve America's national security interests. The move is seen as a reward for the two countries joining the US-led coalition against terrorism. South Asians join hands against terrorism
At a silent candlelight rally on 74 Street in Jackson Heights, a coalition of South Asians, brought together by International South Asian Forum, cut across geography, politics, gender, and class demanded peace.

US to reveal proof against Osama: Powell
The United States has named Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect in the September 11 terror attacks, but has so far made public no clear proof substantiating this accusation.

I tried to get Osama killed, says Clinton
An agency report said Clinton had given the go-ahead for clandestine operation against bin Laden following the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

Britain's SAS exchanges gunfire with Taleban: Reports
The elite team -- known as Brick -- exchanged fire when they unexpectedly came across Taleban fighters in the foothills of Kabul, the reports said.

Osama missing from Afghanistan
Taleban spiritual leader Mullah Omar had approved a decision last week by Afghanistan's Shoora council recommending bin Laden leave the country voluntarily.

Mullah Omar secretly meets Osama: Report
An agency report said the meeting took place at a hideout 45 km north of Kandahar, where both renewed their pledge to use an 'iron fist' while responding to the 'aggression of anti-Islamic forces'.

September 22

Terrorism in J&K also in Bush's sights: Powell
The US secretary of state said the president sees terrorism as a curse on society.

US threat may have ignited WTC attack
The threat of military action was passed on to Afghanistan by the Pakistani government.

UAE snaps diplomatic ties with Taleban
This leaves Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as the only two countries to recognise the fundamentalist Afghan regime.

Taleban claims to have downed spy plane
Officials in Pakistan and the United States refused to confirm the incident, but the aircraft involved in believed to be an unmanned one.

Westerners flee to Punjab from Pakistan
The SGPC said it had made arrangements to house them.

FBI may deport Indian suspects
The FBI appears to have found no evidence linking them to the terrorist groups involved in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, sources in Hyderabad said.

Pak wants Afghan militants to stay in J&K
But the militants are raring to return to Afghanistan.

US, Pakistan discuss air bases
Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Afghanistan's northern neighbours, are also involved in discussions with the US on facilities.

Missing-presumed-dead now number 6,333
India is among the worst hit, with 250 people of Indian origin figuring in the list.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

The lessons from Afghanistan
'The US strategy is to make Pakistan fight the dirty war. It will commit its troops as a last resort for a short and swift commando-type operation to pluck Laden out and roll back terrorist camps,' says Maj Gen (retd) Ashok K Mehta.

Who does the US want to vanquish?
'Even if Washington does decide to grit its teeth and plunge into a military occupation of Afghanistan, it may in no way minimise the terrorist threat to Americans at home and abroad,' says Ajoy Bose.

Taking the world in her stride
Yukta Mookhey walks tall in Pyaasa.

Double trouble
On the sets of Radheshyam Sitaram.

The Nimda worm round-up
It stands for admin spelt backwards, and it's proving to be a nightmare for system administrators around the world. Catch a round-up of all the news on this malicious worm.

September 21

2 Indians confirmed dead, 91 missing
According to the Indian consulate, 77 others are being treated in hospitals in New York and adjoining states.

NZ Sikhs become target of racial attacks
Besides Wellington, Sikhs have been the target of verbal abuse and intimidation in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland.

SA Indian popcorn seller now cinema boss
Shaffie Mohamed Ali's passion for movies has taken him from selling popcorn at a theatre initially barred for coloured people to the province managing director of the country's largest cinema chain.

Adamant Taleban refuses to hand over Osama
'I don't expect Pakistan to provide this kind of assistance. Afghans and Pakistanis are brothers,' Taleban spokesman said.

US strikes will be legitimate: EU
The leaders of the EU also said that retaliatory actions could also be directed against 'states that aid, support or provide refuge to terrorists', the Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt, said.

Four arrested in Britain over attacks
The identities of those arrested were not revealed. They are being questioned in London, the Scotland Yard said.

Vajpayee snubs Pakistan, criticises US
The prime minister said neither he nor Jaswant Singh would visit Islamabad in the 'foreseeable future'. And told the US to attack the disease of terrorism, not its symptom.

Jamaat-e-Islami holds out veiled threat to US
Qazi Hussain Ahmed said he could not guarantee the safety of American interests if Afghanistan were attacked.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Mkts@Sep 21: Sensex crashes by 160 points
Pivotals fell. The undertone remained bearish amid worries that tension in South Asia may escalate.

Ganguly to lead by example
'I won't compromise on being positive,' declared the India captain.

Cronje to challenge ban next week
Cronje and the United Cricket Board, which banned him, will square up in the Pretoria high court.

IOA proposes fresh dates for Afro-Asian Games
The government's clearance has been sought to stage the event from March 24 to April 2, 2002.

Israeli intelligence suspects Iraqi hand
The latest on the attacks on the US, as reported on the Web.

Terror brings people together
People in New York are coming together physically as if it were the end of the world.

Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta: Fultoo Timepass
This one requires zero grey cells.

Aamir's resolution
The show must go on.

September 20

Helpline for Missing Persons of Indian Origin

US wants Osama at any cost, Bush tells Taleban
In his address to the US Senate and House on Thursday night, the president declared war on Al Qaida, the terrorist organisation, which is headed by Saudi renegade Osama bin Laden.

Shoora suggests that Osama leave voluntarily
The two-day meeting of Afghanistan's clerics, however, opposed any move to hand the suspected terrorist mastermind over to the US.

US rejects clerics' call, readies for battle
The White House reiterated its demand that bin Laden be handed over 'to responsible authorities'.

Laden may have already fled Afghanistan
Given the massive exodus of refugees, it would not have been too difficult for the Saudi fugitive to escape to Pakistan or Iran.

Fugitive on FBI list arrested near Chicago
Nabil Al-Marabh, 34, was arrested on Wednesday night in suburban area of Justice by police and FBI agents.

Identities of hijackers in doubt
A report said the investigators were forced to reconsider their line of investigation, after four men with names matching those on an FBI list of the hijackers turned up alive in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

Pak stops issuing visas to Afghans
'If Allah is kind then very soon we will resume issuing visas. This is a temporary measure,' a consular official at Islamabad's embassy in Kabul told a news agency.

63 percent Pakistanis oppose US strikes
According to a Gallup poll in major cities, more than 85 percent fear an imminent American attack. But only seven percent want the government to side with Washington.

Refugees to be chucked out if Taleban attacks: Pak
In the last eight days alone, more than 50,000 Afghan refugees have poured into Pakistan fearing US military action against Afghanistan.

Britain, Europe close doors to Afghan refugees
The new resistance to Afghan refugees would also affect thousands of people in Britain, whose asylum applications are pending.

Silent about many things
'You tell me: is the knowledge that murderers and their instigators live openly down the road from me any less, or more, terrifying than the knowledge that other such scum live in hideouts in Karachi or Afghanistan?' asks Dilip D'Souza.

Stocks Fall; Dow Jones Weekly Loss Tops 1,200
Nervous investors kept up the selling for the fourth day since the market reopened after the September 11 attacks on the US.

US exploring ways to reward partners
The Wall Street Journal reported that US Treasury Department officials were considering how the IMF and World Bank could help allies with loans, and, possibly, deny aid to nations that defy Washington.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Nehra claims he's fully fit
With skipper Sourav Ganguly rallying behind him, the medium pacer declared he'll prove his fitness at the tests to be conducted in Bombay.

Zaheer has tissue inflammation
After repeated bone scans failed to reveal any abnormality, an MRI on the bowler's injured ankle showed tissue inflamation.

Preparing for the Proteas
Rahul Dravid sizes up the South Africans.

SAF Games likely to be cancelled
Tension in Pakistan over possible US retaliation against Afghanistan may force the Games to be called off.

The Bold and Beautiful
Akshay's take on Ajnabee.

Court notice for Lajja  stars
Why Rajkumar Santoshi & Co are being sued.

Calcutta film fest gets underway
The three-day festival will feature celluloid greats produced by the Films Division.

How do I make my presence felt online?
Dr Know has some tips and tricks.

September 19

US troop deployment begins
An agency report quoting US defence department sources said combat aircraft were being moved to bases in the Gulf area.

Musharraf accuses India of propagandaIn a televised address to the nation, the Pakistan president sought the country's backing for his policy towards the US following the September 11 terror attacks.

90 of 364 Indians missing after US attacks safe
The mortal remains of the deceased, government said, would be allowed into the country on authorisation by the Indian ambassador or consul general in the US.

US plans to deploy troops in Pak
Washington and Islamabad have drafted plans for using bases in Pakistan as staging grounds for raids in Afghanistan, reports said.

Chances of Osama's Extradition Bleak
At an inconclusive meeting of the Shoora council of about 1000 clerics Taleban supreme commander Mullah Mohammad Omar maintained that Laden was incapable of carrying out such strikes in the US.

London cleric issues 'fatwa' against Musharraf
The edict declaring the Pakistan president an apostate for inviting non-Muslim forces into a Muslim land gives religious sanction to a believer to kill him in defence of the faith.

US opens doors to Indian nurses once again
The Philadelphia-based Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools has announced the opening of an examination center in Bangalore, its first in India after a gap of more than 30 years.

Canada announces new security regulations for airliners
Canadian Minister for Transport David Collenette has announced a new rule requiring cockpit doors to be locked at all times on all domestic and international flights.

Taleban has enough arms to last a decade: Pak
Pakistan has said it has always asked the US to deal with the Taleban directly as Islamabad enjoys no influence with the militia.

Sikh leaders blame media for backlash
'Those who are attacking innocent Sikhs are themselves no less than terrorists,' well-known writer Patwant Singh said.

Hindu temple vandalised in Auckland
The attackers, retaliating against the terrorist strikes in the US, reportedly mistook the temple for a mosque.

Taleban may hand over Osama to China or Saudi Arabia
Mullah Omar, the Taleban's supreme leader, told the Pakistani delegation that they could consider this option, sources in Islamabad said.

Sikhs assert faith in American society
'Just as all blacks look alike to Indians, all people wearing turbans seem the same in a foreign land,' said one.

'Need for nuclear disarmament'
Jayantha Dhanapala, UN under-secretary general for disarmament affairs, has said that the terror attacks against the United States underscore the need to cut the world's arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Late-day rally reduces losses on Wall St
The turnaround coincided with news that Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered more than 100 military aircraft to move toward West Asia

Brave new world
'Had a tragedy of the enormity of what happened in USA struck India, either there would have been a carnage directed at the Muslim community or India would have ceded Kashmir without demur,' says Saisuresh Sivaswamy.

Diary of a broken spirit
Asif Saleh wonders whether he, and New York, will ever be the same again.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Nehra too ruled of SA triseries
The Delhi medium pacer became the fourth casualty in the South-Africa-bound Indian team when he was declared unfit on Wednesday.

Gurpreet Singh breaks long-standing mark
The Punjab athlete bettered Gurbachan Singh Randhawa's 37-year-old national record in the 110 metres hurdles at the National athletic championships.

Terror Tuesday strikes Hollywood, too
Biggies put on hold, rendered inappropriate.

Govinda: A class act
All you wanted to know about the star.

It's raining hopes for Mira
Monsoon Wedding could be her biggest success yet.

Culkin's not so alone with Night!
Rory for key role in Disney's Signs along with Joaquin Phoenix.

Kid stuff
Anubha Charan logs on to the sites put up by children around the world. And logs off impressed.

Sircam-Code Red hybrid worm on the loose
A retooled e-mail and server worm, combining the worst traits of SirCam and Code Red, is spreading rapidly across the Internet.