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World Cup!
World Cup 2003
Fantasy Cricket

The World Cup review
Panix Station
 46:43 min

Panix Station
Memorable Moments of World Cup 2003
 43:46 min

Not just cricket
Behind the scenes with Faisal Shariff and Ashish Magotra
 44:21 min

'It's a matter between the Board and players'
Kishore Rungta, Treasurer BCCI,
on the payment crisis

 4:42 min

March 25, 2003

'My proudest cricketing moment'
      Ricky Ponting

'I would like to keep working with the team'
      John Wright

March 24, 2003

'Aussie reign going to last a long time'
      David Hobbs of The Guardian

Post Match conference
      Sourav Ganguly | Ricky Ponting

Vital Stats: Mohandas Menon
      Sachin vs McGrath

Pre Match conference
      Sourav Ganguly | Ricky Ponting

India vs Australia
      Match Preview | Match Report

March 22, 2003

'Tendulkar was magnificent'
      David Shepherd

Indian Sports Minister
      Vikram Verma delivers best wishes

Every Match is important
      Steve Bucknor

What should India do in the finals?
      Panix Station

March 21, 2003

Why is ICC punishing India?
      Panix Station

'The main credit for our success to Ganguly'
      Parthiv Patel

Dalmiya looks to the future
      The BCCI president has his eyes on

March 20, 2003

Souravís yes, no, maybe...
      Panix Station

'India in a good position'
      Bob Woolmer, former SA coach

'Sourav doing a great job as captain'
      Shilpa Shetty

Vital Stats: Mohandas Menon
      India vs Kenya

'Indians have bowled beautifully'
      Keppler Wessels

India in final
      India vs Kenya: Match Report

'No point changing team'
      Kiran More

March 19, 2003

'We have to play well if not better'
      Coach John Wright

'I am proud of my son'
      Aasif Karim's father speaks to
      Syed Firdaus Ashraf

Match Masala
      Kisne kya kaha?

'Indian team is human'
      Kenya Coach Sandeep Patil

Panix Station
      What if the India-Kenya match is
      washed out?

March 18, 2003

Australia vs Sri Lanka
      Match Preview | Match Report

'Gilchrist is the best batsman'
      Barry Richards

'The first 15 overs critical'
      Sri Lanka coach Dav Whatmore

Panix Station
      Will Wright continue as India coach?

Vital Stats: Mohandas Menon
      Australia vs Sri Lanka

March 17, 2003

'McGrath and Lee are only human'
      Marvan Atapattu

Bharat Ratna for Sachin now?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

Panix Station
      Should the winning combo be tampered with?

'Sachin is such a darling'
      Pt. Ravi Shankar cheers for India

Safari Tales
      On the road with Ashish Magotra

March 15, 2003

Panix Station
      Who will win the World Cup?

'Our boys can always come back'
      Sanath Jayasuriya

Sri Lanka in the semis
      SL vs ZIM: Match Report

'Sri Lanka cannot get complacent'
      Ranjit Fernando former Sri Lankan cricketer

'We didn't play to potential'
      Heath Streak

'Zim will not give it on a platter'
      Roshan Mahanama, former Sri Lankan cricketer

'Andy Flower will see it home'
      Pommie Mbwanga, former Zimbabwe cricketer

March 14, 2003

The Dream run continues
      India vs New Zealand: Match Report

Vivek Oberoi cheers for India
      The star's message during the live commentary

Safari Tales
      On the road with Ashish Magotra

Match Masala
      Dhobhi ki dhulaai

'Stats favour NZ, form India'
      Vital Stats: Mohandas Menon

March 13, 2003

'It will be a revenge game'
      Virendra Sehwag

'We haven't seen the best of Sehwag'
      Former English player Robin Jackman

'Indian seamers on par with the Aussies'
      Chris Cairns

Panix Station
      Reverse swing deconstructed

Ind vs NZ: Pre match press conference
      Ganguly | Fleming | Wright | Aberhart

'A must-win for us'
      Chris Harris

Panix Station
      You know, having said that, however, and all that

March 12, 2003

Panix Station
      Should Mongia be retained?

Kenya vs Zimbabwe
      Match Preview | Match Report

Match Masala
      One Day ya Half Day?

March 11, 2003

'To defeat Australia you need to innovate'
      Ian Smith former New Zealand wicket-keeper

'It is a fascinating contest'
      Christopher Martin Jenkins, The Times

'Bond bowled to a plan'
      Derek Pringle

Australia vs New Zealand
      Match Preview | Match Report

March 10, 2003

'We played the perfect game'
      Saurav Ganguly

'There is no stopping Sachin'
      Steve Elworthy, former South African fast bowler

'India is a hot and cold side'
      Tony Cozier

Lanka has a better record
      Mohandas Menon on the India Sri Lanka match

'It was a lacklustre performance'
      Sanath Jayasuriya

'India is looking good'
      Peter Roebuck

India vs Sri Lanka
      Match Preview | Match Report

March 08, 2003

Match Report
      New Zealand beat Zimbabwe
Match Report
      India beat Kenya

March 07, 2003

Match Report
      Australia vs Sri Lanka

Vital Stats: Mohandas Menon
      'Anything more than 240 tough'

Safari Tales
      Faisal Shariff in Cape Town

'Kenya has achieved something'
      Chris Tsuma, Sports Writer, The Nation, Kenya

'Indians look sluggish'
      Colin Brydon, Sports Editor, Sunday Times, SA

March 06, 2003

'Every wicket is important'
      Harbhajan Singh

'The pressure is on India'
      Kenya coach Sandeep Patil

Super Sixes and all that
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

'Hard work key for success'
      Zaheer Khan

Safari Tales
      Ashish Magotra in Johannesburg

March 05, 2003

'We cannot rest on our laurels'
      John Wright on the Indian team's
      showing thus far in the World Cup

Panix Station
      What is wrong with the ICC?

'I want a repeat of Eng performance'
      Ashish Nehra tells Faisal Shariff the secret
      of his success is his improved fitness

March 04, 2003

'I told myself, if I see it I will hit it'
      Sachin Tendulkar on his knock against Pakistan
      and the victory that followed

Point Counterpoint
      Is India winning because (or in spite) of
      Sourav Ganguly?

March 03, 2003

Panix Station
      All you wanted to know about NRR...

Safari Tales
      On the road with Ashish Magotra

Match Masala
      Moochhe ho to...?

March 02, 2003

Sachin leads India to victory
      India Pakistan Match Report

'Sachin's innings beat Pak'
      Imran Khan

March 01, 2003

'Indians played better than us'
      Waqar Younis

'Sachin was marvelous'
      Kirti Azad

'We will sail through'
      Kiran More

Congrats India!
      Union Sports Minister Vikram Verma

Public Bol
      Indians in Southall


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