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World Cup!
World Cup 2003
Fantasy Cricket

February 28, 2003

'We want to win every game'
      Rahul Dravid

'We have the upper hand'
      Dilip Vengsarkar

Panix Station
      Is the India Pakistan match overhyped?

'There will be pressure on both sides'
      Intikab Alam

'India is a confident side'
      Rajesh Chauhan

'Pak batting is a worry'
      Asif Iqbal

February 27, 2003

Target Sachin
      Shoaib Akthar on the Indo-Pak clash

Match Masala
      Paan Khaio Sachin

Panix Station
      Should Dinesh Mongia be dropped?

February 26, 2003

Nehra Strikes
      India England match report

'India will win'
      Suniel Shetty

Panix Station
      Jokes aside...

February 25, 2003

'A match of the highest quality'
      Nasser Hussain on the India-England tie

Christopher Martin Jenkins
      Famed cricket journalist
      speaks to Faisal Sharif

'It wont be easy for Anderson'
      Kiran More analyses England

Public Bol
      Indians in England

February 24, 2003

'Why would Ganguly open now?'
      Panix Station

 Point Counterpoint
      The media is to blame Vs
      Why shoot the messenger

 'We are peaking at the right time'
      John Wright

'We are prepared for Sachin'
      English paceman Andrew Caddick

Match Masala
      England, Pakistan ke liye tayyar
      - Sachin

February 23, 2003

Match Report : India vs Namibia
      Hopes to continue good form

 Panix Station
      Listeners' feedback on the live commentary

'Ganguly proves a point'
      says Stuart Thompson

Cup up for grabs
      Former test cricketer Farokh Engineer
      tells Shyam Bhatia

February 22, 2003

Match report : England vs Pakistan
      Faisal Sharif speaks to Stephen Brenkly of
      the Independent

 Post match press conference
      Waqar Younis | Nasser Hussain

Safari Tales
      Ashish Magotra in Pietermaritzburg

'Nasser is a good motivator'
      Former English spinner Phil Tuffnel tells
      Faisal Sharif

Panix Station
      Ganguly an all-rounder?

February 21, 2003

 Crunch Game
      Waqar Younis | Duncan Fletcher

Pak are dangerous
      Former English paceman Angus Fraser tells
      Faisal Sharif

Panix Station
      Should minnows play in the world cup?

Match Masala
      Bharatiya team ka jadoo

February 20, 2003

 Match Masala
      Bharatiya team ko Sahara

Match Report
      Australia vs The Netherlands

Safari Tales
      Ashish Magotra

Bet on Aussies
      Commentator Dickie Rutnagur tells Shyam

      G D Martineau's The Pitch at Night

February 19, 2003

 Sourav Ganguly
      'Opening partnership was crucial'

Match Masala
      Kapil paaji khush

Vaughan as Captain?
      The opener is prime contender if Hussain steps
      down, says Shyam Bhatia

Heath Streak
      The Indians bowled superbly

Meyrick Pringle
      India are a good side.They will click

February 18, 2003

 Sachin Tendulkar
      We'll fight till the end

Match Masala
      Jhoot bole kawwa kaate

      Epitaph by George Mc William

Public Bol
      Public Views across the country

Panix Station
      Should Ganguly be sacked?

Panix Station
      Should India have a Indian coach?

Omar Henry
      India can still be contenders

February 17, 2003

 Jason Gillespie
      On his match winning performance
      against India

Match Masala
      Sabar Karo

Fanie De Villiers
      On what's wrong with Indian Cricket

      Cricket as a sport by WG Grace

February 16, 2003

 India Thrashed
      Faisal Sharif's match report

'No answers'
       Sourav Ganguly

Klusener, Gibbs are powerhouses
       Dean Jones picks his Super Six teams

It's all about money, honey
      Panix Station

'We have to win...'
      Chris Cairns

India good on paper, fragile on field
      Peter Roebuck

February 15, 2003

Coach Speak
      John Wright | John Buchanan

       Ponting | Ganguly | Kumble | Dinesh Mongia

Eng match off; Zim get points
      ICC Technical Committee on England’s boycott

Why is Ganguly opening?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

February 14, 2003

Cross Rhodes
      Jonty on the injury and after

Match Masala
      Cricket ya commercial break?

ICC is gutless, toothless & spineless
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

      Neville Cardus on the Greatest Test Match

February 13, 2003

Match Masala
      Warne, yeh tune kya kiya?

West Indies vs New Zealand
      Preview | Match Report

India needs a non-playing captain?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

February 12, 2003

Pace Ace
      Zaheer Khan aims high

Match Masala
      The mutter about aloo

India vs Holland
      Preview | Match Report

Quietly Confident
      John Buchanan on team Australia

Will Steve Waugh come back?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

Safari Tales
      On the road with Faisal Sharif

February 11, 2003

Wright Stuff
      The coach on India’s chances

'I am not guilty'
      Warney says he is devastated

'Warne tested positive last month'
      James Sutherland at the press conference

Australia vs Pakistan
      Preview | Match Report

Match Masala
      Cricket or shaadi?

Is Ponting a better captain than Waugh?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

Be fair England: Ali Bacher
      On why England should play Zimbabwe

February 10, 2003

Should Sachin learn from Lara?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

Match Masala
      Bharat, Pak, Uparwallah, Suno Bhai Suno!

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
      Preview | Match Report

McGrath vs Akhtar
      Lethal action from the dangerous duo

‘The first games will be crucial’
      Exclusive chat: Stephen Fleming

February 9, 2003

Safari Tales
      Faisal Sharif on security and AIDS

Will India play two spinners?
      Prem Panicker answers your questions

Blaster Speak
      Flower and Jayasuriya on captaincy & the Cup

South Africa vs West Indies
      Preview | Match Report

February 8, 2003

'I went looking for robots'
      Ashish Magotra's Safari Tales

Should Agarkar be included?
      Prem Panicker in the hot seat

Sachin Tendulkar:
      India's chances, his legacy

Trevor Chesterfield
      Cricket gupshup

Face Off: Lara | Pollock
      Brian and Shaun on captaincy & competition

‘World Cup 2003 the biggest ever’
      A word from ICC Chief Malcolm Gray

John Klug
      Pitch Talk

February 7, 2003

Should India play six batsmen?
      Prem Panicker's verdict

February 5, 2003

Safari Tales
      Ashish Magotra explores SA

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