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March 27, 2003

A new peak, an emerging powerhouse
Australia's domination of the era, says Daniel Laidlaw, is showing no signs of slowing.

Tendulkar is just too good
Guest writer Ameet S. Jayawant in defence of the master batsman.

March 25, 2003

'We were calm, the Indians were tense'
Glenn McGrath looks back on a memorable World Cup campaign.

March 24, 2003

Hail India!
One hopes that emotions do not cloud the magnificent achievements of this Indian side.

Aussies best from start to finish
The Indians, says Vivian Richards, did not shame themselves either.

Greatness beyond individuals
In producing its best performance in the final, Daniel Laidlaw says, Australia set the benchmark for the future.

Brett Lee was the most exciting
Did Tendulkar deserve to be the Man of the Tournament, asks Barry Richards.

March 23, 2003

For and Against
Daniel Laidlaw presents a quick outline of the reasons for and against each team emerging World champions in a few hours.

March 22, 2003

And Gordon said... Let there be a team
That huddle in the middle, says Prem Panicker, brought about a transformation in the Indian team.

Aussie opening spell crucial for India
Barry Richards says Tendulkar's combat with the Australians will be the duel of the World Cup.

India can pull it off
Greg Chappell says India has the firepower to overcome Australia.

Ten Rules for Sunday
Alfred Satish Jones prepares for the big match.

March 21, 2003

Left arm over -- and out
Ashish Nehra is the poisoned arrow in the Indian quiver, says Prem Panicker.

Tendulkar, Dravid hold key to India's fortunes
Vivian Richards says every team is due a hiccup in a tournament. Will Australia hang on for one more game?

Fast and short
Whether it lasts a few balls or a few overs, the Lee-Sachin battle will be the high point of the eighth World Cup, says Peter Roebuck.

Give as good as you get
Our cricketers are loved, revered, even deified by one and all. Do they have the sensitivity and the humility to give back something in return, asks Sunaad Raghuram.

You don't win silver, you lose gold
Sourav Ganguly will need to think out of the box if India is not to end as the No.2 of the World Cup, says Suresh Menon.

March 19, 2003

The most boring World Cup ever?
Where are the nerve-tingling chases and fightbacks that are the hallmarks of a great championship, asks Krishna Prasad.

Aussies deserving finalists
Daniel Laidlaw says Australia had too much team spirit, too much firepower to outdo the Sri Lankans.

The walk that talked
Adam Gilchrist has reminded all and sundry that cricket is only a game, and winning, although important, is not the only consideration, writes Peter Roebuck.

Lee is raring to go
Glenn McGrath says the batsmen are relieved get off the Port Elizabeth wicket.

The Aussie juggernaut rolls on
It is obvious that India are one of the two teams that have showcased themselves well here, says Barry Richards.

March 18, 2003

Stirring effort by the Aussies
The Sri Lankans, says Peter Roebuck, met Australia on a pitch that suited them but still could not dictate terms.

There's always Bevan and Bichel…
Daniel Laidlaw previews the Australia-Sri Lanka semi-final.

The aura around Sachin Tendulkar
Sanjay Maljure pays tribute to the genius in Sachin Tendulkar.

March 17, 2003

The signs say it
Sujata Prakash says fate is on India's side.

Aussies can take advantage of Lankans' hesitancy
Peter Roebuck previews the Australia-Sri Lanka semi-final.

You have to plan for each Australian
Bob Woolmer says only India looks capable of beating the Aussies.

Aussies look fallible
'The Sri Lankans feel on the sort of slow 'subcontinent-like' turner everyone expects at Port Elizabeth they have the skill to take the Australians on and create a major upset,' says Asif Iqbal

India must guard against complacency
Barry Richards says often crunch games can throw up surprises beyond expectations.

March 16, 2003

'Hopeful of an easier Port Elizabeth pitch'
Glenn McGrath is looking forward to an India - Australia final.

March 15, 2003

Bowlers India's biggest plus
India, says Barry Richards, are in a situation where they are more certain of a place in the final than Australia.

India's success should be enshrined
The win over New Zealand, says Greg Chappell, again highlighted the Indian team's considerable transformation.

Complete India ready for final
India, says Daniel Laidlaw, have demonstrated a completeness that marks them as at the least a likely finalist.

March 13, 2003

Waugh and Ganguly have a lot in common
Peter Roebuck says this World Cup has confirmed the vital part played by captains in the formation and outlook of their teams.

India must stick to its winning combo
Vivian Richards says India are peaking at the right time and must maintain the momentum.

Goodbye and Godspeed
'Sunsets in the world of sport take away with them the stars themselves, dumping them somewhere in the netherworld of obscurity and leaving the sky, dark and ashen.' Sunaad Raghuram on Allan Donald & Co

March 12, 2003

A tale of two countries
Kenya, says Prem Panicker, proved a point by knocking out three Test-playing nations en route to the semi-finals.

The Kenyans were magnificent
Far from spoiling the competition as had been feared, Kenya's unexpected rise has given cricket a wonderful opportunity, says Peter Roebuck.

Port Elizabeth wicket not upto scratch
Glenn McGrath is hoping that groundsmen produce a better wicket for the semi-final.

All in a month's play
Sujata Prakash's reflections on the World Cup.

Australia's tournament yet to start
On current form, Daniel Laidlaw says, Australia and India would be a welcome final confrontation.

March 11, 2003

Aussies relishing the challenge
Peter Roebuck on Australia's escape to victory at St. George's Park.

The early bird gets the sofa
The game was done in half an hour. Was this the greatest match of our lives, asks Alfred Satish Jones. - Diary

The medium is the message
Fans, followers and fanatics owe a small debt of gratitude to the TV commentators who spurred the team on with their caustic comments, says Pritam Sengupta. - Diary

March 10, 2003

Srinath has been simply superb
Peter Roebuck says old-timers have held their teams together in this World Cup.

The World Cup of the morons
Raj Subramanyam singles out four instances which cost teams their places in the Super Six stage.

Hansie still haunts SA cricket
Ashish Magotra says no discussion on South African cricket is complete without mention of the late South Africa captain. - Diary

These Kiwis are flying high
A bunch of New Zealanders are having the ideal backpacker's vacation at the World Cup - Diary

March 9, 2003

'Jayasuriya's injury is a big blow'
Barry Richards says Arivinda de Silva could be the danger man for India.

India, Australia are favourites
Bob Woolmer says New Zealand can be the dark horse.

India looking too strong for Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka don't look to me like a team that wants to win the Cup, says Greg Chappell.

March 8, 2003

What's up, Mr Dalmiya?
Why is the BCCI chief so insistent on India playing Pakistan, asks Prem Panicker.

So near, yet so far for Kenya
Peter Roebuck says self-destructive tactics cost Kenya the match against India.

Sehwag's poor form is worrying
The India opener needs to show more maturity and application to be counted among the best, says Vivian Richards.

Win against Lanka most accomplished
Glenn McGrath says his boast of going through the World Cup undefeated looks a possibility.

'Ganguly's return to form is a plus for India'
As each game goes by, India look the side most likely opponent to challenge the Australians, says Greg Chappell

The ump with the crooked finger
There's something special about Brent 'Billy' Bowden says Ashish Magotra. - Diary

March 7, 2003

Plaudits for Ponting
Peter Roebuck pays tribute to the remarkable rise of Australia's one-day captain.

India could put pressure on Aussies
How the Australians would react to that pressure is a largely unknown factor for it is not a situation they have experienced very often, says Asif Iqbal

March 6, 2003

A faulty system
Barry Richards says the World Cup should have a format where, ideally, all teams play each other.

L'affaire Duckworth & Lewis
Ranjith Jayaram attempts to clear some misconceptions post the South Africa-Sri Lanka match.

The Duckworth/Lewis factor
Srinivas Bhogle says the D/L method is still about the best to reset targets in rain-affected ODI matches.

SA cricket needs an overhaul
Peter Roebuck says a leap of imagination is needed to bring South African cricket back to life.

'Two weeks notice' for Wright
The India coach and his 'Boys in blue' enjoy a well-earned holiday.- Diary

March 5, 2003

Points for the captain
Prem Panicker makes a hypothetical reading of how the Super Six games could go.

India looking good to enter final
Vivian Richards says India will go far in the World Cup if Tendulkar continues in the vein he is in.

Fate, form denies Proteas
Daniel Laidlaw sums up the first round in the World Cup.

March 4, 2003

South Africa have only themselves to blame
In trying to be good hosts, Barry Richards says, the World Cup organizers provided foreign pitches to the home team.

March 3, 2003

Final throw of the dice for Pakistan
Pakistan, says Asif Iqbal, must pull it off against Zimbabwe tomorrow, at least for Wasim Akram's sake.

Bevan's innings was commendable
Peter Roebuck says teams can take heart from England's showing against Australia, knowing the champions can be beaten.

'All-win record a realistic goal'
Glenn McGrath feels Australia is capable of going through the World Cup undefeated.

Windies batting failed at the crunch
Vivian Richards reflects on his team's failure to make the Super Six.

March 02, 2003

Right-arm over to God
How does Sachin Tendulkar have so much courage, certitude and cool? And why does it elude us all, asks Krishna Prasad.

Team building, brick by brick
As India enters the Super Sixes, Prem Panicker assesses its strengths and weaknesses.

Saturday thoughts on a Sunday afternoon
A series of 'silly points', from Prem Panicker.

India looking good to make final
Bob Woolmer lauds the showing of the Indian fast bowlers in the World Cup.

Rickety knees and cigarettes spell success
If you want to succeed at the 2003 cricket World Cup, get yourself an injury.

March 01, 2003

The greatest one-day innings ever!
Sachin Tendulkar has produced the most astonishing innings seen in 50-over cricket since the matches began, says Peter Roebuck.

India, Pakistan and America
On the Rajasthan stretch of the international border, the rumour mills are whirring that mobile transmission units are active on the other side, just to disturb Doordarshan's relay of Saturday’s match.

February 28, 2003


Exclusive: When Sachin played for Pakistan
Sachin Tendulkar, India's pride and joy, first stepped on to an international field for Pakistan, says Hemant Kenkre.

Pride by Proxy
When Tendulkar bats, tell yourself: 'Unhappy the country that has no hero'. If Tendulkar gets out, adds Siddhartha Deb, tell yourself: 'Unhappy the country that needs a hero'.

India peaking at the right time
'India can boast the best pace attack they have ever had and on wickets that give assistance to swing and seam, they could cause Pakistan's heavily out of form batsmen problems,' says Asif Iqbal.

India was the team of the week
And Ashish Nehra the best bowler, says Peter Roebuck.

War in pajamas
The Indians, says Sujata Prakash, go into the match against Pakistan as favorites, but only slightly.

'India-Pak game could restart peace process'
Pakistan team manager Shahryar Khan on sporting contact between India and Pakistan.

India has the upper hand: More
Former India 'keeper, now selector, on the atmosphere when India and Pakistan meet.

Riding the Brandwagon
An India-Pakistan encounter become something more than a cricket match when the media-marketing combine realised that patriotism could sell toothpaste, cars and referigerators, says Suresh Menon.

Who cares about the other side?
Anita Nair explains why watching India playing on TV is special for her.

The Global Reality Show
India versus Pakistan: Who will win? Who will lose? Who cares, says Pratik Kanjilal.

'Gentlemen, Play!' says GenNext
One is Indian, the other is Pakistani. Vinutha & Zebunnisa are young girls studying in England. And both want to exorcise the baggage of history.

War minus the shooting
Sport has nothing to do with fair play; it is bound up with hatred, jealousy and violence, says Sunaad Raghuram.

Sambar Power
What happens when an Indian stirs up the potent brew for his Pakistani room-mate five years running? Both parties survive and develop a healthy disrespect for the 'kachra' dished out by experts and ex-players.

Puppets On A Chain
Never mind the stereotype. On the playgrounds, cries of 'Shoaib, Shoaib' can change into cries of 'Sachin, Sachin' all in the space of a over, discovers Sundar Sarukkai.

The view from within
In the madrassas of Bangalore, cricket fever catches on -- and team loyalty is the talking point.

India's confidence will be the key: Atherton
Former England captain Mike Atherton feels India can easily beat Pakistan.

February 27, 2003

Pakistan will come hard at India
The Pakistanis, says Vivian Richards, play with more guts, more desperation and more aggression when they meet India.

'I say, what a match'
Albert Botelho relives the moments of India's victory over Pakistan in the 1996 World Cup match in Bangalore.

February 26, 2003

Warne fails the larger test
The Aussie's suspension, says Daniel Laidlaw, should serve as a lesson that sportspeople cannot afford to be too insular.

February 25, 2003

The Chinaman cometh
Nothing is more enjoyable than to see a top batsman bamboozled by a wrist spinner. Brad Hogg won the battle against Andy Flower, says Peter Roebuck.

February 23, 2003

Davison's day
'Davison soared for a day, a firework lighting the skies before returning to earth. It was splendid and unforgettable.' Peter Roebuck on the fastest World Cup century.

India's batting vs Pakistan's seam attack
How the teams perform under pressure holds the key in the crunch match, says Bob Woolmer.

Against all odds
Sunaad Raghuram on cricketers who have overcome disease and deformity in their quest for excellence.

Real women can't watch cricket
...and real men don't play it, says Dhanu Nayak.

What's the score da?
Alfred Satish Jones captures the mood of US-based Indian fans watching the World Cup.

February 22, 2003

It's raining on Australia's parade
Peter Roebuck watches Zimbabwe struggle for survival off the field -- and earn free points on it.

Pressure on Pollock
The burden of expectations, as well as the responsibilities of leadership, are affecting Pollock the bowler, says Barry Richards.

February 21, 2003

A tale of two captains
Heath Streak has risen to the challenge of a World Cup in Africa. Shaun Pollock must show that he is not merely a fine player but a great African, writes Peter Roebuck.

Pakistan has to lift its batting
Why not bring in Wasim Akram at No 3 asks Asif Iqbal.

February 20, 2003

Contract killing
By boycotting Zimbabwe and Kenya respectively, haven't England and New Zealand flouted sections of the World Cup contract?, asks Prem Panicker.

Any which way but lose!
Why do 11 young men in flannels, asks Sandipan Deb, have to carry the burden of national honour?

Something special about the Kiwis
Daniel Laidlaw says they appear a committed, unified bunch who are on the up.

Commonsense prevailed when India batted: Chappell
Former Australia captain Greg Chappell reflects on India's easy victory over Zimbabwe.

Cricket in Thurber country
Excited analyses of the pitch and swing are now part of the animated conversations at Ohio State University, says Nikhil Moro.

February 19, 2003

Sadness beneath the smiles
Peter Roebuck soaks in the atmosphere at Harare as India beat Zimbabwe.

February 18, 2003

'A country does not run on World Cups'
In Zimbabwe, the World Cup is a poisoned chalice. Faisal Shariff's diary.

February 17, 2003

Stumping Ms Goretti
Ashish Magotra checks out how much the television presenter knows about cricket.

Indian batsmen seem mentally fatigued
Vivian Richards says the tour of New Zealand was not the proper preparation for the World Cup.

This commentary circus
Sunaad Raghuram is upset at the television channel which has the overall rights for the World Cup.

Remember the opposition
Talking of the genius of our players is ultimately self-defeating because the only way of measuring their ability is in conditions not in their control, against teams that don't act as the script demands, says Siddhartha Deb.

February 16, 2003

Captain clueless
Prem Panicker demands some answers from Sourav Ganguly.

Aussies awesome
Daniel Laidlaw says Australia produced an outstanding display of intense one-day cricket against India that emphatically stated their 2003 credentials.

Why should India win all the time?
Why does a nation of spineless, riskfree coasters expect victory from its cricketers each time they step on the field, asks Krishna Prasad

Gillespie was outstanding
Glenn McGrath says the problem with India against Australia was they tried too hard.

Men in blue beaten black and blue
India's dismal showing against Australia has even irked fans on the American east coach, says Mark Bradshaw.

The World Cup is resembling a soap opera
Bob Woolmer says the list of banned substances should take into account the parameters of cricket.

February 15, 2003

Losing Jonty could be a big blow
Barry Richards previews Sunday's match between South Africa and New Zealand.

Licence to bet
Are news organisations acting as publicists for betting syndicates, asks Rajeev Pai.

February 14, 2003

PIOs set to flunk 'Tebbit Test'
In spite of Lord Norman Tebbit’s stern lesson to prove patriotism on the playground, the love for their "home team" is being passed down to younger British Asians, says Vinutha Mallya.

The Former Sheikh of Tweak
Shane Warne's plight shouldn't confound us. He always carried one extra bit of equipment -- the sword of Damocles -- in his kit, says Sunaad Raghuram.

Slowlee, softlee, catchee monkee
Nerves taut before the big day tomorrow, boys? Sujata Prakash has the prescription..

February 12, 2003

The Ramavilasa Road racehorse in 300 club
The culture and ethos of the city he grew up in, and the grounds he practiced and played on, defy the silent and sterling contributions of Javagal Srinath, says Sunaad Raghuram

'Lara with his back to the wall is dangerous'
Vivian Richards says the West Indies' victory against South Africa was no mean achievement.

'We are here to win every game'
The team is 100 per cent behind Warne in this difficult time, says Glenn McGrath.

It's all happening out there
Cricket's biggest stage is here. And the star performers have started announcing their intentions in spectacular fashion.

February 11, 2003

Why India can win this World Cup
Ashok Karanth presents a very possible scenario that can unfold.

Lala XI Vs Dada XI
Raju Bharatan pits 11 players of yesteryear, who have not played a single one-dayer,against those of the current India side.

The all-rounder we ignore
Has India set foot on South Africa without its most potent 'spinner' and 'striker', asks Sundar Sarukkai.

February 10, 2003

Shoaib, Wasim have to do it for Pakistan
'Pakistan's notoriously unreliable batting means a score of anything in excess of 220 could be difficult to get, so Shoaib and Wasim have their work cut out,' says Asif Iqbal.

February 8, 2003

'Lufflay shaaat machi'
Unable to sum up India's chances at the World Cup? No worries. Alfred Satish Jones is having the same problem.

South Africa ready to make amends
Barry Richards says South Africa's bowling plan is vital for their success.

Windies dangerous enough to produce a good finish
Barry Richards previews the World Cup opener between South Africa and the West Indies.

Cricket is Life
The score is already a depressing 1 for 6 even before the first ball is bowled in the World Cup. Still, why does cricket hold everybody from taxi drivers to techies, rickshaw-pullers to rowdies in such thrall, asks Sunaad Raghuram

The home disadvantage
Six editions of the tournament have passed, but no host-country has ever won the World Cup on its soil. Will South Africa break the jinx? Pritam Sengupta provides nine easy excuses if they don’t.

'Windies will give South Africa a scare'
Veteran journalist Trevor Chesterfield gives his take on the opening match of ther World Cup.

The guys are ready for the real thing
If Carl Hooper and his boys win this opener, Vivian Richards says, it will be a huge onfidence boost for the side.

February 7, 2003

Pitch report
Bob Woolmer's take on the conditions and pitches in South Africa.

Hoping to rediscover old magic
Former West Indies captain Vivian Richards expects a winning performance from his team at the World Cup.

Am ready to bowl at my best
Glenn McGrath says the recent injuries to Australa's key bowlers won't affect the team's performance.

February 5, 2003

Averting a racial split
Former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal lauds the ICC's decision to go ahead with the World Cup matches in Zimbabwe and Kenya.

1992 World Cup: The Big Irony
Madhav Pai recounts how Imran Khan's Pakistan pulled of an amazing triumph.

February 3, 2003

Choices in black and white
That India has no quarrel with the government of Zimbabwe reflects poorly on its own society, says Ashwin Mahesh.

January 23, 2003

Lost in England
Former India captain and umpire Srinivas Venkataraghavan on India's campaign in the 1975 World Cup.

January 7, 2003

Should India Play in Zimbabwe?
If cricket shouldn't be played in Zimbabwe on account of its human rights record, then why is Pakistan any different? asks Roshan Paul.

December 31, 2002

Plugging the loopholes
This World Cup is going to be one long bad day for India unless they make amends in every aspect of their game, says Sujata Prakash.

December 10, 2002

Gambling on ambush marketing
Legislating against it could simply force it underground and make its creators even more creative, says Neil Manthorp.

November 21, 2002

Making a case for Kartik - Diary
After the spinner's fine showing in the ODI series against the Windies, it will be difficult for the selectors to drop him.

November 13, 2002

Talking averages
Ravi Abhyankar recommends a team for the World Cup purely on statistics.


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