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 The Taleban that
  got away
 Rajeev Srinivasan.
 Taleban will retaliate
 Maj Gen Ashok Mehta.
 India's role in the
 Afghan drama
 S Gopikrishna.
 Pak's uncertain future
 Brahma Chellaney.
 The masters, media and
  the war
 Beena Sarwar.
 Our national interests
  are supreme
 Rajeev Srinivasan.
 It's not our war
 Rajeev Srinivasan.
 Uphold our national pride
 Wing Commander (retd)
 R V Parasnis
 What if Musharraf falls
 T V R Shenoy.
 Is Bush cunning
 or simpleton?

 S Gopikrishna
 Osama's evil genius
 Ajoy Bose.
 Na´ve and namby-pamby
 Arvind Lavakare.
 How many Ladens?
 Claude Arpi.
 War and reason
 Ashwin Mahesh.
 Pak has suffered most
 M Ziauddin.
 Powell will get an earful
 Brahma Chellaney.
 Enduring freedom or  enduring terrorism
 B Raman.
 The road to Laden
 T V R Shenoy
 Taleban, no pushovers
 Maj Gen (retd) Ashok K Mehta
 Silence of the Confused
 Hari Sreenivasan
 What the stars foretell
 Arvind Lavakare
 Bush's five mistakes
 Francois Gautier
 To civilisation, if
 I can find her

 Dilip D'Souza
 The lessons from

 Maj Gen (retd)
 Ashok K Mehta
 Who does the US
 want to vanquish

 Ajoy Bose on US's war
 Silent about many

 Dilip D'Souza is against
 misuse of religion
 Stay away from war
 Amberish K Diwanji
 tells India
 Diary of a broken spirit
 Asif Saleh wonders if
 NY will ever be the
 same again
 Brave new world
 Saisuresh Sivaswamy.
 Don't send an army of
 elephants to kill a

 B Raman on combating
 Payback time
 Devi Prasad says it is
 time to destroy ISI
 camps in PoK
 God & America
 R Swaminathan on
 American response
 to crisis
 Irony or retribution?
 Arvind Lavakare
 Pakistan in a bind
 T V R Shenoy
 on the nation's situation
 Still missing
 George Joseph
 on the missing Indians
 Hobson's choice for

 Amir Mir on Islamabad's
 I'm brown, that's all
 that matters

 TV host Hari Sreenivasan  on the aftermath
 Pearl Harbour redux
  Rajeev Srinivasan
  on the US attacks
 India is a bad role
 model for the USA

 says S Gopikrishna.
 The first war of
 the 21st century

 B Raman on
 tackling terrorism
 Thoughts after terror
 Dilip D'Souza
 on the attacks in the US
 'Nothing is secure now'
 on the emerging scenario
 The third world war
 Wing Commander
 Ravindra Parasnis
 on terrorism
 It's not the US they want
 want to destroy. It's our

 Reeta Sinha on America's
 The fight against
 terrorism has to start

 Adm J G Nadkarni on the
 fight against terrorism
 Scourge of terrorism:
 Time to act!

 Anil Athale on the
 scourge of terrorism


 'The ISI gives a damn
 about the US threat'
says former ISI agent
 Mir Khursheed
 'Unlike Musharraf, the
 Afghans cannot be
 bought over'
says Sardar Mohammad
 Aslam Khan
 clansman of exiled
 king Zahir Shah
 'Pak has been bullied
 by the US adequately
says K V Krishna Rao,
 ex-army chief,
 and former J&K governor
 'We can't expect
 the US to fight our war
says Satish Nambiar,  retired lieutenant general  of the Indian army
 'Jaish is part of Osama's
 strategy to spread terror'
says A K Suri, chief of  the J&K police
 'No point creating peace
 which can't last'
says Shaukat Qadir,  retired brigadier
 of the Pakistan army
 'This war has to be
 fought with minds,
 not weapons'
says B M Kutty,
 Pakistan Peace Coalition
 'We will face increased
 terrorism from jihadi

 says B Raman,
 counter-terrorism expert
 'Pervez's cooperation
 with US could be
 dangerous for him'

 says Surya Gangadharan,
 editor, Strategic Affairs
 'We have to confront
 terrorism and defeat it',

 says Dr Ajai Sahni,
 executive director,
 Institute for Conflict


 Terror in America
 Theories, possible action,  expert comments and  everything else you  wanted to know about the  September 11 terror  attacks.
 Merchants of mayhem
 A primer on the  organisations, individuals  & NGOs whose financial  lifelines the US  government is trying to  sever.

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 New York, 7 days later
 America's nightmare

 First Person Accounts

 'I want to be protected
 from the intolerant'

 Radhika Yeddanapudi
 from Washington.
 'I Am Glad to Be Alive'
 Sai Narasimham from
 New York.
 'It was a black day for

 Jai Bokey from
 'They robbed me of my

 Aseem Chhabra from
 New York.
 'This is war, total war...
 Go home!'

 Jeet Thayil on how the
 New Yorkers are coping
 with the tragedy.

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 Consulate General
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   Complete Coverage >> America's War on Terror

November 9, 2003
Indian among 5 killed in Saudi blasts

August 4, 2003
Taliban targeting clerics opposed to jihad

June 19, 2003
9/11 aftermath: Man admits shooting Sikh

April 2, 2003
Pak woman may have planned logistics for Al Qaeda

March 31, 2003
Khalid spills details of terror plots in US

March 16, 2003
Pak minister denies reports that Osama's sons' arrested
Key Al Qaeda operative held in Pakistan

March 7, 2003
Pak minister denies reports that Osama's sons' arrested
Reports of Osama's arrest incorrect: US
Search for bin Laden narrows

March 4, 2003
Terrorists videotaped WTC before 9/11
Pakistan armyman held for Al Qaeda links

March 2, 2003
Pakistan hands over 9/11 suspect to US

March 1, 2003
Al Qaeda mastermind may be in Pak custody
Three Al Qaeda men held in Pakistan

February 20, 2003
US designates Hekmatyar 'global terrorist'

January 17, 2003
Taleban regrouping in Afghanistan: Brajesh Mishra

December 18, 2002
US let captured Taliban general go
Al Qaeda starts camps in Afghanistan

December 16, 2002
Kean named chairman of 9/11 commission

December 14, 2002
Henry Kissinger steps down from 9/11 panel

November 29, 2002
Al Qaeda terrorists suspected to be behind Kenyan bombing

November 28, 2002
Osama bin Laden in excellent health: Pakistan doctor

November 27, 2002
Kissinger to head 9/11 investigation commission

November 25, 2002
Saudi envoy may have unwittingly helped terrorists

November 23, 2002
FBI probing Saudi link to September 11 attackers

November 14, 2002
Poor quality of Laden tapes hampers analysis

October 3, 2002
Ayman al-Zawahari killed in Afghanistan: Report

September 21, 2002
US Tablighis fear crackdown

September 20, 2002
Did Al Jazeera set up Ramzi bin Alshibh?

September 19, 2002
Indian held in US after 9/11 to be released soon

September 11, 2002
Sombre mood marks Sept 11 anniversary in US embassy
'Remember those who are gone'
Yambem family remembers WTC victim Jupiter
Bhutto's brother proposed WTC attack in 1991: Carlos

September 9, 2002
Osama bin Laden claims 9/11: Al-Jazeera

August 29, 2002
6 suspected Al Qaeda supporters indicted in US

August 16, 2002
Kin of Sept 11 victims file $116 trillion suit
US to quiz Taliban official about IC-814 hijack

August 2, 2002
Special: US in a spot over wrong bombing, botched cover-up

July 15, 2002
Al Qaeda leader taken to Indian Ocean base

July 11, 2002
Special envoy to Afghanistan S K Lambah resigns: PTI

June 18, 2002
Al Qaeda funds safe: Report
Court rejects American Taliban's pleas

June 14, 2002
Pak police arrests alleged accomplice of 'dirty bomber'
Karzai vows to fight 'warlordism' and 'corruption'

June 3, 2002
Top Taliban officials held reunion near Peshawar: Newsweek/PTI

May 23, 2002
Pak tribals warn of war against US forces

April 3, 2002
Abu Zubaydah asked for six Canadian passports to launch attacks

April 2, 2002
US may send more troops into Pakistan
Al Qaeda suspects handed over to US: Musharraf

March 26, 2002
US to train Afghan army personnel

March 20, 2002
Al Qaeda, Taliban men regrouping in Pakistan: Report
Deny sanctuary to terrorists: Bush

March 11, 2002
War will go beyond Afghanistan: Bush
800 Al Qaeda, Taliban men killed: Report

February 8, 2002
Taliban prisoners to be governed by Geneva Convention

February 7, 2002
Afghan warlords demand ransom for Pakistani prisoners
Al Qaeda still a threat to America: CIA director

February 4, 2002
Taliban, Al Qaeda fighters may foment trouble in J&K: Report

January 29, 2002
Pak Jamaat-e-Islami chief rearrested
Captured Al Qaeda, Taliban members not POWs: Bush

January 24, 2002
India protests airlift of Pakistanis from Kunduz
Vivek Katju named envoy to Afghanistan
Blast outside UK embassy in Pak: Report
FBI chief meets Musharraf, discusses terrorism
Captured American Taliban arrives in US

January 23, 2002
Pak allows US use of Karachi airport

January 22, 2002
Pak officials evacuated from Kunduz: Report
Al Qaeda may have missiles: Report

January 19, 2002
Women Al Qaeda suspects arrested in raids in Britain

January 18, 2002
US releases tapes of 'martyrdom messages'
Karzai to visit Washington on January 28

January 9, 2002
Britain to send Gurkhas to Afghanistan

January 5, 2002
Pak to hand over top Al Qaeda functionary, Taliban official to US

January 4, 2002
Omar may have been arrested: Afghan minister
Pak arrests former Taliban ambassador for overstaying
Pak fundamentalist leaders go underground: Reports

January 3, 2002
Alleged terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui to be tried on Oct 14

January 2, 2002
Pakistan hands over 85 Al Qaeda fighters to US
Advance party of peacekeeping force arrives in Afghanistan

December 29, 2001
Osama in Bajaur, Mullah Omar in Gilgit: Report
Bush vows to capture Osama 'dead or alive'

December 28, 2001
Afghanistan wants US to stop bombing
Sept 11 strikes cost US one trillion dollars: Osama

December 27, 2001
Laden hails September 11 attackers in latest video tape
Osama tape terrorist propaganda: White House
Islamabad asked terrorists to mass in PoK

December 26, 2001
US marines on high alert in Afghanistan
Hillary Clinton reaches out to Sikhs

December 24, 2001
Top Taliban leaders seek rapprochement with Karzai
September 11 terrorists had links with ISI: Analyst
Emirates plane lands in Yemen after hijack scare
Taliban deputy intelligence chief held
139 Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistani custody: Report
Taliban looted billions from the exchange market
US forces can stay till terrorism is wiped out: Karzai
FBI hampered probe into Al Qaeda: Report
Al Qaeda planned chemical attacks: Report
US considers invading Iraq: Report

December 23, 2001
Osama bin Laden in Kashmir?

December 22, 2001
Hamid Karzai sworn-in as Afghanistan's interim head
Bush offers troops to any country fighting terrorism

December 21, 2001
65 killed as US jets hit convoy of Afghan elders
Jaswant Singh to witness swearing in of Karzai govt
Security Council okays multinational force for Kabul
Taliban suspends all political activities: Zaeef
Indian embassy in Kabul to open on Saturday
Bidding adieu to victims of WTC with a cake

December 20, 2001
Hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters at large: FBI
Afghanistan administration on collision course with UN
100 hurt in Mazar-e-Sharif explosion
India-Pak should stay focused on unfinished agenda in Afghanistan
Blair urges caution in next phase in war on terror

December 19, 2001
Pak should hand over Al Qaeda fighters: Dobbins
Karzai supports international security force
15 killed in clash between Al Qaeda men and Pakistani guards
UN sets up fund for Afghan interim government
'Pakistan's agenda to control Afghanistan intact'

December 18, 2001
FBI to question Al Qaeda prisoners
US planes come under 'missile attack'
US troops won't budge till Laden, Omar are punished: Rumsfeld
US special forces in Pakistan: Report

December 17, 2001
Osama, Omar escape to Pakistan: Report
Al Qaeda fighters fleeing Tora Bora
We will fight against India, Northern Alliance: Harkat commander
US launch night raids on Tora Bora
Peace force in Kabul by Saturday: US envoy
American flag flies in Kabul after 12 years

December 16, 2001
Last Al Qaeda position falls, Rumsfeld meets Karzai in Afghanistan

December 15, 2001
Al Qaeda fighters make surrender offer
EU warns US against extending anti-terrorism campaign
300 Al Qaeda fighters surrender
French Al Qaeda fighter captured by Pakistani authorities
Pakistan agrees to long-term US presence at Jacobabad base
Key issues remain as UN works on Afghan resolution
Laden hides, sends suicide bombers to die: Bush
Anti-Taliban forces advance 2 km in Tora Bora: Rumsfeld
Indian suspect in FBI custody blessed with a son

December 14, 2001
Britain to lead peace force in Afghanistan: Solana
US commando teams to hunt for Osama
Laden has fled Tora Bora region: AIP

December 13, 2001
Laden admits planning September 11 strikes
Indian duo no longer suspect in September 11 attacks
Deadline for Al Qaeda surrender passes; US attacks intensify
Tora Bora deal: Give up your leaders, go free
Osama bin Laden in Pakistan: Report
Taliban, Al Qaeda fighters in PoK
Israel decides to break all contact with Arafat

December 12, 2001
American Talib says biological strike on US soon
B-1 Bomber goes down in Indian Ocean: US
Burhanuddin Rabbani unhappy with Bonn accord
Thugs beat up Los Angeles Sikh
Pakistani scientists discussed nukes with Laden: Report
US targets Al Qaeda positions after surrender deadline breached
Al Qaeda miss surrender deadline
Afghanistan seeks long-term cooperation from India
Al Qaeda fighters set conditions for surrender: AIP
US believes it has bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora
India, US aligned across range of issues: Bush
Senior Taliban or Al Qaeda leader taken to another country

December 11, 2001
Fourth plane may have aimed for White House: Bush
Blair condemns post September 11 attacks on Sikhs
1,000 bodies around Kandahar airport: Report
US dumps Pakistani proposal of Muslim force in Afghanistan
Asphyxiation killed many Taliban prisoners: Report
Al Qaeda men in Tora Bora seek truce
US may release bin Laden videotape

December 10, 2001
US may place forces in multiple nations
US drops 'daisy cutter' on Tora Bora cave complex
Osama will be turned over to ICJ: Karzai
Karzai unhappy with NA minister's visit to India: Pak media
Lambah to lead second mission to Kabul
Laden wants death relayed on TV: Reports
'No mercy for Pakistani armymen in Afghanistan'
Pak beefs up security along border with Afghanistan
Northern Alliance wants to retain charge of Kabul security
Afghan warlords arrive at an agreement on Kandahar
Abdullah Abdullah to visit India on Wednesday
Britain to lead Afghan stabilisation force: Reports
Palestinian militant groups to suspend attacks
Israel rejects suicide bombers' truce offer
Riyadh wants custody of Saudis held in Afghanistan
Australian investigators say Afroz is exaggerating

December 9, 2001
Osama, Mullah Omar still in Afghanistan: Cheney
US probing Pak scientists' links with Taliban, Al Qaeda
Afghan factions jostle for power in Kandahar

December 8, 2001
Pakistan rejects Qanooni's allegation of interference in Afghanistan
Pakistanis who fought with Taliban to be tried
ISI continued to arm Taliban even after Sept 11: Report
Osama to be hunted down in days: Afghan commander
Mullah Omar held by warlords: Reports
Pakistan reinforces troops along Afghanistan border

December 7, 2001
Osama, Omar still elude their seekers
Documents relating to IC-814 hijacking found in Kabul
Ex-Kandahar governor takes control of residence
Pakistan to set up embassy in Kabul
N Alliance captures Tora Bora; Osama escapes
Foreign Taliban fighters head for Pakistan
Taliban surrenders Kandahar; Omar missing
No mercy for Mullah Omar: Karzai, US
UN defers issue of peacekeeping force
Taliban surrender deal splits Alliance commanders
US must decide Mullah Omar's fate: Britain

December 6, 2001
Mullah Omar to surrender Kandahar: Reports
US rules out surrender deal for Kandahar
Foreign fighters must face justice: Karzai
NA handed over J&K terrorists to India: Report
CIA wants links of 6 Pak nuke scientists probed
Uzbek Dostum to boycott Afghan interim govt
New Afghan interior minister to visit India
Afghan accord should lead to broad-based govt: India
Pak will recognise Afghan interim govt

December 5, 2001
US bomb kills two of its own soldiers; wounds 20
1000 Afghan militiamen close in on Osama: Report
Woman to be Afghanistan deputy premier
Afghan interim govt composition finalised
All terrorist outfits will be targeted: US

December 4, 2001
Hamid Karzai to head Afghan interim administration
Oppn forces retreat from Kandahar airport
Bush freezes assets of terrorist groups
Osama's second-in-command wounded: Report
Afghan official claims to have located Laden
Taliban cracking up, dissidents flee to Pakistan: Report

December 3, 2001
Oppn forces enter Kandahar airport
Afghan accord ready to be inked: Report
Afghan factions demand amendments to UN draft accord

December 2, 2001
UN outlines draft accord for interim Afghan govt
US jets bomb Kandahar, as hunt for Osama continues

December 1, 2001
Afghan talks stalled: UN
5 US soldiers killed in suicide attack: Taleban
US plane shot down in Kandahar: Taleban
Rabbani to accept interim council
Afghan talks heading for a deadlock
US intensifies hunt for Osama, Omar
US war puts rights groups on sticky wicket

November 30, 2001
Taleban routed, Al Qaeda on run: Bush
N Alliance captures member of Al Qaeda
Mullah Omar urges Taleban to continue fighting
NA delegation fails to get Bonn talks adjourned
Northern Alliance agrees to multinational security force
Top Northern Alliance leader quits Bonn talks
Iran warns US over plans to attack Iraq, Sudan
Russia vows to support Rabbani govt

November 29, 2001
US planes pound Kandahar, Alliance troops close in
No difference between Taleban and Northern Alliance: Rights groups
US turning a blind eye to Northern Alliance atrocities: Report
Northern Alliance, Zahir Shah agree on interim council
Rabbani striking deal with Pakistan
Senior Taleban officials defecting: Pentagon
Row over next phase of anti-terror campaign
Pak may have evacuated soldier from Kunduz: US
Top Al Qaeda leaders believed dead: US
Don't recognise Rabbani: US to Russia
Rift among Afghan delegates stun diplomats

November 28, 2001
Officer killed in Mazar-e-Sharif prison riot: CIA
Assets of Taleban govt frozen by UN
US bombs Al Qaeda, Taleban leaders' compound
Northern Alliance retakes Qala-e-Jangi
Taleban recapture Spin Boldak: Report
British marine commandos fly into Afghanistan
'Sketches of anthrax bomb found in Pakistani scientist's office'
India junks Pakistan claim on Afghan government
Osama to be dealt with under law: Pakistan

November 27, 2001
Al Qaeda terrorists may flee to Kashmir: India
Afghan deal within three days: Alliance delegate
US Marines seize key airstrip in Kandahar
US bomb kills 10 Northern Alliance soldiers
Canadian troops may join US marines
Afghan leaders will have to decide on govt: Powell

November 26, 2001
Osama, Mullah Omar in hiding: Northern Alliance
300 revolting Al Qaeda prisoners killed
Taleban vows revenge for alleged massacre
Taleban panic as Kandahar airport falls: Witnesses
Pak approaches UN on Mazar riots
CIA operative killed in prisoners revolt: Report
US soldiers land near Kandahar: Report

November 25, 2001
Northern Alliance troops enter Kunduz
Taleban's political office in Karachi sealed, 15 detained

November 24, 2001
30 US commandos killed: Taleban
Taleban evacuation of Kunduz underway: NA
US allowed Pak to quietly evacuate fighters?
Osama bin Laden not in Pakistan: Musharraf
Taleban tortured infants, children: Report
Pak party threatens Afghan refugees from anti-Taleban areas
Situation in Mazar-e-Sharif improving: UN
UN-sponsored Afghan meet postponed by a day
US for all-inclusive govt in Afghanistan

November 23, 2001
Northern Alliance launches 3-pronged attack on Kunduz
Pak forces face ignominy of being caught in Kunduz
Taleban fall triggered by ISI withdrawal?
India to 'closely monitor' developments at Bonn meet
Revival of Indian hospital in Kabul to provide badly needed relief
Pakistan mulls setting up Afghan mission
Northern Alliance 'in touch' with Pakistan: Report
All 19 hijackers entered US with valid visas
Pakistan may be booked for supporting Taleban
Britain opens diplomatic mission in Kabul
We won't support strikes on Iraq: Saudi prince
600 bodies discovered in Mazar-e-Sharif: ICRC

November 22, 2001
Scribes told to leave Taleban-controlled areas
Pak choppers rescue commanders trapped in Kunduz
Northern Alliance promises lenient regime
Pakistan orders Taleban embassy closed
Pak leader who recruited jihadis for Afghanistan imprisoned
Al Qaeda trained terrorists for Kashmir: Documents
Taleban to surrender Kunduz
No rest till terrorism is defeated: Bush
Three more scribes killed in Afghanistan: Report

November 21, 2001
US asks Pakistan to close down Taleban embassy in Islamabad
US navy searching merchant ships for Osama
Northern Alliance troops set to enter Kunduz
Osama tells aides to kill him if trapped: Report
Top Osama aide held in Peshawar
Rabbani calls for end to warfare in Afghanistan
Top US general meets NA leaders near Kabul
Indian diplomatic mission arrives in Kabul
UN official seeks more role for Afghan women
Kunduz commanders approach UN for surrender

November 20, 2001
Taleban consulates in Quetta, Peshawar closed
US recruiting Russian war veterans: Report
Musharraf calls for humanitarian response to surrender offer
America intensifies search for Laden
Capturing Laden still difficult: Bush
Pakistan won't grant refugee status to fleeing Afghans
UN trying to convene meeting on Afghanistan
US envoy to Pakistan observes Ramzan fast

November 19, 2001
Four scribes feared dead in Kabul ambush
Taleban willing to surrender Kunduz
Mullah Akhtar Usmani named successor to Mullah Omar
Laden has left Taleban controlled areas: Zaeef
Pakistan flip-flop on Taleban continues
Ex-Afghan king can play symbolic role: US
Russia to open embassy in Afghanistan
Where in Afghanistan is Osama?
Pro-Taleban Uzbek commander killed: Dostum
US varsities oppose freeze on student visas

November 18, 2001
Noose tightens around bin Laden: Report
Northern Alliance agrees to take part in UN-sponsored meet
Terrorists are not freedom fighters: Powell

November 17, 2001
Burhanuddin Rabbani arrives in Kabul
Laden has left Afghanistan: Taleban
G-21 for early meeting of all Afghan factions
Pakistan won't grant asylum to Laden, Omar
UN rejects Taleban request to negotiate surrender in Kunduz
Taleban confirms Atef's death
US envoy avoids meeting Northern Alliance
War is far from over, feel Pushtoons
Taleban deny surrender of Kandahar
Northern Alliance shows no mercy to foreign soldiers

November 16, 2001
Omar orders withdrawal from Kandahar
US claims to have killed close Laden aide
US bombs hit Taleban ministry building, mosque
Taleban chief Mullah Omar in Kunduz: Report
US, British troops land at Bagram airport
Taleban considered us sisters: US volunteers
Form new Afghan govt by consensus: India
Zahir Shah has role in future Afghanistan govt: UN
Bush, Putin agree on Afghanistan plan
Fleeing Taleban may land in Kashmir

November 15, 2001
Don't assume Taleban has collapsed: Pentagon
Al Qaeda's nuke plans unearthed: Report
Northern Alliance raped, killed hundreds in Kabul: Eyewitnesses
Pakistan beefs up security around mosques
Pakistan expecting fresh wave of refugees
US holds talks with Pakistan on future Afghan set-up
Bhutto welcomes fall of Kabul to Northern Alliance
Taleban not finished yet: German intelligence
Mullah Omar has a plan to 'destroy' America
UN approves resolution on security in Afghanistan
NA Favours Democratic Set Up in Kabul: UN Envoy
Eight Aid Workers Held by Taleban Freed

November 14, 2001
Northern Alliance preparing for second phase of war: Envoy
Pakistan backs former King Zahir Shah
Northern Alliance captures Kandahar: Envoy
Taleban launches attack against Mazar
Northern Alliance vows to put Osama, Mullah Omar on trial
There is no moderate Taleban: India
Taleban withdraw from Jalalabad
Rabbani to declare himself head of Afghanistan

November 13, 2001
NA in control of Kabul; Taleban confirms fall
Northern Alliance claims five more provinces
Rabbani government in control of Kabul
Taleban envoy in Pakistan leaves for Kandahar
Musharraf for special UN force in Afghanistan
Pakistan opposes Kabul's takeover by any one group
Northern Alliance troops ready to enter Kabul
Taleban officials leave embassy in Pakistan
Shelling puts Al-Jazeera out of action
US strikes drive Indian turban makers out of work

November 12, 2001
Northern Alliance captures Herat
French, German scribes die on Afghan frontlines
Opposition makes gains in Afghanistan's northeast
Exiled residents of Mazar-e-Sharif overjoyed

November 11, 2001
US shoots down Pakistan demand for F-16s
Pakistan moves nuclear weapons to secret location: Report
US to give Apache choppers to Pakistan
US war on Afghanistan terrorist act: Chomsky
Osama admits role in September 11 attacks: Report
Bush offers to bring India, Pakistan together
Indo-UK talks to focus on post-Taleban set up

November 10, 2001
There's no justification for terror: PM
General Assembly focuses on terrorism, finally
'Our forces are inside Mazar. They are controlling the streets'
Give us F-16s for helping you: Pak to US
Canadian Sikh forced to remove turban
Taleban admit fall of Mazar-e-Sharif
Osama threatens nuclear, chemical attacks
Bush-PM summit positive, productive: White House
India has not intention to muddle Afghan issue: PM

November 09, 2001
US, India to fight terrorism together: Bush
Mazar-e-Sharif captured, says Dostum
India-US Joint Statement Mum on Kashmir, Pakistan
Beware of the ISI, Bhutto warns US
Three killed in violent anti-US protests in Pakistan
Pakistan behind Pushtoon leader's killing
Laden planning plane attacks on Delhi: Report
Bombing will continue during Ramadan: Blair
200 US abortion clinics get suspicious letters
Musharraf warns radicals; 500 held
Return to normal lives, but stay vigilant: Bush
Arafat hasn't done enough to fight terrorism: US

November 08, 2001
Pakistan braces for Friday strikes by religious parties
`Laden has less than $50 million'
Ban US statements too: Taleban to Pakistan
Pakistan orders Taleban consulate to close
France pledges debt support for 'courageous' Pakistan
Taleban will not hand over Osama: Zaeef
War against terror not contingent on mideast peace: Bush
US-Pakistan ties not at India's cost: Blackwill
Prime Minister Vajpayee arrives in Washington
Pakistani politician to cage himself over US strikes

November 07, 2001
NA within striking distance of Mazar-e-Sharif
Bush's bin Laden link thwarted FBI probe: Report
Halt war during Ramzan, Musharraf to tell Bush
UN concerned about India-Pakistan hostility
Ground action must supplement bombing: Vajpayee
US to give Pakistan $73 million for border security
Strikes intensify; more US troops on ground: Rumsfeld
Putin offers help to rescue US soldiers in Afghanistan
France ready to send special forces to Afghanistan

November 06, 2001
India, Russia for pursuing campaign against terror to its logical end
Russia wants India to be in 6 + 2 group on Afghanistan
Pakistan muffles Taleban's only voice
Taleban down US chopper: Report
PM to discuss post-war Afghan scenario with Bush
New York consulate staff test negative for anthrax
US flirted with the Taleban for years: Washington Post
Taleban, UN agency in war of words

November 05, 2001
FBI arrests Nepalese man for carrying weapons at O'Hare
Saudi Arabia fears upheaval at Mecca if US strikes continue
Fundamentalists won't get their hands on Pak nukes: Rumsfeld
US prepared for post-Musharraf scenario
Pak registers sedition case against Jamaat-e-Islami leader
Religious terrorism is the new danger: PM
95 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Taleban
Taleban hands over US commando's body

November 04, 2001
US jets carpet bomb Taleban frontlines
Omar in total control: Taleban minister
US snubs Musharraf, rejects request to halt bombing

November 03, 2001
Muslims in J&K being persecuted: Osama
Taleban suffer first defeat, lose key district
French journalist freed by Taleban, arrives in Pakistan
Borders to remain shut for refugees: Musharraf
US formally bans Lashkar, Jaish
India welcomes US ban on Lashkar, Jaish
UK mulls freezing assets of more terror groups
US to beef up forces; Rumsfeld heads to forces
US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan; crew safe
Noose around Osama tightening: US
US jets keep up attacks on Kabul
Osama bin Laden spotted in Kandahar: Report
Taleban hang 3 supporters of Hamid Karzai: Report

November 02, 2001
US jets resume raids on Kabul
Washington Post building evacuated following bomb threat
Brand Laskhar, Jaish terrorist groups: Ashcroft
Anthrax mailed to Pakistan's Jang group
US troops ready to enter Afghanistan: Rumsfeld
Bush-Vajpayee meet part of coalition consultation: US
Pak launches manhunt for Sept 11 attacks suspect
Egos hamper efforts for alternative to Taleban

November 01, 2001
US jet shot down, says Taleban
No point in holding talks with Taleban: UN envoy
US aid not enough: Pakistan
Pakistan sending military supplies to Taleban: US officials
Pak says fears of nukes falling in extremist' hands imaginary
Rumsfeld to arrive in India on November 5
Terrorists may target nuclear facilities: IAEA
Afghanistan's biggest dam hit in US strikes
Religious parties defy Musharraf's ban on rallies
FBI probing Atta's visit to Pakistan
EU to ship arms to anti-Taleban forces
Military campaign to continue through winter: Prescott
Pak military camp in Baluchistan attacked
130,000 refugees flee into Pakistan: UNHCR
US warns Taleban of more carpet bombings
CIA deny contact with Osama bin Laden
Day 26 developments

October 31, 2001

As Washington warned India and Pakistan to cool off along the border, 61-year-old Kathy Nguyen who worked in a supply room at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital died of inhalation anthrax in New York. As a senior Saudi prince expressed fears that Pakistan president pervez Musharraf may be toppled, Islamabad banned the use of PA systems for jihad call.
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October 30, 2001

As the bombing continued in Afghanistan, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cautioned against expecting quick results in the war against terrorism. In Washington, United States President George Bush announced that he would meet his Pakistani counterpart Gen Pervez Musharraf in New York on November 10. Meanwhile, anthrax jitters gripped the Indian consulate in New York when its mailroom received an envelope containing white powder prompting the authorities to seal the room.
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October 29, 2001

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in an interview that the US was not averse to using nuclear weapons if necessary to eliminate Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network. The comment sent alarm bells ringing in the Islamic world, especially in Pakistan. Taleban ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salaam Zaeef told reporters that an unspecified number of Americans had been arrested inside Afghanistan, a claim which could not be confirmed independently. American ambassador to India Robert Blackwill reiterated that the September 11 incidents had brought New Delhi and Washington closer to each other.
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October 28, 2001

18 Christians were massacred in the worst-ever attack on the nations community, when six men on three motorcycles forced their way into the St Dominic church at Bahawalpur and opened fire indiscriminately. And the Qatari television news channel Al Jazeera broadcast pictures of severed limbs among the ruins of houses in Kabul which were bombed by the US.
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October 27, 2001

Hours after the Pentagon admitted to mistakenly bombing the International Committee of Red Cross warehouses near Kabul, the United Nations said US bombs had hit one of their mine clearing facilities, killing two mine-sniffing dogs and destroying vehicles. The Northern Alliance suffered another setback when the Taleban hanged five opposition commanders. In the US, there appeared to be no let up to the anthrax scare, with the Supreme Court being closed, for the first time in 66 years, following the presence of the bacteria in the rooms of three prominent lawmakers.
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October 26, 2001

In a major blow to efforts at building an anti-Taleban coalition, the militia captured and executed a prominent resistance commander Abdul Haq, and two of his associates for trying to organise an uprising against them. US Secretary of State Colin Powell described India as a natural ally of the US and almost immediately Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf challenged US President George W Bush's forecast of a long war by calling for an early end to US strikes. Bush inked the anti-terrorism bill, which has several stringent measures relating to the information-gathering network of law enforcement agencies, and their electronic surveillance powers.
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October 25, 2001

Pakistani authorities took two top nuclear scientist into custody to probe their links with the Taleban, amidst fears that the Islamic militia might have access to radioactive material. In Karachi, more than 2000 mourners attended the funeral of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen commander Farooq, who was killed in a US raid on Kabul. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admits catching Osama might not be as easy as thought earlier. In the US, the anthrax scare hit hyperbolic levels with close to 10,000 Americans taking precautionary medicines to ward off the deadly bacteria.
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October 24, 2001

A US firm in Pakistan received an anthrax laced letter, making it the first case of bio-terrorism on any US facility outside the American soil. Opposition forces held a meeting in Peshawar, Pakistan, and agreed to back former Afghan king Zahir Shah to head the interim government in Afghanistan. The UN confirmed Taleban claims that US bombs had hit a village and a mosque.
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October 23, 2001

22 militants belonging to the Pakistan based Harkat-ul-Mujahideen were killed in US raids on Kabul. The US also attacked frontline Taleban positions, north of Kabul, apparently paving the way for the entry of Northern Alliance forces into the Afghan capital.The Taleban claimed that the US bombs had hit a mosque in Heart, killing scores.In US, Washington Mayor Anthony Williams confirmed that two postal workers died due to inhalation anthrax. China denied reports that it had paid Osama bin Laden millions of dollars to acquire two unexploded US cruise missiles, used in the 1998 attack on the renegade's hideouts.
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October 22, 2001

Nearly a 1,000 desperate Afghan refugees gatecrashed into Pakistan as the Taleban claimed that fresh US raids targeted a civilian hospital killing close to 100 persons. As President Musharraf demanded that the US end its air strikes before Ramadan, Washington said concerns over Pakistan's nuclear programme and the lack of democracy remained, despite the country's cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Musharraf also issued a warning to India not to try any 'military adventurism' against Pakistan. And following a complaint by a telecharge operator, the New York police department manhandled an Indian on suspicions of being a terrorist.
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October 21, 2001

The United States flew in nearly 2000 crack commandos to Pakistan, while President George W Bush asked the Central Intelligence Agency to go all out in its covert operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden. Taleban leader Mullah Omar's son was said to have been killed in a US air raid. And a report claimed that the United Nations had inadvertently donated over $1 million in charity to the Muwafaq Foundation, a Sudan-based front organisation of Osama bin Laden.
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October 20, 2001

The United States launched its first major ground operations in Afghanistan with at least 100 Army Rangers targeting an airbase on the outskirts of the Taleban stronghold, Kandahar. And while the taleban claimed to have downed a US helicopter killing two soldiers, the US said it was an accident. A New Jersey postal worker tested postive to anthrax, bringing the number of those affected to eight.
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October 19, 2001

US President George Bush rejected calls to halt the airstrikes to enable aid to reach Afghanistan. And as the offensive against the Taleban sparked off more fears of anthrax or other attacks, India promised $ 1 million worth of anthrax antidote to America. A geologist who specialized on Afghanistan said the background of a video address by Osama was unique to the Katawaz basin in south eastern Afghanistan, indicating that he could be hiding in the caves there. US efforts to compile a database of foreign students were speeded up.
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October 18, 2001

The war against terror seemed to be fast turning out to be a war against anthrax, with a CBS woman employee testing positive this time. Saudi Arabia warned its citizens against supporting Osama, as the Taleban said the question of handing over the world's most wanted man did not arise. Pakistan's President President Musharraf's joy over massive US and British aid packages was tempered by the fundamentalists in his country openly defying his diktat and threatening further anti-US rallies.
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October 17, 2001

As the bombing continued in Afghanistan, 31 Capitol Hill staff members reportedly tested positive for anthrax exposure. Amidst reports that US special forces had been deployed on the ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf charged Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Maulana Fazal-ur Rehman with sedition for inciting violent anti-US protests. India and the US signed a mutual legal assistance pact while US Secretary of State Colin Powell assured New Delhi India that the global fight against terrorism will also target terror directed towards India.
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October 16, 2001

A stray American bomb hit the International Committee of Red Cross compound in Kabul destroying two warehouses and injuring one worker. The opposition Northern Alliance claimed its forces were just six kilometres from the strategic town of Mazar-e-Sharif, as US secretary of state Colin Powell arrived in India and declared that terrorism had to stop in Kashmir. A 7-month-old was found infected with anthrax in the US, AND reports that the Al Qaeda may have nuclear weapons sparked worldwide consternation.
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October 15, 2001

President Bush reveals that Senate majority leader Tom Daschle had received and opened a letter laced with anthrax, sending FBI sleuths into a frenzy. US Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived in Pakistan, while Indian artillery shelled and destroyed 12 Pakistan border posts said to be gateways of infiltration of cross-border militants. And a red-faced CIA had a tough time explaining how it apparently let Mullah Omar slip away during the first day of attacks.
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October 14, 2001

Amidst reports that the Taleban leadership was 'crumbling,' US President George Bush rejected an offer by the Islamic militia to negotiate. And protests against the US strikes spread to Nigeria, where over 200 protestors were reported killed. Two deaths were also reported from Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Taleban appeared to be strengthening its ground forces by inducting 'Islamic warriors', said to include Arab and Sudanese mercenaries.
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October 13, 2001

The Al Qaeda warned America and Britain to leave Arab lands, as Washington admitted hitting civilian targets in Kabul. In Bangladesh, 15 people were killed when a bus ploughed through a procession against the US strikes in Afghanistan. And as Pakistan asked the US to reconsider the ban on several militant outfits, saying more investigations were necessary, the Lashkar-e-Tayeba declared a jihad against the US.
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October 12, 2001

Police fired tear gas at anti-US protestors in Hyderabad, while similar protests paralysed the Kashmir valley and neighbouring Pakistan. India rejected US assertion about Kashmir being world's most dangerous place, as US Secretary of State Colin Powell asked Islamabad to deny facilities to terrorists. And as the bombing continued in Afghanistan, US President George Bush and the FBI warned of more possible terror strikes.
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October 11, 2001

The US, UN and the world Bank pledged massive aid to Islamabad as a reward for joining the war against terrorism, even as thousands of Pakistanis started slipping into Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taleban. And as US jets continued to pound Afghanistan, a US sergeant accidentally crushed between two vehicles became the first American casualty of the strike. The third case of anthrax was reported from Florida, and New Delhi readied itself for the possibility of bio-chemical attacks.
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October 10, 2001

Osama bin Laden warned of attacks on American interests anywhere, and the anthrax scare spread to Montreal, with a letter suspected to contain the deadly spores being examined by the authorities. Both Musharraf and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were put on terrorist hit lists, as the Taleban said that the "satanic aid" being dropped by the US was being burnt. The OIC conde mned the continuing attacks on Afghanistan.
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October 09, 2001

As the US air raids continued, a spokesman for Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda praised the attackers who brought down the World Trade Center in New York. Four UN workers were killed in the strikes on Kabul, forcing it to stop all aid convoys headed for Afghanistan. In Pakistan, three senior hardline clerics were arrested as part of President Musharraf's crackdown on fundamentalists.
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October 08, 2001

In their first contact since the Agra summit, President Musharraf called Prime Minister Vajpayee and requested him not to heighten tensions in the region. Vajpayee replied that India had done nothing to add to the tension, whereas Pakistan was yet to take action against the perpetrators of violence in Kashmir. After removing some hardline officers, including the ISI chief, Gen Musharraf deployed the army in all major cities to quell violent protests over the second day of airstrikes on Afghanistan. The Taleban freed detained British journalist Yvonne Ridley, but warned the US of 'severe repercussions.' A Florida resident died of anthrax poisoning, while a colleague was admitted to hospital.
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October 07, 2001

The US finally launched airstrikes on Afghanistan amidst protests from radical groups in Pakistan. Hours before the strikes, President George W Bush telephoned Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and informed him that Washington had decided to ban the Jaish-e-Muhammad. The Taleban's offer to try Osama bin Laden in a Islamic court was summarily rejected by Washington.
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The Attack on US Cities

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