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Indo-Pak Peace Talks

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May 9, 2003

Make travel across LoC easy: Mufti
Pak delegation should meet Kashmiri Pandits: Farooq
Musharraf's low profile gives rise to questions
India cannot rush into talks: Fernandes
Armitage arrives in Delhi
'Big brother India must give, not take'
Pakistan unhappy at Indian response
No change in stand on Kashmir: Jamali
Pakistan accepts Menon as India's new high commissioner
Pakistan must dismantle terrorism infrastructure: Advani
Indian, Pakistani MPs for isolation of fundamentalists

May 8, 2003

PM rules out Indo-Pak pact
Pakistani delegation reaches Delhi
Take up our cause: Pandits to US
India to play down Armitage's visit
Chenab row: Pak wants mediation
Armitage to meet Sonia tomorrow
PM rejects Pak's de-nuclearisation proposal
Camps in PoK will be dismantled: Armitage
Aziz Ahmad Khan in running for Pak envoy's post in New Delhi
Hawks will fall in line: Abdullah
Delegation of Pakistani MPs enter India through Wagah border
Shiv Shankar Menon's name for envoy to Pakistan

May 7, 2003

Armitage arrives in Pakistan
Pakistan suggests timeframe for talks
Musharraf, Jamali review Pak's nuclear programme
Measures by Pak inadequate: India
PM's response to Jamali's offers tomorrow
No roadmap for peace: Armitage
Indo-Pak trade relies on peace to prosper
Peace moves set to boost India, Pakistan economies

May 6, 2003

Rail, air, bus links to be restored soon: Jamali
No immediate chance of meeting Vajpayee: Jamali
Pakistan opposition backs Jamali
'Wrong time for J&K peace initiative'
Thaw in Indo-Pak ties rekindles hope
I can converse with Advani in Sindhi: Jamali
Armitage meets Brajesh in London
Armitage met ISI chief in US

May 5, 2003

Powell happy with thaw in Indo-Pak ties
Pakistan backs India's stand
Steps for peace by Pakistan soon: Kasuri
DTC buses to Lahore get a fresh coat of paint
Positive response from Vajpayee: Pak
No-war pact if J&K issue is solved: Musharraf

May 3, 2003

Summit can wait, PM to Jamali
Vajpayee gives go ahead for visit by Pak lawmakers
Jamali invites Vajpayee to visit Pakistan
Pak decides not to raise Kashmir in UNSC
Pak agrees to discuss trade before Kashmir

May 2, 2003

Hurriyat, UK welcome PM's initiative
US denies any roadmap for Kashmir issue
India, Pakistan to re-establish full diplomatic ties

April 30, 2003

Islamic extremists harming Pakistan: Musharraf
Pakistan may open airspace to Indian flights
Thaw in Indo-Pak ties may revive SAARC
India treads cautiously on talks with Pakistan
Pakistan promises to go extra mile

April 29, 2003

Govt clarifies on Pak invitation
Infiltration from Pak continuing: Army
Pak to reduce tensions if PM pays visit
Pakistan should end terror: BJP
ISI establishes Sikh training camps in Muscat, Iran: Govt
No lowering guard on LoC: Fernandes
Pak must prove its sincerity: J&K minister
Pakistan to crack down on terrorists
Blackwill acted as India's spokesman: Pakistan

April 28, 2003

Pak PM invites Vajpayee for talks
India rejects Pak proposal for observers along LoC
No conditions for talks: Pak

April 27, 2003

Dr Abdullah in efforts to help solve J&K problem

April 26, 2003

Help restructure Pakistan, India to US
Pak govt-oppn talks inconclusive
Powell speaks to Musharraf on J&K violence

April 24, 2003

Pakistan ready to talk: Musharraf
US pressure on India will increase: Analyst
Armitage to visit South Asia, try to ease Indo-Pak

April 23, 2003

Musharraf welcomes Vajpayee's offer of friendship

April 22, 2003

Pak ready to name senior official to set talks agenda
Musharraf supports Jamali's response to Vajpayee's talks offer

April 21, 2003

We are ready for talks: Pakistan

April 19, 2003

Past failures should not hinder India and Pak dialogue: PM

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