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July 31

Rockaway drowning case: One more body found
Police divers found Jubeda's body on Saturday floating one mile from Rockaway Beach in Queens, where she, her sister Shajeda and cousin Rahela Begum were swept away into the Atlantic by a strong riptide last Monday.

Hollywood's Would-be Phoolans
Actress Persis Khambatta and model Susie Coelho Bono wanted to make films on Phoolan soon after the bandit queen surrendered. But Hollywood felt that the subject wouldn't interest mainstream audiences

Top Pakistani defence official shot dead
Syed Zafar Hussain, director of the research department in the defence ministry, was getting into his car to leave for work when he was gunned down in the Nazimabad area of Karachi.

SA to host Miss India Worldwide
The reigning Miss India Worldwide, Ritu Upadhyay of New York, said this followed lengthy negotiations between the founder of the event, Dharmatma Saran of the US, and the chairman of the South African version of the pageant, Farook Khan.

Rocca to meet Taleban envoy in Pakistan
The US assistant secretary of state for south Asia will convey to Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef Washington's concern over the continued presence in Afghanistan of Saudi renegade Osama bin Laden.

Court stops NRI brothers' remarriage
A Chandigarh court has stepped in following allegations that the Chicago-based family tortured the elder brother's first wife for dowry.

Heading West, young woman?
In which Vijaysree Venkatraman presents us a slice of life on American campus.

'God's biggest blessing if Enron pulls out'
The state was not in a position to absorb power from phase II of the project and there was an urgent need for the Centre to intervene in the matter, says Maharashtra's energy minister Padamsinh Patil

CBI probing GIC-Cyberspace 'Link'
the Central Bureau of Investigation has now unearthed a possible nexus between the General Insurance Corporation and the Johari brothers, currently behind bars.

Ganguly comes under fire
Former India spinner Maninder Singh says Rahul Dravid should be made captain so that Ganguly can concentrate on his batting flaws.

'Fixing' claims almost forced Warne to quit
The leg-spinner says he told skipper Steve Waugh he was considering retirement after the '99 World Cup final against Pakistan.

Bring back Hansie... as an example
The disgraced former South Africa captain, says Daniel Laidlaw, could be used as a graphic figurehead to ram home the message that corruption is ruinous.

Kournikova back in the limelight
And she does this without even hitting a single tennis ball.

Of blank cartridges and scholarships
A hockey academy set up by star players Dhanraj Pillay and Ashish Balal is scouting for used electronic printer cartridges to raise funds for its prospective students

In the UK, Hanuman is an ape!
Lagaan   subtitles have Indians up in arms.

Whose movie has muscle?
Deepa Gahlot says it's the survival of the fittest here.

Eminently watchable
Despite the fact that Dost is a remake of Double Jeopardy

Mix n' match mish-mash!
Ajnabee is musically mundane..

Telugu film taken off following Muslim protests
The screening of Sampangi has been suspended in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh following protests from Muslim organisations that it belittled the holy Quran.

July 30

Neelam Verma is Miss India-Canada
Neelam has a business degree from Toronto's York University and was working with an investment firm as a strategic marketer till she decided to quit her job to travel the world for one year.

'I could see the missile fired on my plane'
On the night of July 23, an Air-India Airbus 310, on its way to Bombay from Nairobi, was cruising at 33,000 feet when Captain C M Edekar spotted the missile hurtling towards his aircraft.

Radio host apologises to Hindus
Tony Brown, in his talk show on WLS 890 AM, said Hitler had borrowed the Swastika from Hinduism.

July 29

Radio host apologises to Hindus
Tony Brown, in his talk show on WLS 890 AM, said Hitler had borrowed the Swastika from Hinduism.

US, Canada plan to dismantle border
As the Canadian dollar slowly becomes obsolete, government officials on both sides consider the border between the two countries also 'obsolete'. If at all, it will remain in symbolic terms.

India's last-minute entry saves whaling ban
The Indian vote proved crucial in blocking Iceland's re-entry into the whaling commission. Iceland had sought membership together with a right to kill whales.

S African-Indian who killed brother set free
Mansook Valjee, who admitted to killing his brother, was set free by the court just over two hours after the trial started after he claimed that it was done in self defence.

Sydney temple disallowed public worship
The Campbelltown council decided against allowing conversion of this massive "private" shrine for public worship.

Mittal acquires Romania's largest steel plant
Under the agreement reached after four months of intense negotiations, LNM Holdings, a member of Mittal-owned LNM Group, will acquire the entire 90 percent stake of the Romanian government in SIDEX for a cash payment.

US-64 redemptions may touch Rs 60 bn
According to government sources, the Trust in its internal assessment has estimated that the total redemptions of US-64 can at most be 47 percent of its unit capital of Rs 127.78 billion.

India pull one back
Laxman plays a stellar innings to give India their first win in the triseries.

Cricket's top ten performers
Bradman and Lara top Wisden's batting list, Kumble 2nd best bowler.

India qualify for World Cup hockey
India finally qualified for the 2002 hockey World Cup defeating Canada 2-1 at the Peffermil stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Saturday.

Gopi upset in semi-finals
A disappointed Gopichand admitted he found it difficult to adjust to the new system.

'He had the luck of a king'
Manorama remembers Sivaji Ganesan.

Bandit Queen runs to packed houses again
Murder gives a fresh lease of life to all things Phoolan.

'I like to play heroes loved by all'
Sivaji Ganesan wanted to appeal to the common man.

July 28

'Pakistan thought the Indian Army's back was broken'
'I consider Kashmir to be more of a military agenda in Pakistan. It was obvious to us that the Pakistan military had initiated Kargil before the Lahore talks. The question is whether they took political clearance or not.' General Ved Prakash Malik, in the second part of an exclusive interview.

Missing woman found at San Francisco airport
Sangeeta Padmanabham, 32, was last seen walking outside her north San Jose home at about 1100 hours on July 1.

No place for militancy in Kashmir: Bush
State Department officials pointed out that this portion of the president's speech to US troops in Kosovo was ignored by the media, which latched on his remarks about wanting 'freedom' for Kashmir and Kosovo.

Robert Blackwill arrives in New Delhi
The US ambassador-designate to India and a 'trusted friend' of President George W Bush arrived in New Delhi early on Friday with his wife Wera Hildebrand to take up his assignment

AP angry with global consultants' failure
The Andhra Pradesh govt has asked Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, AF Ferguson, Mega Ace and Alpic Finance to explain their failure or pack up.

Wipro chief's 10-point recipe for success
`You should dare to dream, define what you stand for and never lose your zest and curiosity,' Azim Premji said while delivering the 38th convocation address at the IIT, Madras.

AES to quit Cesco, submits letter to Orissa
According to official sources, the Union energy ministry has convened a meeting of AES and Orissa government officials at New Delhi on July 30 for the resolution of the Cesco dispute.

'Acting with him was never an effort'
K R Vijaya remembers Sivaji Ganesan

'Sivaji and I were considered lucky'
Asserts Gemini Ganesan.

'Sivaji will never be out of our mind'
More condolence messages on Sivaji Ganesan's death.

Zaheer, Laxman doubtful, Ganguly suspended
Vice-captain Rahul Dravid will lead the Indian team on Saturday. Ganguly was earlier banned for a game against Australia in Cochin in 1998 and a one-day game against Zimbabwe at Rajkot last year.

Cricket's top ten performers
Bradman and Lara top Wisden's batting list, Kumble 2nd best bowler.

Columbia end Honduran dream
The hosts will now meet Mexico in Bogota for the final.

July 27

Racist cartoon angers Winnipeg minorities
But Winnipeg Sun editor Lyn Cockbun has refused to apologise. By publishing the cartoon along with articles highly critical of preferential treatment being given to visible minorities, she said the newspaper has initiated a debate on the subject.

Jersey club changes 'no hats' rule
15-year-old Sarab Thapar was denied entry into the Groove Lounge in Lyndhurst because he refused to take off his patka. But following a legal notice, the club now says its 'no hats' policy will not apply to members of a religious faith

Bush talks of 'freedom' for Kashmir
Days after US Secretary of State Colin Powell offered Washington's good offices to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio, President George W Bush himself has spoken of the US pursuing tolerance and freedom in several contentious areas of the world, including Kashmir.

'Bush remarks don't reflect change in stand' India on Thursday said US President George W Bush's comments on promoting freedom and tolerance "from Kosovo to Kashmir" did not reflect a change in Washington's declared position of not mediating in the Kashmir issue.

'US linking sanctions to Indo-Pak talks'
The US doublespeak on the lifting of the sanctions against India has convinced the Vajpayee government that Washington is utilising it as a leverage on Kashmir, a top official of the ministry of external affairs indicated on Thursday.

Indo-Pak Summit: Complete Coverage

Terror-struck British tourists return home
The foreign office has now advised visitors to postpone trips to Sri Lanka

'India, China need astute handling'
"India, which demographically and technologically is the dominant power in South Asia, has long attempted to reduce US and other western influence in the region," says the Pentagon's 2001 Quadrennial Defence Review.

'PM does not know the Joharis personally'
The Prime Minister's Office has clarified that the prime minister does not personally know the Johari brothers, who have been charged with duping hundreds of gullible investors.

'Ghai breathes movies'
Septuagenarian script consultant Ram Kelkar on Yaadein.

'Pay hafta or die!'
Bookies face slim pickings for Yaadein.

'I have lost my brother'
S Balaji remembers Sivaji Ganesan.

July 26

Phoolan's Supporters Bring Mirzapur to a Standstill
Thousands of Phoolan Devi's supporters came out in the streets in Mirzapur, her Lok Sabha constituency, on hearing of her assassination on Wednesday afternoon. They blocked roads and damaged vehicles, as they went around asking shopkeepers to down shutters.

I felt it's me, says Seema Biswas
The actress who essayed the title role in Shekhar Kapur's critically acclaimed Bandit Queen reminisces about meeting the person she portrayed on screen
The Phoolan Devi Murder: Complete Coverage

Raid on Ottawa prayer room upsets Muslims
The Ottawa police and immigration authorities are investigating the conduct of some police officers who allegedly raided a Muslim prayer room in the capital and threw a copy of the Koran on the floor.

Funeral end to a family holiday
Over 1,000 mourners gathered for the funeral of Rahela Begum, 13, who was swept out to sea along with two cousins by a riptide while they were playing on the beach.

South Africa gets a real taste of India
'We learnt that we never put enough garlic, onions and coriander into our curries, and sometimes not enough chilli...' said Gordon Fraser, who heads the team at the Gallagher Estate kitchens.

$ 10 Mn for South Asia disasters
The US fund will help South Asian nations such as India and Bangladesh prepare for various natural disasters.

LTTE's airport attack toll 20
As the death toll mounts, Sri Lankan Airlines said three of its Airbuses were completely destroyed, and three severely damaged.

Special powers possible for J&K: Advani
The home minister said Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India and there can no compromise on it.

'Free Kashmir will spark war, not peace'
The prime minister of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir believes that plebiscite will solve all problems in the valley.

July 25

Indo-Canadian lobbies for PM's post
Herb Dhaliwal, minister for fisheries and oceans, has started learning French and building his own constituency, and is said to be quietly promoting himself as the prime ministerial candidate from the alienated western parts of Canada.

Man held for plot to kill wife
Harpal Ahluwalia paid David Leal, 28, an undisclosed amount of money to serve as the middleman and find someone to kill his wife and her brother, police said .

Good deed gets rewarded with death
Rupinder Singh, 26, offered a lift to a group of people stranded at a gas station. In thanks, he was shot dead in a park

Resolve Dabhol dispute reasonably: Rocca
The US assistant secretary of state said the ongoing dispute has cast a dark cloud over India's entire investment climate.

Daftary among top 5 mutual fund managers
He manages the Quaker Aggressive Growth Fund, that skirted losses and maintained value for investors by not getting carried away by the dot-com tidal wave.

JP3 lizards feast on BO!
The haul is $ 81 million and still counting.

July 24

India favours structured talks with Pak
Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh said the resumption of dialogue with Islamabad should be not construed as New Delhi's weakness.

No formal invite to Vajpayee yet: Sattar
Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said the draft of the invitation letter was ready and awaiting the approval and signature of President Pervez Musharraf.

How Musharraf outwitted India
'The events since 1999 have shown that, instead of getting out of the Pakistan trap, India is intent on getting deeper into the Pakistan trap. The Pakistan trap has slowed, if not obstructed, India's rise as a global power,' says Brahma Chellaney.

Rocca holds talks with Jaswant Singh
"I am here to talk about bilateral relations and to introduce myself to my colleagues in the Indian government. I am looking forward to a good, strong relationship in the future," said the US assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs.

Hinduism a part of US religious landscape
'Members of the world's religions live not just on the other side of the world but in our neighborhoods,' says Harvard University professor Diana Eck in her new book.

No armed bodyguards for CHOGM
Despite threats from anti-globalisation protesters, Australia insists that no leader will be allowed to have armed bodyguards at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Brisbane in October.

'A new way to examine the heart'
Dr. Navin C. Nanda, professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said this involved looking at the "heart from top to bottom."

UK racist group plans nationwide rallies
the right-wing National Front has applied for permission to hold marches throughout the UK, sparking fears of the racial violence spreading further.

Bangalore scientists set up biotech firm
Metahelix Life Sciences has been set up by five eminent scientists with a seed capital of Rs 65 million from angel investor N S Raghavan.

Amul says cheese, enters pizza market
If the response they have generated in Ahmedabad and now New Delhi is any indication then Amul's pizzas are set to take Indian cities by storm.

Fardeen: the new Provogue man
Pepsi wooing the star, too? .

'We lost a game we should have won'
India captain Sourav Ganguly said the six-run defeat to Sri Lanka on Sunday was inexcusable.

'I was bowled over by a shuttlecock'
Dona Ganguly says it was badminton and not cricket that got her attracted to husband Sourav.

Dropped catches lose matches
Catching disparity, says Daniel Laidlaw, was the most notable difference between Australia and England in the second Test.

Indonesian Open: Gopi seeded No. 2
Two other Indians, Chetan Anand and Abhinn Shyam Gupta got a direct entry into the main draw of the men's singles.

July 23

Sangams  to unite Hindus in America
The sangam (congregation) campaign, which began in Toronto last weekend and is continuing in Houston and New York over the next two, aims to bring about a massive Hindu reawakening and renaissance abroad.

July 22

UK exporting arms to 'unstable' regions
The British government faces questions over the sale of arms to Nepal, Sri Lanka and several other countries which have "repressive regimes" and are areas of conflict and instability.

Granthi of Toronto gurdwara suffers severe burn injuries
Police said the blaze started when seven people inside the building were preparing for the morning kirtan.

Maran sneaks into US for talks
The commerce minister made a stealthy visit to Washington on Friday for a meeting with US Trade Representative Robert B Zoellick, then slipped away without meeting the media.

Indian to Head Stanford Children's Hospital
Vadiyala Mohan Reddy, one of the pre-eminent paediatric cardiac surgeons in the world, will be the division chief for heart surgical services at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University.

IIT alumni's hand in Intel chip
Rajiv Gupta is a whiz kid with Hewlett Packard, co-developer of the chip.

Bhutia unlikely for England tour
His club, Bury, is reluctant to release him since its pre-season games clashed with the Indian matches.