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Are you proud to be an Indian?

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February 05, 2007 17:48 IST

A survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation has revealed that 71 per cent of Indians are proud of their country.

The survey, which was aimed at finding out exactly how Indians view their own country, found that nearly as many 65 per cent think it is important that India is an economic superpower; 60 per cent think it is important India should be a political power and the same number believe it should be a military superpower.

The BBC survey concentrated on asking more than 1,500 Indians a series of questions focusing on social and political issues. It found that Indians overall, seven in 10 exhibited a positive sense of identity by agreeing to the statement, "I am proud to be an Indian."

About 55 per cent majority said the justice system treats poor people as fairly as rich people; 52 per cent said being a woman is no barrier to success and just under half of all Indians 48 per cent declared they would rather work for a private company than for the government.

What do you think about the survey? Are you proud to be an Indian? Tell us.