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Is the government soft on terror? Tell us

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March 07, 2006 23:12 IST

When three bomb blasts rocked the holy town of Varanasi on Tuesday evening, it was the fourth terrorist attack on Indian soil in the past eight months.

First, it was Ayodhya on July 5, 2005. Six heavily armed militants stormed the high-security makeshift Ram temple in Ayodhya. Fortunately, alert security personnel thwarted their efforts.

On October 29, terrorists struck in the capital on the eve of Diwali, triggering three explosions in two markets and a bus killing 55 people and injuring overĀ 155 others, including some foreigners.

Just as the country was recovering from the shock, terrorists struck again.

This time, it was a soft target -- the prestigious Indian Institute of Science.

A professor was killed as unidentified gunmen opened indiscriminate fire in the campus of Bangalore's Indian Institute of Science.

The main opposition party pinned the attacks directly to the soft policies of the United Progressive Alliance government.

What do you think? Is our government soft on terror? Are its policies toothless to tackle terror? In effect, do we, as a country, come across as a soft target to terrorism? Tell us.