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Rahul Mahajan: Will the truth emerge?

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June 05, 2006 13:45 IST

Did he take drugs or didn't he?

Was there a champagne and cocaine party at 7, Safdarjung Road, on the night of June 1-2 or wasn't there?

Was it just a party gone awry or was it part of a larger conspiracy?

As Rahul Mahajan, the late Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan's only son, recovers from the traumatic events at New Delhi's Apollo Hospital, what happened on the night of June 1-2 continues to remain murky and seems to be getting more sordid, with revelations and counter-revelations dogging the case.

Early on Friday morning, Rahul was brought to the Apollo Hospital in an unconscious condition and immediately admitted to the intensive care unit. Meanwhile, Bibek Moitra, a trusted aide of the Mahajan family, was pronounced dead on arrival. The two men had apparently been drinking champagne with four other men. One of them, Sahil Zaroo, is now being investigated and has, the Delhi police claim, admitted that he supplied them with drugs.

However, Apollo Hospital first said there was no trace of cocaine in Rahul's blood. But another laboratory found traces of a cocktail of drugs, including cocaine, in both his blood and urine samples.

Given the powerful forces at play here, do you think the truth about what happened on the eventful night will ever come out?

And if it turns out that drugs were indeed used, do you think justice will be pursued in a case that clearly involves people with awesome political connections? Will Rahul Mahajan go scot-free? Will Sahil Zaroo become the fall guy in the case?

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