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India, Pak still need to address many issues: US

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November 02, 2005 10:43 IST

Observing that leaders of both India and Pakistan have been working in consultation and cooperation to carry forward their dialogue, the United States has emphasised that they still need to address a lot more, including cracking down on terrorism.

"In terms of the border issues and relations with neighbouring countries, we encourage dialogue between India and Pakistan. We encourage them to have an ongoing dialogue and to work in consultation and cooperation, and I think that's what both leaders have been committed to doing recently," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters in Washington.

However, "there is certainly a lot to still to be addressed, and everybody has a responsibility to do their part to crack down on terrorism. And we can all do more in that regard," he said when asked about the serial blasts in Delhi as also the ongoing Indo-Pak relations.

He described last week's bomb blasts in Delhi as "heinous".

"I spoke out over the weekend about the terrorist attacks that took place in New Delhi. They are heinous terrorist attacks and our thoughts are with the families of the victims. There are a number of people that were killed, there are a number of people that were wounded in those attacks," he said.

"And we always stand committed to doing everything we can to help bring people to justice for carrying out such attacks", he added. 

On the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and if there was a possibility that Pakistan's ISI might be trying to sneak him into Kashmir from the earthquake affected areas, the White House spokesman said, "He's someone that we continue to pursue and to bring to justice for the crimes against humanity that he has committed, and the crimes he has committed against the American people."

"We have brought to justice in one way or another some three-quarters of the more senior Al Qaeda leadership and associates, and we continue to pursue individuals," McClellan said adding, the United States has made "great progress" in disrupting and dismantling the Al Qaeda machine.

"But there is much that remains to be done. We remain engaged in a ideological struggle with radical Islamists who seek to spread their hateful ideology throughout the broader Middle East. And we will prevail in this war on terrorism.

"We're working closely with many nations in that, but we continue to pursue those individuals and they will be brought to justice for the terrorist attacks that they are responsible for and the killing of thousands of innocent civilians," he added.

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