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'The people made me the scapegoat'
'Out of the five years the Congress ruled Karnataka, there was drought for three years! We handled it as best as we could. But the people are naturally angry about all the hardship they endured,' S M Krishna tells M D Riti


'It's hypocrisy to call me an outsider'

'The fact is I am not an outsider, because I have been coming and going here for many years now,' says the BJP candidate in Pondicherry, Lalitha Kumaramangalam

'It is my prime duty to oppose the BJP'
'It was after a lot of deliberation that I took the decision to come out of the NDA. Now, I have taken a decision not to go with the BJP at any cost. I am opposed to the Hindutva forces.' Vaiko unplugged

'I am a soldier of Prime Minister Vajpayee'
Navjot Singh Sidhu, the BJP's candidate for Amritsar, says he was confident of winning the day he landed in the city

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'It is going to be tremendous political drama'

'The presiding officers were punching votes'

'I can't help it if god has made me pretty'

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