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- Prem Panicker
- Ivan Crasto
- Faisal Shariff

India on tour of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe tour averages
Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan respectively topped the Indian batting and bowling averages.

Windies smash India in ODI final
Dighe's end-overs heroics went in vain after a top-order collapse led to India to defeat.
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India maintain unbeaten run
Sachin Tendulkar got a century in a six-wicket win over the Windies.
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Windies put Zimbabwe out of triseries
Two teams, both desperate to win, produced a cliffhanger with the Windies -- just barely -- edging past the post ahead of the host country.
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New look India beat Windies
India gave its reserves an outing -- and Mohanty and Harvinder did the team proud with a bowling performance that set up a fluent win
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Ganguly, Dravid steer India to win
Grant Flower's late heroics fail to clinch victory for Zimbabwe. The match report.

Ganguly, Dravid steer India to win
Grant Flower's late heroics fail to clinch victory for Zimbabwe. The match report.
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India cruise in opening game
India's seamers finished off the game by the half way stage. Tendulkar and Badani completed the formalities. The full report...
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Streak resumes Zimbabwe captaincy
Heath Streak resumed the captaincy of Zimbabwe for the one-day international against India.

Windies win first ODI in triseries
Hooper's men turned in a fine all-round performance to defeat Zimbabwe and put the first points on the board. The full report...... Statistical Highlights

India too good for Zimbabwe 'A'
Virender Shewag scored an unbeaten 75 in a 10-wicket victory.

Andy's astonishing run ends
After 172 consecutive ODIs and 52 consecutive Tests, the Zimbabwe wicketkeeper-batsman will sit out following injury.

Flower may miss one-day series
The thumb injury sustained on the fourth day of the second Test could keep him out.

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Team Indiatrans
A Agarkar
A Nehra
D Mohanty
H Badani
H Singh
J Srinath
R Dravid
S Bahutule
S S Das
S Dighe
S Ganguly
S Ramesh
S Tendulkar
V V S Laxman
Z Khan
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Match reports
arrow 2nd Test:
1: India caught out on day 1
2: Zimbabwe fight back on
   day two
3: Mexican standoff at
4: Zimbabwe win second
   Test, square series

arrow 1st Test:
1: India gets a grip
2: Defeat stares Zimbabwe
3: Andy, Grant flower for
4: 8-wicket win ends
   overseas drought


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