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Date with History: President Bush in India

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The nuclear deal:
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The nuclear issue is now being debated by the United States Congress, where the Bush administration set the ball rolling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice making an impassioned plea before the House International Relations Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Despite protests from New Delhi and Washington, DC that the nuclear deal is but a small part of the huge spurt in bilateral bonhomie, the outcome will obviously impact ties between the two nations.

The argument of the Bush administration, as expressed by Dr Rice and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns, is that it better to have India within the nuclear power regime than outside it, and that this deal will actually be beneficial for both nations.

Opponents led by the non-proliferation lobby believe that it sets a precedent and actually encourages proliferation, and weakens the case against Iran.

As the argument continues, we invite you to discuss both sides of the question with our special guests over the coming weeks.

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