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Following security concerns, should Zimbabwe host World Cup matches?

Your Views

Your views: If the ICC were so particular about Sri Lanka hosting the matches -- because of safety concerns -- during the last World Cup, they don't they see a similar situation in Zimbabwe. Surely, teams will not want to go there.

Name:ajoy Tiwari
Your views: ICC is now sponsoring apartheid, there can not 2 set of rules one for Asia and one for the rest.It should be remembered that cricket is alive and kicking not because of England, Australia, NZ but countries like India, Pak, SL. I think one should not play in Zimbabwee, if it continues to use its current ploicies of ehnic cleansing in this case white minorities, apatheid either against balck or white is the same an injustice against humanity.I think If the world community especially the commonwealth can debar Zimbabwe as in case of Proteas when there was apatheid. It may help, but who listens, all security concerns are only valid for Pak, SL and sometimes India.

Your views: How can ICC force any team to play anywhere if it is not safe. Let each team/country decide on its own. ICC is just a cricket committee - it does not have the power to force any country to play anywhere. This is ridiculous.

Your views: I think not playing in Zimbabwe should be an option given to the countries. Security of the players is one thing, but the comfort levels of the players is another. If a team does not feel safe playing in a country and has valid reasons for that then their views should be respected.

Your views: Should Zimbabwe ever play cricket? They always end up as losing side, with rare surprises. Better they dont play cricket at all.

Your views: In Zimbabwe, what the Robert Mugabe's government is doing is just land distribution, they are distributing lands to poor from whites who form less than 1% of zimbabwe's population but own more than 75% of productive land. Whats wrong with that? And there is no terrorism in Zimbabwe like what existed in Sri Lanka during last world cup and whats happening now in pakistan. So the comparison is not apt between these two. I believe The ICC is correct, considering the present conditions, that there is no terrorism, hence no danger to the players.

Your views: We should not compare the two events. That way we can approach the issue from a different angle: Robert Mugabe is clearly doing injury to some white farmers by forcibly taking over their land and giving it to black people. He's doing it for clinging on to power: its a populist policy, much like our Hindutva concept. I do not condone that, but strangely, I do find it very comforting that the whites, who incidentally took over the land illegally from the native black population, possibly by killing lots of them, are finally getting their due back in Zimbabwe. For that one reason, matches must *be* played in that country. If that sounds uncivilized, so be it.

Your views:Whats so great about Zimbabwe hosting a few matches? The ICC can well shift them to South Africa and end all confusion. Why take a risk and keep teams on tenterhooks?

Name:Alok Singh
Your views: It is certain that Australia, England and the Netherlands will not go. They are going to cite safety concerns. It is no big deal if the matches in Zimbabwe are shifted elsewhere.


Name:Raj Kumar
Your views:Malcom Speed should be sacked from ICC because he is a idiot who thinks cricket ICC belongs to him and he is the king.

Name:Alan White
Your views: Zimbabwe should not be allowed to host. When teams fear to go to Pakistam, Sri Lanka and India, they will say the same thing about Zimbabwe. Matches must not be held there.


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