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US visa application fees hiked
From August 14, the fee in rupees is to be revised, at the rate of Rs 46 to the dollar.

US blames Hizb for ceasefire breakdown
It accused the militants for insisting on new conditions after India accepted its offer for a ceasefire and dialogue.

A dose of real India
Canadian youth get a flavour of village life and find it isn't quite the romantic thing it's made out to be.

US will aid J&K talks: envoy
India had informed US Ambassador Richard Celeste that it was finding it difficult to control the outrage following the J&K massacre.

'Friendship' series under review
Union Sports Minister Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa said that he would keep the sentiment of the people in mind while deciding on the matter.

US condemns terrorist attacks
A spokesperson said it welcomed Vajpayee's assertion that India would continue to pursue the path of peace.

'Hindu' shoes withdrawn after protests
Fortune Dynamic Inc quickly took the offending sandals off the shelves saying it hadn't intended to be disparaging of the religion.

'Hindu' shoes withdrawn after protests

Chaudhary makes a bid for Senate
If he makes it, the Indian-American will become the youngest senator in Minnesota history

LA contracts for Bombay players
New opportunities open up, as four Bombay cricketers land lucrative contracts to play cricket in the United States.

Vajpayee invited to address US Congress
House of Representatives speaker J Dennis Hastert formally extended an invitation to the Indian prime minister to address the session on September 14.

Show cause notice issued over Clinton's visit
The National Human Rights Commission took the step after roadside vendors complained they had lost money during the US President's visit.

I've been framed, says landlord in sex case
Kamal Lal, a property-owner in California, accused of trading sex with homeless women for rental discounts, says he was targetted for being a minority.

Indian shot dead in Arizona
Dhirha S Greywal was shot dead during a robbery attempt while working the graveyard shift on Monday.

NRI quotas in Kerala engineering colleges
178 seats will be given to Non-Resident Indians admitted on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

Clinton urged to remove sanctions
Gary Ackerman has urged the administration to remove all economic and dual-use technology sanctions before Vajpayee's visit to the US in September.

Indian protests US divorce laws
Alok Nanda says his wife was coerced into divorcing him, has floated an association of victims of foreign law.

Illinios congressmen invite Vajpayee to Chicago
'We believe this is an opportunity to strengthen relations between India and our state even further,' a letter signed by 19 legislators said.

Alleged sex offender doc awaits trail
Dr Param Shukla, a child psychiatrist, is accused of making sexual advances to a patient online.

Agarwal 'killer' remanded to custody
Sheela Agarwal's Washington vigil pays off as her sister's alleged murderer is nabbed in a hotel.

Burton withdraws anti-India amendment
The Congressman withdrew the amendment that proposed to cut aid to India after many Congressmen opposed it.

Doc wins first round against university
Judge refuses to dismiss charges of discrimination and conspiracy against University of Tennessee.

US committed to get Pak to negotiate
'We will do everything to encourage Pakistan... to reduce the level of violence,' US ambassador Richard Celeste said.

Place sanctions on China: Pallone
Such assistance could be detrimental to peace in south Asia and spark off an arms race there, the Congressman said.

Sitting down for their rights?
Five Sikh seniors and the management of a gurdwara fight it out in Malton, Canada.

US must have a China-India policy: Pressler
'If you have a rival, another country you are trying to influence, the best way to do it is to become friends with somebody on their border,' says the former US senator.

Seeking retribution
With no quarter given, Dr Kunal Saha fights a legal battle with Calcutta doctors over the cause of his wife's death.

What the stars didn't foretell
Astrologer Suraj Prakash Malhotra, accused of sexual assault, claims the charges are part of a plot against him.

'ISI agent could get a passport in Ahmedabad'
Three officials are under investigation after the Central Bureau of Investigation raided the passport office.

Congressmen want Vajpayee to address House
Democrat Jim McDermott, a founding member of the India caucus, last night sent a letter co-signed by 40 House members to the speaker in this regard.

US asks India, Pakistan to ease tension
State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said this while reacting to media reports that Pakistan was ready to start another Kargil-type conflict.

INS Mysore to berth at Boston harbor
The Indian destroyer will be participating in the Tall Ships parade during Sail Boston 2000.

Why did Viswanath kill his family, himself?
Friends and the police wonder but all they have is a note that says the software developer 'messed up his life'.

Consensus on CTBT by year-end: PM
Vajpayee also said that the Kashmir autonomy issue would be taken up for consideration by the government within the ambit of the Constitution.

A sister seeks justice
The government isn't doing anything to get Deepa Agarwal's suspected killer extradited, says Sheela Agarwal, who won't let the matter rest there.

ISRO plans moon mission
The mission is expected to reinvigorate Indian scientists and also demonstrate India's capacity to take up complex missions that are at the cutting edge of technology.

PIO card fee to be reduced: Advani
Speaking in London, Home Minister Advani agreed it was expensive and that the cost would be revised.

War without victors
Professor Dhiraj Pradhan, who lost the civil suit he had filed against Texas A&M university for violating his constitutional rights, has decided to appeal. But whoever wins, no one gains.

US concerned by attacks on Christians
US Ambassador to India Richard Celeste said it was sending confusing signals about India's "commitment to secularism and tolerance".

INS plays big brother
By fall, foreign students may have pay an extra fee for the privilege of being monitored.

Bombay Guide picked for media training
Ruchi Shah has been selected to represent the Bharat Scouts and Guides in the US.

General admits US sought Kargil withdrawal
General Anthony Zinni, however, added that the decision to withdraw was entirely Pakistan's.

Clinton flays Republicans over CTBT
He said that by rejecting it, the Republicans had been small-minded and had missed the opportunity to "lead the world towards a safer place".

India's N-monitoring curbs criticized
Scientists in India and abroad say this could lead to a drop in environmental standards and a nuclear weapons build-up in south Asia.

'3 guys in NY can't hijack Osho's legacy
Former editor of Osho Times Swami Chaitanya Keerti speaks to Pritish Nandy about the transfer of the copyright of Osho's works and properties to New York.

Paswan allays fears about Indian telecom
He assured potential investors that India, with its trade and investment policies and incentives for foreign collaboration, was the place to put their money.

US administration differs with terrorism panel on Pak
The Clinton Administration has rejected the National Commission on Terrorism's demand to identify Pakistan as a state 'not co-operating fully' with the US in fighting international terrorism.

Pakistan, US resume high-level dialogue
Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar met US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott to resume the high-level dialogue between the two countries, primarily on nuclear and security-related issues..

There may be a Kashmir mediator after all
A senior home ministry official said the Americans had stressed that the deadlock was pushing both New Delhi and Islamabad into an arms race.

There may be a Kashmir mediator after all
A US-based furniture dealer, Farook Kathwari, who shuttles between Delhi and Islamabad, may be the man in the middle.

Failed writer commits suicide
Unable to meet the high standards he had set for himself, H S Bhabra killed himself.

Ajit Panja earns kudos for his new role
India's Minister of State for External Affairs says playing Ramakrishna Paramahansa on stage has changed his life.

US expert says India does not need neutron bomb
"If the purpose of nuclear weapons is to deter one's possible adversaries from using nuclear weapons, then it is not evident that one needs fourth-generation nuclear weapons to achieve this," says George Perkovich, author of 'India's Nuclear Bomb.'

Hijab - an expression of freedom?
Many Muslim women in North America are turning to the hijab in an attempt to free themselves of the prejudices of a modern social structure.

Hare Krishna!
The pop culture magazine Genre's cover this month, which has the unabashedly gay Hollywood actor, Alexis Arquette, posing as Krishna has caused a flutter in the immigrant Indian community in the US.

US doc may take Laloo to court
Swaraj Lamba, wife of physician Rajinder Lamba of New Port Richey, Florida has written to Vajpayee alleging that Laloo demanded money to nominate her to the Rajya Sabha.

Clinton to appoint 2 Indian to Asian American panel
The US President has announced his 'intent' to appoint 15 members -- including Silicon Valley tycoon Vinod Dham and hotelier Mukesh (Mike) Patel -- to serve on the advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

More flak for Pak in Congress
Democrat Robert Wexler said it was troubling that Pakistan allowed terrorist organisations to operate training camps and bases unhindered in its territory and provided political and logistical support to several rogue groups.

US asks Pak to create conditions for talks
Undersecretary of state Thomas Pickering said India should consider a dialogue and that Pakistan should try to create a conducive atmosphere.

PIOs pleased about new dept for them
They hoped it would augur the institution of dual citizenship and the end of bureaucratic tangles.

Ask India, Pak to toe the line, NPT panel told
The US asked the NPT review conference to call upon these countries to comply with UN Security Council resolution asking them to de-escalate nuclear tensions.

Store owner fights French laws
But Rahman Khan of Montreal has strong backing from English-speaking Canadians.

Convicted Killer Refuses to Help Prosecution, Charged With Contempt of Court
The prosecutors had hoped that Glowatski would testify in the Ellard trial but he has refused several times.

How the Pakistanis Woo Hillary Clinton
The first lady seems to be beholden to the Pakistanis in New York where she is fighting a very expensive senate race.

AIA Appeals to the Community to Join Census Drive
Census numbers are used to draw the election districts. If there is an undercount, a particular state will have less number of representatives in the Congress.

Girl Accused of Killing Reena Says She Is Being 'Framed'
The jury is weighing the role of Kelly Ellard who is charged with pushing Reena under the water and holding her head there as Reena fought for her life.

'There is no energy so intense as entrepreneurship'
"I am bullish about entrepreneurship taking off like a rocket in India. The time is ripe for people of India to embark on an economic freedom movement with the same fervour and the same intensity as we did on a different kind of freedom movement about 50 years ago," says Cirrus Logic chairman, Suhas Patil.

Massacre in Kashmir: Sikhs in North America Ask Clinton, UN to Help Find Killers
The demand was made last weekend in many gurdwaras and at a rally attended by nearly 1,000 Sikhs and a handful of Muslims in Vancouver.

Soft Spoken Scientist Offers Fierce Defense of the Biotechnology Industry
"They peddle fear. Today it's biotechnology. Three years ago it was global warming. Five years before that it was nuclear power," says C S Prakash of the anti-bio-technology protesters.

Fund-Raiser Held For Mother Accused Of Trying To Kill Her Two Children
An informal association has as raised about $ 225,000 and is working towards raising another $ 600,000 by the middle of June when Narinder Virk's trial starts.

Several Bills to Increase H1-B Visas Could Cause Trouble for the Visa Program
If the efforts to boost the visas fail, the current number of nearly 110,000 visas will drop back to the 1998 level of 65,000.

Newspaper Accuses Clinton of Ditching Milkmaids in a Rajasthan Village
Even those newspapers who thought their readers would not be interested in stories about Bill Clinton's visit to India, decided to run his pictures with 'veiled' women.

It's Official - No More H-1B Visas For This Year
The Immigration and Naturalization Service stopped accepting applications for H1-B visas well before the end of the fiscal year.

Third Man in Sex Ring Case Set Free on Bail
Venkateswara Vemireddy cut a deal with Berkeley landlord Lakireddy Bali Reddy to help smuggle in two teenage sisters from India.

North American Media Sees Mostly Negative Stories In Clinton's Visit
They have noted that Clinton had not been able to wrest any meaningful concession from India on nuclear issues.

Date Set for Gurdwara Murder Case
On Wednesday, Joga Singh Sandher, 35, accused of gunning down Ajmer Singh Malhi, a founder of the El Sobrante gurdwara, was indicted by a grand jury.

Defence Rests in Virk Murder Case
The attorney for Ellard, the main accused, produced a witness who testified that a boy, Warren Glowatski, convicted in Reena's murder, had told a fellow inmate that if Ellard could be blamed for the crime, everyone else would go free.

Women Win Largest Sex Discrimination Suit
The case against VOC, a government controlled agency, was filed nearly 23 years ago.

Teen Accused In Virk's Murder Asserts She Tried to Save the Doomed Girl
Seven girls and a boy were charged in the beating of Reena that led to her death over two years ago.

Family Feuds: South Asians and The Sopranos
An ABC programme focuses on what according to Clinton is the most dangerous place in the world.

Narayanan Upstages Clinton In Several US Newspapers
Narayanan's rebuke to Clinton on his description of South Asia as 'the most dangerous place in the world' was widely reported in the US media.

Census officials upset by INS raid
Census officials have sought to ease the fear of illegal immigrants, who feel that the information of their status could be passed on to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Virk murder trial nears end
Reena Virk's murder two and half years ago caught international attention because the eight attackers of the 14-year-old girl were her teenage schoolmates.

Verdict against Deepak Chopra dismissed
Appellate court throws out jury verdict against New Age guru because judge made demeaning comments about his lawyer.

'Father' of dead girl charged
Venkateswara Vemireddy, who brought over the girl that Lakireddy Bali Reddy allegedly had sex with, has been charged with bringing aliens illegally into the US.

Clinton apologist lobbies for Islamabad
Now Lanny J Davis is explaining why donations made to Hillary Clinton at a Pakistan fund-raiser may not have influenced the president's decision to visit Pakistan.

Clinton's visit may not change things: panel
Prof Phil Oldenburg of the Columbia Southern Asian Institute says American leaders never appreciated India's aspiration to be recognized as a world leader and that Indian diplomats made matters worse by looking down on the Americans.

Earth, Cracking India to be included in Clinton's briefing kit
Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Karl F Inderfurth has sent him a video of the film and the book to be included in the briefing kit for his visit to the Indian subcontinent.

Lakireddy tried to hide evidence: prosecutors They say Berkeley's biggest landlord had spent eight weeks before his arrest in January covering up the identities of two girls he had smuggled into the US.

Pak agents working in Bangladesh: State dept
The official said the Inter-Services Intelligence is fomenting extremist violence in Assam.

Let the H1-B visas flow, says think tank
The Cato Institute believes that the smaller the government and the freer the trade, the more the prosperity.

Reena's mother recalls girl's last day
Suman Virk had said she did not want to testify again in the trial of her daughter's alleged killer but she did her duty anyway.

Prosecution ready to submit evidence in Virk case
They said Kelly Ellard had told her classmates that she had held Virk's head under water until the girl drowned.

Grandparents attend last trial in Reena Virk's murder
It is too much of an ordeal reliving the loss of their daughter, say parents.

Clinton's Pak visit irks Indian Americans
Several Indian community leaders felt the Pakistan lobby had won, and they wondered what lobbyists for India, like former Congressman Stephen Solarz, have been doing.

Computer scientist walks into jail
Dr Dhiraj Pradhan, a former professor at the Texas A&M University, checked into the Brazos County's minimum security prison after making 2,000 copies of an award-winning article.

Mother pleads not guilty in drowning case
The prosecution says Narinder Virk sought to drown her two children when she heard that her husband had decided to divorce her.

Lawyer in girl's murder trial questions key witness's testimony
Adrian Brooks claims it was Warren Glowatski, not Kelly Ellard who was the key aggressor in the Reena Virk murder.

Former Union Carbide boss goes into hiding
And the multinational apparently refuses to accept a summons on behalf of Warren Anderson or disclose his present location.

'Sita' may have been pregnant
A small mass that may be a fetus has been found in the uterus of the dead girl.

Prof gets 3 months' jail for abuse of position
Prof Dhiraj Pradhan says he opted for a plea bargain because he did not expect a fair trial.

Indian waitress sues strip club
Anita Chandra claims Déjà vu fired her because she refused to wear skintight hotpants.

Reddy lawyer asks court to discipline lawyer for city
Manuella Albuquerque told the court that the complaint against her was a 'desperate defense attorney litigation ploy to deflect attention away from serious charges against their clients.'

Immigration foe introduces legislation to increase H1-B visas
The bill in the Senate -- introduced by Republican Orrin Hatch and backed by, among others, Phil Gramm, the powerful Republican Senator from Texas -- plans to increase the visa numbers to 195,000 for each of the next three years.

Arbitrator Das cuts Rocker's suspension
John Rocker, the Atlanta Braves pitcher who made racist remarks in an interview with Sports Illustrated magazine in which he sneered at Africans Americans, Indians and other Asians and gays and lesbians, had his suspension cut from 28 days to 14 and his fine reduced from $ 20,000 to $ 500.

Cab firm owner escapes bid on life
Nine bullets missed him and the tenth hit his leg but Harry Singh Brar still managed to get away.

Racism not a game, say Toronto Sikhs
What might have been a small matter of children at play snowballed into a major incident, leaving one injured.

Washington decries India's 'self denial'
"India's tariff and non-tariff barriers impede its own prospects for higher growth, rising living standards, and technological innovation," said Susan Essar, deputy US trade representative.

Silicon Valley congresswoman slams INS
Zoe Lofgren claims the federal agency is making a 'nightmare of the American dream'.

Professor flays IT industry, INS for
H1-B visa fraud

The H1-B visa program has not only led to comparatively small-scale unscrupulous employers misusing it but also led the IT industry to create a climate of indentured labor, argues UC-Davis Professor Norman Matloff.

Samosas, sitars and a goal achieved
"When I started my journey on December 31, 1964... little did I know... that I would be standing here before you today, being called premier of the province," Ujjal Dosanjh said at his swearing-in ceremony.

They have to relive their daughter's death
As Reena Virk's family prepares for the second trial -- against Kelly Ellard, who was 15 at the time of the murder -- they say they feel it's opening for the first time.

The doctors organise 'em better
High tech firms in Silicon Valley organise lower profile fundraising events than doctors did earlier.

Family values first: New premier
I want to put the values of today's families first, said Punjab born Ujjal Dosanjh at his swearing in as the 33rd premier of British Columbia.

Pakistan doesn't warrant Clinton's visit: Ackerman
Unless Islamabad removes the doormat that says "Terrorists Welcome" and takes concrete steps to end its proxy war with India, and gives ironclad guarantees of free and open elections held under international supervision, no visit should be ever contemplated, the Congressman from New York believes.

Court insists priest in sexual assault case must continue wearing electronic monitor
The self-appointed priest, who has a history of "womb cleansing," says he cannot afford the $ 100-per month surveillance electronic monitor that he must wear as per court order.

Indians and Pakistanis in Houston mourn slain store workers
Community leaders said because they had put behind their differences and joined hands, their memorial service was taken seriously, and was attended by, among others, Sheila Jackson Lee, a Congresswoman from Houston.

Moe Sihota could lose cabinet post
The charismatic and outspoken cabinet minister could be jobless by next week. That is when the newly elected premier, Ujjal Dosanjh, will announce his cabinet.

Death of Sridevi's mother is recalled, as America gets tough on medical errors
When D Ehud Arbit operated on the wrong side of the brain of Rajeswari Ayyappan, mother of movie star Sridevi, five years ago, the mistake was widely reported in the American media.

Why is Kissinger scared of Mahajan brothers?
The former secretary of state calls off his speech following protests by students of University of Texas.

Confidentiality: Census to issue TV advertisements to reassure minorities
Census officials are worried that a lot of people, either out of cynicism or negligence, won't fill in the forms.

Tribute to an unknown immigrant
Berkeley candlelight vigil salutes a girl whose real name is yet not known.

Lakireddy Jr released on bail
The son of the landlord accused of sexual exploitation coughs up $ 500,000 in bail.

Remembering Sitha
Candelight vigil to honor the memory of the girl who was allegedly sexually exploited before dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Techies' deportation hearing begins next week
They hope that the regret expressed by the Assistant Secretary of State for south Asia and his request for a report from the INS will help their cause.

Pro-India groups happy with warning to Pak
Observers believe the warning was postponed only because the US hoped Pakistan would dissociate itself from terrorist groups and take action against them.

US anxious about Pak patronage of Kashmiri ultras
It also deplored General Musharraf's order asking Pakistan's sitting judges to sign loyalty oaths to the regime.

Candlelight vigil planned at Reddy restaurants
Protests will be held outside both of Lakireddy Bali Reddy's Pasand Madras Cuisine restaurants in Berkeley and Santa Clara.

Religious leaders team up against 'head-tax'
'With this tax, we discourage the very people we are called to take care of,' said Archbishop Barry Curtis of Calgary.

Was it angst or a stab at Khalistan? Temple committee asserted that priest's killing was another effort to snuff out the Khalistan movement.

No evidence of Pak hand in hijack: Clinton
The White House is reluctant to condemn Pakistan outright in the matter

Man accused of sex crimes released on $ 10 m bail
More charges are now being drawn up against landlord Lakireddy Bali Reddy.

No Khalistan connection in gurdwara shooting: worshippers
Witnesses say Joga Singh Sandher shot Ajmir Singh Malhi, secretary of the El Sobrante gurdwara, because he wasn't allowed to speak to the congregation.

Indian techies may sue INS
The 40 programmers suspect there is a 'conspiracy' behind their arrests.

Unanswered questions in Sikh priest's murder
Nearly two weeks after Iqbal Singh was found murdered in his apartment near Dallas, and a suspect released on a $ 100,000 bond, the police are refusing to say what might have been the motive for the crime.

Child crusader wins suit
Saturday Night magazine pays Craig Kielburger 319,000 Canadian dollars for an article that 'demonized' him.

Silicon Valley landlord considered 'Flight Risk'
Many Indians said they could not understand the allegations made in the court records that Lakireddy Bali Reddy had 'set up an elaborate scheme to bring in illegal immigrants from India.' "This man is 62, and he is a millionaire fifty or sixty times over," said an Indian student. "Why was he planning to smuggle people?"

Crime of opportunity or racial motive?
As Michael MacDonald, 18 and Stefan Miceli, 19, appeared in a Toronto court on Thursday charged with robbing and stabbing to death taxi driver Baljinder Singh Rai many members of the Indian Canadian community said they are suspecting racial motive.

Ethnic groups demand funding for non-Catholic schools in Canada
Despite a spirited effort by a number of religious groups including Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, Jews and Orthodox Christians in recent weeks, Ontario is refusing to change its policy.

Police seek community's help about charges against Silicon Valley landlord
As the Berkeley police investigate more complaints against Lakireddy Bali Reddy, a Silicon Valley restaurateur and landlord, who is charged with luring three young girls -- one of them 15 -- into living with him, the police are asking the Indian community's help across America to provide them with specific details of sexual abuse allegedly committed by Reddy.

Silicon Valley landlord arrested in prostitution charges
Officials in Berkeley said Lakireddy Bali Reddy, who owns over 1,000 apartment units and is a Silicon Valley millionaire, has been charged with importing immigrants from India for prostitution.

'Many of us do not want to join African Americans in any protest'
'We forget that we are reaping the fruits of the civil liberties victories African Americans won for all minorities in the 1960s and 1970s,' one Indian American protestor at the anti-John Rocker demonstration in Atlanta said.

Ministers back campaign against Canadian tax on new immigrants
Herb Dhaliwal, Canada's cabinet minister for fisheries, and Maria Minna, the international co-operation minister, are backing a campaign by a coalition of immigrant and refugee advocates against a tax on new immigrants.

Correa among 9 jurors to select design for King monument in DC
The organisers of the monument project said Indian architect Charles Correa's connection with the Gandhi project was significant. Martin Luther King, Jr, was inspired by the Mahatma's non-violent protest movement, and used Gandhian tactics in the 1960s to win civil rights for African Americans -- and by extension, all minorities.

Rajmohan Gandhi To Hold Discussion on India-Pakistan Relations
The event is scheduled for January 26, India's Republic Day. A research scholar based at the Center for Policy Studies in New Delhi and an editor for several years, Gandhi will be in Atlanta from January 24 to February 11.

Census Officials Seek Greater Ethnic Participation
To lead a $ 160 million ad campaign, the US Census Bureau hired the New York advertising firm Young & Rubicam, which then subcontracted several other agencies to target the main minority groups -- African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and American Indians. Advertisements about the census have been appearing in every major Indian American publication.

Anti-Hinduism Booklet: Southern Baptists Declare War on 7 Congressmen
The Southern Baptists, having refused to back down from the infamous booklet against Hinduism it mailed to 40,000 of its churches and affiliated institutions, are now denouncing seven members of the Congress who wrote them a strongly-worded letter against the booklet, demanding its withdrawal.

Canada to Make It Easier for Students, Professionals Become Citizens
Worried over its aging population, a slow birth rate and the shortage of professionals in areas as high tech, medicine and nursing, Canada is pledging to boost immigration to a dramatic high -- at least 300,000 a year.

Rekhi's Payback Time Comes With $ 5 Million Donation
FFE, a Santa Clara-based non-profit organization, helps talented, but poor students in India to complete their high school and college. Many students that FFE has helped are in medical and engineering schools in India.

Demand for Compulsory Cab Shields Mounts
The family of Mohammadullah Saighani, an Afghan medical doctor who drove a cab in Toronto because he could not practise medicine, believes he would still be alive if his cab had a dividing shield.

Demonstrations Against Rocker Planned
'Many of us call African Americans kallus,' says Simran Singh, a recent graduate of a New York University. 'Rocker may deserve to be suspended from the Atlanta Braves for a season or two but who will punish the bigots in us?'

Deepak Chopra Loses Case
A 12-member jury unanimously rejected Dr Deepak Chopra's claim in a San Diego court that a former co-worker had stalked him and had tried to blackmail him for $ 50,000.

Give John Rocker A Gandhian Lesson: Andrew Young
The former Atlanta mayor suggests the racist baseball star ought to be given a 'face-saving' option.

Big Boost for Indian Canadian Candidate
Ujjal Dosanjh's chances for premiership get a big boost as Joy MacPhail steps out of the race.

Fugitive Financier Sought In Pakistan
Lawsuits have been filed against Mohammed Ali Khan on charges of grand larceny and committing securities fraud worth $ 2.7 million.

Sack John Rocker, Ted Turner Told
Critics step up their campaign against the 'bigoted' baseball player.

Over 5,000 Attend Slain Man's Funeral
Community leaders and fellow cabbies set up a trust fund for the family of slain Toronto taxi driver Baljinder Singh Rai.

Advani's Pic Off Demagogue Wall
Museum of Tolerance panel decides the Indian home minister isn't anti-human after all.

Teens Arrested For Murder of Toronto Cabbie
Still, more than a quarter of the 7,000 taxi drivers in Toronto and neighboring towns can expect to be attacked on the job, said Nabil Charbel, a trade union leader.

Pallone Pushes For Declaration Of Pakistan As A Terrorist State
The senior American Congressman plans to draft a legislation if necessary because he thinks it's time the US and other major nations acted firmly.

Bradley Warns White America
Embrace a multiracial America or face economic ruin, says the Republican candidate for vice presidency.

Thou Shalt Not Dance With Thy Neighbor's Wife
Else, as Jasmat Dhillon discovered to his cost, you could get into some big trouble.

Hijackers Got No Fresh Arms: Taleban
The Afghan militia slams the claim of hostages that arms were replenished at Kandahar airport.

Two Cabbies Slain on New Year's Day
Baljinder Singh Rai of Toronto and Kuldip Singh of New York City were allegedly killed by passengers.

Canada Minister Accused Of 'Pandering to Terrorists'
The press and others slammed Lloyd Axworthy for saying that the safety of the hostages came first and that the hijackers of IA Flight 814 could be brought to justice later.

Washington Urged To Help Nab Hijackers
India should be given "relevant, time-sensitive intelligence data" to nab the terrorists, Congressman Gary Ackerman said. Earlier News stories