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The Reservation Issue
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A lot of rage, a little Rang De
At Ground Zero of the quota protests
Doctors in arms

The anti-quota stir is misguided

The death of meritocracy
How far will the student revolt go?
Prime Minister, I've a question
The Next Partition of India
Are Brahmins the Dalits of today?
The middle class deserves what it is getting
Do our institutes connect with the real India?
Reservations: The Economic Factor
Maintain the integrity of Indian education
Caste shouldn't overwrite merit
Quota: A cure worse than the disease
How reservations fracture Hindu society
The dangers of reservation in IITs/IIMs
Job reservation: What India Inc should do
Education quotas are unfair
Just how many OBCs are there?

Anti-reservation fire rages across India
Quota protestors are cannon fodder
Student fury at quotas

'We can't build the nation with 19th century mindset'
'Middle class only bothers about itself'
'What more do the upper castes want?'

Cost of new quotas: Rs 165 billion and counting
What the quota panel told the government
Evaluating Tamil Nadu's 69% quota system
Terms of reference for Quota Committee
Can this committee end the quota deadlock?
'No one wants to hear us'
Leaders of anti-quota stir speak
'No need for quota at postgraduate level'
Did Arjun Singh's quota gamble backfire?

July 31, 2006
India Inc against quota
July 28, 2006
SC: No reservation without qualification
July 27, 2006
CII panel rejects job quota is private sector
IIM-B seeks 3 years to put quota in force
July 26, 2006
No final decision on 27 per cent reservation for OBCs: Govt
July 25, 2006
Quota Bill may be tabled in Parliament
Centre to file new charges against AIIMS director
July 24, 2006
Docs' strike: SC notice to Centre, Medical Council
July 17, 2006
Docs to get pay for strike but only till May 30: SC
July 12, 2006
Reservation bill passed in Maharashtra Assembly amid din over blasts
July 10, 2006
Anti-quota protestors seek help of RTI
July 08, 2006
Venugopal sacks AIIMS registrar
Dr Deka denies resignation as AIIMS dean
July 07, 2006
Delhi HC stays AIIMS director's dismissal
Parliamentary committee deplores move to sack Venugopal
AIIMS issue: Striking docs, police clash
Doctors to continue medical education: Ramadoss
July 06, 2006
AIIMS doctors' strike leaves patients stranded
Sacked AIIMS director moves HC for justice
Call off strike, CPI-M to AIIMS docs
July 05, 2006
Dr Venugopal hurt: Wife
Health minister sacks AIIMS director, doctors erupt
July 01, 2006
Reservations: The real reasons
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