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December 31, 2007
Hillary to win US polls; Musharraf may lose his job: report
Pak EC to decide fate of polls on Tue
Pak army terms fears about nukes 'nonsense'
Musharraf still the best bet for US: Prez hopeful
Fresh tension in Sindh as three-day mourning period ends
Danger signs for Pakistan's integrity
Conditions in Pak put N-weapons at risk: analyst
Remembering the truth about Benazir
Benazir started jihad in Kashmir
She resorted to anti-Indianism to please voters
Pak EC to delay polls by over a month
Pak will be doomed if Musharraf continues: Sharif
Why Musharraf is not responsible for Benazir's death
New video footage contradicts government's version of Bhutto's death
Benazir wanted to call Sharif minutes before she died
Bilawal as PPP chief: Does it matter?
Bhutto killing should not be used to put off polls, says Obama
Nawaz Sharif's party to contest Pak polls
India decides to resume cross-border links with Pak
Musharraf may seek foreign help to probe Bhutto's killing
Bilawal not eligible to be PPP chief under Pak law

December 30, 2007
Bilawal regrets not playing cricket in Pakistan
Bhutto's son Bilawal named PPP chairperson
Most al-Qaeda militants in Pak are 'homegrown': NYT
'US informed Bhutto, Musharraf about threat to her life'
Controversy over Bhutto's death deepens
Pak prevented Bhutto from hiring foreign bodyguards
'Mehsud had told Bhutto he was not the enemy'
Samjhauta Express resumes service
'Long live Bhutto' were Benazir's last words

December 29, 2007
Was number '9' unlucky for Benazir Bhutto?
'Al Qaeda has become Pakistani phenomenon'
Violence, food shortage hit Pakistan
If needed, autopsy can be done on Bhutto's body: Pak
Pak EC hints at postponing polls

December 28, 2007
Brave Bibi Benazir
A caring wife, loving mother and courageous leader
Al Qaeda does not have a mailing address
Al Qaeda is right under Musharraf's nose
Nine killed in blast in Pakistan
Bhutto laid to rest next to her father's grave
An artist's tribute to Benazir Bhutto
Bhutto murder brings US-Pak ties to breaking point
Musharraf responsible if I am harmed, Bhutto wrote
US strongly condemns Bhutto's assassination
Bhutto's body flown to ancestral village
PPP demands inquiry into Benazir's assassination
US Presidential candidates condemn Bhutto's assassination
Musharraf calls up Zardari
Head injury, not bullets, caused Bhutto's death: Pak
Pak warns India leaders against attending Bhutto funeral
Pakistan terror likely to spill over to India
All eyes on Benazir's children now
Pak investigators reconstruct remains of Bhutto's attacker
'America is pushing a new agenda in Pakistan'
'At 23, Benazir was already a politician'
Choosing Benazir's successor a tough task for PPP
Bhutto laid to rest next to her father's grave
Musharraf should step down: Imran
Indo-Pak train, bus services temporarily suspended
Sharif drops plans to attend Bhutto's funeral
Advani meets Narayanan to discuss security issues
ISI main suspect in Bhutto's killing: reports
Benazir's last address: Pakistan is in danger
Prolonged conflict between Musharraf and opposition ahead: Analysts
Pakistan on the boil; 32 killed in violence
CWC expresses shock over Bhutto assassination
Bhutto spoke to her children hours before dying
J&K: Hardliners protest Bhutto's assassination
It took US a year to persuade Musharraf to accept Bhutto: Post
No change in Pak election schedule
Pakistani media fears derailment of democratic process
'Pakistan is a dangerous and messy place'
'Doctors struggled to revive Bhutto before declaring her dead'
Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Bhutto's killing
Bhutto was worried about security at rally
Nawaz Sharif to boycott polls
Benazir's death won't have long-term impact

December 27, 2007
Anti-Bhutto army factions behind murder?
Bhutto family tragedy prone, fourth violent end in family
World leaders indignant at Bhutto's killing
Benazir Bhutto assassinated
Benazir Bhutto escapes another bid on life
Bhutto: A champion of democracy and moderate face of Islam
India 'shocked' at Bhutto's assassination
Supporters of PML-Q, Sharif exchange fire, four killed
4 killed in Pakistan blast
Bush signs budget with Pakistan funds
The last cuppa
Image: Benazir's last moments
Bomb goes off at Benazir rally
'Benazir was ready to fight the extremists'
'A people inspired by democracy ... will turn their back decisively on extremism'
Fourteen killed in violence after Bhutto's killing
J&K leaders express shock at Bhutto's assassination
Bhutto's killers don't want democracy in Pakistan, says Abdullah
Bush demands justice for Benazir Bhutto
Bhutto's family heads for Pakistan
Latest chapter in Pak's blood-soaked history
Bhutto beauty personified, media darling of West
Bhutto's killing 'reminder' of common dangers: PM

December 26, 2007
Pakistan passing through darkest period: sacked CJ
Indian missile tests will trigger arms race: Pak
Pak journo in spot over 'friendship' with ex-Punjab CM
Sectarian clashes flare up in Pak tribal area
A Pak village where women never vote
Explosion ahead of Bhutto's election meet

December 25, 2007
Back up claims of poll rigging with evidence: Pak to Oppn

December 24, 2007
Pak used US aid to counter India, not terrorists

December 23, 2007
Suicide attack in Pakistan kills 9

December 21, 2007
Deposed CJ prevented from leaving residence for Eid prayers
Pro-Taliban terrorists threaten to disrupt Pak polls
54 killed in suicide attack on Pak mosque
Bhutto rubbishes NSA's claim of not fulfilling her assurances

December 20, 2007
US passes bill to cut aid to Pakistan by $50 million
Police helped Rauf escape: Probe report
Musharraf's days numbered: Deposed judge Bhagwandas
Pakistan's nuclear programme still on: Scientist
2007, a year of political turmoil in Pakistan

December 19, 2007
'Terror suspect Rauf may sneak into Afghanistan'
50 dead, 150 injured as train derails in Pakistan
India 9th most dangerous place for journos

December 18, 2007
Musharraf defends N-plants' safety standards
Back my supporters, Musharraf to voters
Keep seeking rule of law, says sacked Pak CJ
'Osama not in Pak, but Taliban will protect him if he comes'
12 Pak soldiers killed in suicide attack

December 17, 2007
Pak polls: Over 7,300 candidates in fray
Bhutto fears massive rigging in Pak polls
Pak EC dismisses election papers of Sharif brothers
Lifting emergency does little for Musharraf's image
Musharraf seeks report on terror suspect Rauf's escape
9 Pakistani soldiers killed in NWFP suicide bombing

December 16, 2007
UK terror plotter escapes custody in Pak
Pakistan poll campaign gains momentum
Please help us live, Geo TV to Musharraf
Pak nukes safely guarded, says Narayanan

December 15, 2007
Musharraf invites foreign observers to monitor poll
Musharraf ready to work with Bhutto
Lifting emergency in Pakistan welcome decision: India
Musharraf forms committee to dispose of cases against Bhutto
Musharraf lifts Emergency in Pakistan
I am ready to work with Musharraf, says Benazir
Musharraf amends Pakistan's constitution
Suicide attack again in Pak; five killed
My swollen heels saved my life: Bhutto

December 14, 2007
Pak polls: Sharif unveils party's manifesto
Former Pakistani envoys criticise emergency
Musharraf takes charge of nuclear arsenal
Nuclear arsenal secure: Pakistan
Suicide bombers may target Indian missions in Pak

December 13, 2007
Musharraf finalises order to revoke emergency
Pakistanis want Musharraf, Army out of politics: Poll
Pak scribes react strongly to new govt clampdown
7 killed in 2 suicide attacks in Pakistan

December 12, 2007
Pak Constitution may be amended before lifting of emergency
Pak may let jihadis into India, says army officer
Pakistan: Will the fatal cycle continue?
BSF, Pak Rangers to exercise restraint towards civilians

December 11, 2007
Special law for Pakistan's Sikhs to solemnise marriages
Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable cruise missile

December 10, 2007
Pak: Suicide bomber attacks bus carrying children
Pakistan: Doomed to a fragile democracy?
Pak poll tribunal clears Bhutto's nominations
Pakistan: Sharif rules out alliance with Bhutto
Pakistan SC gets three more judges
Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif's party to contest polls
Emergency will be lifted on Dec 15, says Musharraf
Pak police probing theft at Indian high commissioner's house

December 08, 2007
3 Bhutto supporters killed in Balochistan
Talks to resume on Pak's return to democracy: India
Siachen, Sir Creek issues look ripe for resolution: Pak

December 07, 2007
Bhutto disallowed from flying out of Pak
$5.3 billion -- US refund for Pak's war on terror
Bhutto's manifesto hits at Musharraf's power base

December 06, 2007
Rigging polls will result in mass movement: Bhutto
Rejection of nomination papers sign of pre-poll rigging: Sharif
Police stops Sharif's march towards ousted chief justice's house
Pak: Oppn stands on common ground, almost!

December 05, 2007
Pak: Geo TV's plea against ban quashed
I don't aspire to be PM again: Sharif

December 04, 2007
Pak polls: Opposition begins framing charter of demands
Musharraf's son defends father in cyberspace
Jemima recalls her bitter experiences in Pak
Sharif, Bhutto set aside differences
Pak witnesses first suicide attack by woman bomber
Urdu is Benazir's Achilles' heel now

December 03, 2007
Sharif meets Bhutto to discuss boycott of Pak polls
Will Bush blink at election-rigging by Musharraf?
Pakistan: US envoy meets Sharif, urges parties not to boycott polls
Nawaz Sharif's nomination papers rejected
Quran wants you to vote, Muslim scholars tell Pak women
Bhutto, Sharif to meet, decision on poll boycott expected
Pakistan: 6 killed in madrassa blast

December 02, 2007
Our nuclear arsenal is safe: Pakistan
Pakistan: Sharif-Benazir conclave on Monday

December 01, 2007
Pakistan: Bhutto kicks off campaign in NWFP
Sharif's brother's nomination papers rejected
Sharif to persuade Bhutto to boycott poll
Musharraf rules out 'deal' with Bhutto

November 30, 2007
Uttam's Take: Meet retired General Musharraf
Pakistan opposition divided over boycotting poll
US hails Musharraf's decision to lift emergency
General Kiyani's appointment has US nod
Musharraf must exit both politics and the army
Indian woman held in Pakistan for 17 yrs to re-unite with family

November 29, 2007
Bomb attack kills 5 Pakistani soldiers
Sharif-Imran-MMA alliance to boycott Pak polls
Pakistan lawyers protest Musharraf swearing-in
Pakistan's media predicts another troubled presidency for Musharraf
Gen Kiyani assumes charge as Pakistan army chief
Musharraf begins life in new avatar
'US will not treat Musharraf differently'
Bush lauds 'buddy' Musharraf's decision to shed uniform
Pakistan's new freedom at US midnight
Pakistani girl axed to death in 'honour killing'

November 28, 2007
General Kiyani: Pakistan's new army chief
US warned against re-casting Pak as adversary
Extremism biggest threat to Pak: Musharraf
US hails Musharraf's decision to shed uniform
Musharraf a real-life example of Oedipus: Pak journo
Musharraf to lift emergency in 48 hours: Report
Musharraf steps down as army chief, Kiyani takes over
Pak army gains ground in Swat Valley

November 27, 2007
Analysis: How the pro-Musharraf PML-Q will fare in polls
Indian Sikh pilgrims meet Sharif
Pak: Rallies may be banned during campaigning
Reinstate deposed judges, Sharif to Musharraf
Musharraf makes more spoof headlines than Bush!
Pakistani troops capture strategic peak in Swat

November 26, 2007
Sharif will energise Pak political scene: Report
Pakistan: Plea against caretaker PM in SC
Sharif, Benazir take potshots at each other
In 48 hours: Exit Gen Musharraf, enter Mr Musharraf
Polls: Sharif, Benazir file nomination papers
Sharif could be barred from contesting elections: Qayyum
'Will Musharraf meet fate of Iran's Shah?'
Pakistan: Towards democracy?

November 25, 2007
Exiled Sharif returns to Pak: Timeline
Sharif returns to rapturous welcome
Sharif won't serve under Musharraf's presidency
Bhutto files nomination, Sharif to file on Monday
Sharif set to return to Pakistan

November 24, 2007
Sharif to return to Pakistan on Sunday
Pak Election Commission confirms Musharraf as next President
Musharraf the only man upset with us: Sacked judge
Ex-Pak PM Shaukat Aziz won't contest polls
Pak TV channels may move out of Dubai
Suicide attacks at Pakistan Army HQ, 30 killed

November 23, 2007
Over 5,500 prisoners released in Pakistan
'Sharif may return to Pak within 3-4 days'
When will General Musharraf transform into Mr Musharraf?
Pak SC upholds Musharraf's emergency order
Pakistan criticises suspension from Commonwealth
Release of Pak political detainees a "good step", says Rice
India wants Pak to return to democracy as soon as possible
Commonwealth suspends Pakistan

November 22, 2007
Imran lashes out at Musharraf
Musharraf may be sworn in next week for 2nd five-year term
Pak SC dismisses last petition against Musharraf's re-election
Pak N-sites vulnerable to militant attacks: Report
HRW flays Pak for keeping judges under house arrest
Release of Pak activists 'one step' to democracy: US
Pak: Blast targets music shops

November 21, 2007
Don't send trekkers to Siachen: Pak to India
Imran Khan released from jail
No problem with security of Pak's N-weapons: US
Pak urges Commonwealth to defer decision on suspension
Pak's suspension: Commonwealth divided
Bush confident of Musharraf ending emergency in Pak
Police lock up sacked Pak CJ inside home
Musharraf may quit as army chief by weekend: Official
Musharraf will not meet Sharif
40 militants killed in Pak's Swat valley

November 20, 2007
Indian pilgrims to visit Pak on Guru Nanak's birth anniversary
Nothing sensational about nuke cooperation with US: Pak
Infant used to bomb Bhutto's rally in Karachi?
India mum about Pak ouster from Commonwealth
Over 100 journalists arrested in Karachi
3,400 political activists freed: Pak interior ministry
Imran Khan on hunger strike till judges reinstated
Musharraf in Saudi Arabia: Part pilgrimage, part politics
Dr Singh hopes Pakistan will overcome difficulties
Pak EC announces schedule for January 8 polls
Musharraf calls on Saudi Crown Prince
35 militants killed in Pakistan's Swat valley

November 19, 2007
India will take view on Pak emergency after Commonwealth decision
SC clears main hurdles for Musharraf re-election
Imran Khan's ex-wife leads anti-Musharraf protest in UK
Musharraf promises fair & transparent polls
I wanted a deal aiming for democratic Pak: Bhutto
A 'smart path' to deal with Musharraf
In US, Pakistan man comes to the rescue of Indian woman
105 killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan
US plans to rework aid model for Pakistan
US moots armed tribal force in Pak
'Musharraf and Pakistan cannot exist together'

November 18, 2007
US envoy asks Musharraf to end emergency
Stop agitational politics, Musharraf tells Bhutto
91 killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan

November 17, 2007
In Pak, its Gandhigiri vs Emergency
Nawaz Sharif says no to meeting Musharraf
Pak channels pull the plug, blame government
US aide delivers 'strong message' to Musharraf
'Darling of the West' fears polls, says Musharraf
Top pro-Taliban commander among 80 militants killed in Pakistan

November 16, 2007
Three Pak judges refuse to be on bench hearing anti-emergency plea
US: Resolution to suspend aid to Pak introduced
Pakistan's nukes not under threat: Pentagon
Pak frees Bhutto, Jahangir ahead of US aide's visit
Pakistani students protest Imran's detention
2 Pak news channels back, sans critical shows
Imran's ex-wife raises banner of protest in UK
Imran Khan's kin, party workers arrested
Caretaker PM appointed in Pakistan
20 militants killed by Pak troops in Swat

November 15, 2007
Musharraf must shed uniform: US
Musharraf amends Provisional Constitutional Order
Pakistan: 2 boys killed during protest march
My life is in danger: Imran Khan
US looking past Musharraf in case he falls
US rejects Musharraf's arguments for imposing emergency
US looking for alternate supply routes due to Pak unrest
US must engage Pak people, not the rulers: senator
Pak polls cannot be free and fair under emergency: US
Much progress made in dialogue with India: Kasuri
Busharraf of Pakistan

November 14, 2007
Musharraf considered stepping down: British TV channel
Musharraf rejects US demand for lifting emergency
Deposed Pak CJ to get Harvard Law School honour
Bhutto producing negative vibes: Musharraf
Pro-Taliban militants take over key Pakistan town
Hardliners help police arrest Imran Khan
'Emergency' menu at Islamabad cafe
Pakistan resents Commonwealth's ultimatum, justifies emergency
Imran Khan charged under Anti-Terrorism Act
Facilitate exit strategy for Musharraf, Bhutto tells US
We are witnessing a farce in Pakistan: Bhutto

November 13, 2007
Pak commanders were opposed to deal with Benazir
Benazir's house arrest to ensure her security: Pak
Lahore: PPP rally starts without Bhutto
Pakistan: School kids brave batons; Protest against emergency
Musharraf must quit: Bhutto
US aide to visit Islamabad, engage Musharraf
India's response to Pak emergency disappointing: activist
Bhutto put under house arrest again
Bush wants Pak to lift emergency before polls
Emergency puts economic growth of Pakistan at risk: US
Musharraf sends emissary to Jeddah for talks with Sharif
Seven-day detention order served on Bhutto
Commonwealth sets deadline for Musharraf
Protests against Bhutto's house arrest

November 12, 2007
Pak, Benazir on collision course over 'long march'
Bhutto is corrupt, sluggish and extravagant: Pak ruling party
British daily withdraws its correspondents from Pakistan
Bhutto rules out further talks with Musharraf
Strategic assets won't fall in the wrong hands: Pak
Pakistan: 'Army Act amendments violate Constitution'
Pakistan opposition parties announce boycott of polls
US must stop supplying fighter jets to Pak: senator

November 11, 2007
Commonwealth may show Pak the door
'We are not certain where Pak's nukes are'
Bhutto prepares for anti-emergency 'long march'

November 10, 2007
Pakistan to lift emergency within a month
Bhutto to intensify protests against Musharraf
3 rockets fired at army base in NWFP

November 09, 2007
Blast in Pakistan minister's house kills 4
I am still trying to lead rally in Rawalpindi: Bhutto
Bhutto under detention for unspecified period
Musharraf did not take our advice: US

November 08, 2007
Pak military set for major push against NWFP militants
Sharif says polls minus him a farce
Democracy will help improve ties with India: Sharif
Musharraf ignored our pleas against imposing emergency: US
Musharraf only wants to keep his job: US Congressman
Why Hillary won't ask US to cut off aid to Pak
Bhutto worried about safety of Pak N-weapons
General elections by February 15: Musharraf
Pak authorities lock gates of Bhutto's rally venue
Only Harry Potter can save Pakistan: School kids
West fears army may turn against Musharraf
Pak SC's suo motu powers being withdrawn
Temporary emergency to restore internal harmony: Pak
Willing to join hands with Bhutto against Musharraf: Sharif

November 07, 2007
Police disperse Bhutto supporters near Parliament
Raise voice against emergency, Imran Khan to Pakistanis
Militants tighten grip on northwest Pakistan
Pakistan's Parliament endorses emergency
Pakistan to hold early elections: Foreign minister
Hammer Musharraf if he doesn't keep his word: Armitage to US
US begins reviewing aid programmes to Pak
Emergency will be shortest in history: Pak ruling party leader
Benazir rallies pro-democracy forces

November 06, 2007
Controversial Pak minister denied Indian visa
Partition's ghost haunts Pakistan
'Taliban has the responsibility to arrest Musharraf'
Bhutto skeptical about Musharraf's ability to control nukes
We knew emergency would be clamped in Pak: US
Pak cuts down number of SC judges
Restore democratic and constitution processes: UK to Pak
Bush urges Musharraf to hold elections, shed uniform
Bush to ask Musharraf to shed uniform
India worried about disintegration of Pakistan: US scholar
Pakistan cabinet discusses general elections, emergency
US steps up pressure on Musharraf
Ousted Pakistan Supreme Court judges defiant
Pak: Contradictory signals on holding general elections
UN urges Pakistan to release all detainees
Musharraf 'determined' to remove uniform
The case of Musharraf and the drunk uncle

November 05, 2007
Rizwanur's mother speaks out-II
'Musharraf losing sense of balance'
Democracy and autocracy, subcontinent-ishtyle
Ensure polls are held on time, Bhutto to Pak govt
Sharif planning to return to Pakistan
Elections will be held on schedule: Pak PM
Pakistan: Police raid press club, newspaper press
US should push for return of democracy in Pak: Wall Street Journal
Strong defence is ultimate guarantee to peace: Aziz
Pak emergency will affect peace process: J&K CM
Rice asks Musharraf to take off uniform
Pak to hold polls for complete transition to democracy: Musharraf
Deposed Chief Justice says Musharraf's actions illegal
Pak swap 25 militants with 211 soldiers
Pak: 1,000 lawyers held, rumours of Musharraf's arrest
Holding polls in time is top priority: Musharraf
Emergency: Pak Oppn parties to decide consensus plan of action
US is reviewing aid to Pakistan
Martial law: Where does Pakistan go from here?
Will Musharraf survive and succeed?

November 04, 2007
Musharraf's deadly endgame
Ex-ISI chief Hamid Gul arrested
Gloom envelops Pak; Imran Khan, leaders under house arrest
Pak new chief justice over-rules predecessor's order
This is martial law, says Benazir
Pakistan is learning democracy, says Musharraf
'US must consider Musharraf as gone'
Pakistan: There is no good news
Pak polls could be delayed by a year: Shaukat Aziz

November 03, 2007
Pakistan: Swat militants release 48 captured soldiers
Pakistan facing threat of extremist takeover: Bhutto
Bhutto heads for home as Musharraf imposes emergency
Pakistan heading towards chaos: Sharif
Emergency imposed in Pakistan
Pakistan security forces put on high alert

November 02, 2007
Pakistan government rules out martial law
We won't support martial law, emergency in Pak: US
Will Musharraf impose emergency in Pakistan?
Pak militants capture 48 security men

November 01, 2007
We don't rank countries as more or less important: US
Pak SC asks for report on Bhutto attack
Officials who manhandled Pak chief justice jailed
It is too early to trust Musharraf: Benazir
Pakistan to bring ordinance to try civilians in military courts
Pakistani troops kill 7 militants in Swat valley
8 killed in suicide attack on Pakistan air force bus
Emboldened extremists threaten Pakistan, US
Bhutto leaves for Dubai 'to see family'

October 31, 2007
Far-reaching repercussions if Pak implodes, warns Bhutto
New Pakistan law will give sweeping powers to ISI
'Out of control Pakistan more dangerous than Iran'

October 30, 2007
Benazir mulls poll alliance with Sharif
Suicide attack near Musharraf's residence, 7 killed
US encouraging forces for moderate Pakistan
Invite us in 24 hours, BJP warns Karnataka governor
Pak asks for list of holy sites to issue group visas

October 29, 2007
No role for army in caretaker set-up in Pakistan: Report
Pakistan wants to know truth about Godhra
Pakistani capital on high alert
Musharraf ran proxy war in Kashmir in 1990s: Book

October 28, 2007
Pak begins crackdown on pro-Taliban militants

October 27, 2007
Pakistan: 15 killed in clashes

October 26, 2007
Musharraf flays Bhutto for attacking ruling PML-Q leaders
Saudi Arabia gives approval for Sharif return to Pakistan
Pakistani forces attack radical seminary in NWFP
Pakistan still selling N-weapons technology: Book
Sharif will not return to Pak before polls: Musharraf

October 25, 2007
Officer probing attack on Bhutto sacked
Pakistan's main threat comes from within: Musharraf

October 24, 2007
S Arabia wants Musharraf to allow Sharif's homecoming: Reports
Bhutto names 4 suspects for attack
Blasts no excuse to postpone poll: Bhutto
Stop intimidating judiciary, Pakistan told
20 held for suicide attack on Bhutto
Pakistan sends 4,000 troops to NWFP

October 23, 2007
Musharraf's fate to be decided next week
PPP miffed at restrictions on Bhutto's movements
'Pak supporting pro-Taliban groups to fight tribal rebels'
Bhutto receives threat from female suicide bombers
Benazir-Pak govt talks suspended: Report
Pakistan: Benazir to resort to 'virtual' campaigning

October 22, 2007
Pakistan plans to ban political rallies
2 suicide bombers behind Karachi blasts
Musharraf warned me about suicide squads: Bhutto
Bhutto eyeing key posts in Pak poll set up
India should keep a close watch on Pakistan: BJP
India gives Pak proof of terror linkages
Seek foreign help in probing blasts: Benazir tells Pakistan govt
'Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world'
'India, Pakistan can have a strategic partnership'

October 21, 2007
Sharif delays homecoming following pressure from S Arabia, US
Bhutto pips Musharraf in survey on leading Pakistan
Pakistan: Suicide bomber had accomplices
Suicide bomber tried to bring cotton buds for Bhutto

October 20, 2007
Violence continues as Karachi mourns for the dead

October 19, 2007
Extremists can strike whenever, wherever they want
Pak court summons Sharif in corruption case
Osama's handling officer was incharge of Benazir's security
Bhutto was warned of suicide attack: report
Pakistan denies Dawood's presence on its soil
Blasts a conspiracy against democracy: Musharraf
Taliban, Al Qaeda had sent suicide squads: Bhutto
US must help Bhutto, Pak move towards democracy: Report
India condemns Pak blasts
Blasts a conspiracy against democracy: Musharraf
Blasts rock Bhutto's convoy, 165 dead
Shelving N-deal: Indian-American community leaders feel betrayed
Why Benazir is blaming who she is blaming
Benazir Bhutto's magic works
India relieved Bhutto unhurt in terror attack
Advani speaks to Bhutto, conveys relief over her escape
Bhutto's security plan collapsed on her arrival: Report

October 18, 2007
1977-2007: 30 daunting years for Bhutto
Benazir Bhutto's political chronology
Benazir Bhutto lands in Pakistan
SC to decide Musharraf's fate in 12 days
Homecoming for Bhutto amid fanfare, security
India, Pak agree to continue border ceasefire
Pakistan denies ISI links in recent blasts
Three million received Bhutto on return in 1986

October 17, 2007
Pak ruling party chief meets Nawaz Sharif's brother
Musharraf petitions should be heard by full court: Pak SC
Reports say Dawood is in Pak: Bhutto
No deal reached with Pak regime: Bhutto
Bhutto vows to return to Pakistan on Thursday

October 16, 2007
Bhutto to reveal return plan today : Pak

October 15, 2007
Musharraf may move against Pakistan CJ again
Fallujah 2003-04 replaying in Pakistan's Pashtun belt
Bhutto firm on returning to Pakistan on Oct 18: PPP
Bhutto must face graft charges on return: Pak PM

October 14, 2007
Terror attacks set the tone for heated Indo-Pak talks

October 13, 2007
Kashmir solution possible if India changes stand: Pak

October 12, 2007
We are not 'stage-managing' Pak politics: US

October 11, 2007
Pak: Benazir, husband seek withdrawal of graft cases
Sharif to depart for London soon: report
Delay return to Pakistan, Musharraf to Bhutto

October 10, 2007
What sparked the deadly clashes in tribal Pakistan
Pak general polls in January: Aziz
Pak denies US report on al-Qaeda base
Al-Qaeda has built safe haven in Pak tribal areas: US
India to deal with whosoever is in power in Pak

October 09, 2007
Musharraf, Bhutto camps start poll talks
Sharif will return to Pakistan again in Nov: son
195 killed in Pak clashes, Army rules out ceasefire
'Musharraf re-election a perversion of democracy'

October 08, 2007
UK, US involved in Pak-Bhutto deal: report
80 killed in Pakistan clashes, 50 troops missing
Chopper crash: Musharraf escapes; 4 killed

October 07, 2007
Pakistan: 50 militants, 20 soldiers killed in clashes

October 06, 2007
Musharraf has to wait for SC verdict
Musharraf wins Pak prez poll: report
Pak Prez poll is on; violent protests rock Peshawar
Musharraf seeks new term today; security beefed up

October 05, 2007
Prez poll can go ahead as scheduled: Pak SC
Musharraf signs national reconciliation ordinance
PPP, govt reach draft agreement
How Benazir played into Musharraf's hands

October 04, 2007
Bhutto optimistic about finalising deal with Musharraf
Pak close to bringing ordinance on amnesty to Bhutto, other leaders
Musharraf's reconciliation plan an insult to Pakistan: Sharif
Military, ISI should have no political role: Musharraf
First Look: Lal Masjid reopens

October 03, 2007
Pak poll may be first free one since 1970: observers
Musharraf willing to withdraw cases against Sharif
Amnesty for Bhutto: Interpol embarrasses Pakistan
Time ripe to resolve Kashmir issue: Pakistan
US ready to work with 'any successor' to Musharraf
Pak warns nuclear suppliers against selective approach
Lal Masjid re-opened on Pak SC order

October 02, 2007
Musharraf's re-election bid: Oppn MPs quit
Ex-ISI chief appointed Musharraf's successor

October 01, 2007
Suicide bombing kills 15 in Pakistan
Anti-state elements have India links: Pakistan
Five candidates for Pak presidential poll
Top Pak police officials suspended on SC order
India, Pakistan leading buyers of weapons: US report

September 30, 2007
Over 230 Pak opp lawmakers resign

September 29, 2007
Pak police clash with protestors
US wants smooth transition to democracy in Pak
Bhutto to apply for anticipatory bail: Report

September 28, 2007
Sharif deportation: Pak SC notice to Aziz
Musharraf can contest presidential poll in uniform: Pak SC
Opposition to Musharraf rule gets a boost
I will accept Musharraf as President: Benazir
'Musharraf's ideas on Kashmir may go with him'
Bhutto acknowledges secret meet with Musharraf
Benazir books 130 tickets to Pak

September 27, 2007
I want to see Indo-Pak peace treaty: Bhutto
Pak oppn lawmakers to quit on Sept 29
Will quit as army chief if re-elected: Musharraf
Musharraf files nomination for presidential poll
Bhutto ready for talks with Sharif's party
I will make Dr A Q Khan available to IAEA: Bhutto
Bhagat Singh's books rotting in Lahore

September 25, 2007
Bhutto has to decide future steps for herself: US

September 24, 2007
Lawyers nominate ex-judge to stand against Musharraf
India to discuss recent terror attacks with Pakistan
30 leaders to propose and second Musharraf's nomination
Massive crackdown on Oppn leaders in Pakistan
Pak lodges protest over Indo-British war game
UK-India joint military drills in J&K illegitimate: Pakistan

September 23, 2007
Pak: Several Opposition leaders detained
'Musharraf begged for Kargil ceasefire'

September 21, 2007
Opening Siachen for trekking can hamper dialogue: Pak
Pakistan: Sehba won't contest poll
Musharraf loyalist appointed ISI head
Musharraf reshuffles army top brass, appoints new ISI chief
India, Pak meet reviews Siachen issue

September 20, 2007
Pak Opposition to resign if General doesn't relent
Pakistan's presidential elections on October 6
Five injured in Pak bomb explosion
Election Commission can't change rules: Pak SC

September 19, 2007
Musharraf shedding uniform internal matter of Pak: US
Why the Saudis got involved in Pakistan

September 18, 2007
Pak presidential poll may be delayed
Musharraf to step down as army chief after re-election
ISI should be roped in to tackle terror: Expert

September 17, 2007
Pak protests India taking tourists to Siachen
Stay put till Ramzan Id, Saudi king to Sharif
Musharraf case will decide destiny of the nation: Pak SC
Pakistan Opposition threatens to quit over election rule amendment
How the ISI misleads Indian investigators
India, Pakistan anti-terror meet on Oct 22

September 16, 2007
Pak amends rules for Musharraf's re-election
Pak police find army suicide bomber's head
Musharraf may be re-elected unopposed

September 15, 2007
I will return independent of talks with Musharraf : Bhutto

September 14, 2007
Pakistan's newest threat: Army officer turns suicide bomber
Musharraf vows to step up fight against terrorism
Bhutto will return to Pakistan on October 18

September 13, 2007
Pakistan bars Sharif from contesting polls
Suicide bomber kills 20 Pak elite officers
I cannot be sent back like Sharif: Benazir
Pak lawyers to go on strike if Musharraf seeks re-election
30 militants killed in fresh clash in Pakistan
Terrorists have become more lethal under Musharraf: Book

September 12, 2007
US backs Musharraf on Sharif's deportation
Will consider Dawood's extradition: Bhutto
Imran Khan sent back from Karachi
CPJ condemns attacks on Pak scribes during Sharif return

September 11, 2007
Saudi king connived with Musharraf: Pak rights panel
Stop fooling yourself: Imran tells Musharraf
Sharif humiliated before deportation: Pak journalist
Sharif's family moves Supreme Court, demands his recall
Sharif's deportation contempt of court, say retired Pak judges
Musharraf denies role in Sharif's deportation
18 killed in Pakistan suicide blast
Sharif's supporters launch legal challenge
How Osama has survived for six years
I will return to Pakistan: Bhutto

September 10, 2007
Govt defends Sharif's deportation, PML-N moves SC
Pak govt cracks down on Opposition; clashes erupt
Sharif's deportation: PML-N seeks SC's intervention
Emotional homecoming for Sharif
Sharif will soon go back to Pakistan: Son
We want stable Pakistan: India
Musharraf's ego and stubborness coming in my way: Sharif
Sharif's wife will return to Pakistan
What Nawaz Sharif's return means for Pakistan

September 09, 2007
I 'let down' Atal during Kargil episode: Sharif

September 08, 2007
Will invade Pak if needed: US prez candidate
'Sharif to be deported if he returns'
Bhutto-Musharraf deal collapses

September 07, 2007
No deal may lead to uprising, Bhutto warns Musharraf

September 06, 2007
Musharraf to remain Prez till Nov 15
Attock jail being readied for Nawaz Sharif
'Pak is epicentre of terror; Osama's there'

September 05, 2007
Pakistan and the 'minus 2 formula'

September 04, 2007
Pak police arrest hundreds of Sharif supporters
Powerful bombs kill 29 near Pakistani capital
Sharif vows to force Musharraf out in 6 weeks

September 03, 2007
Sharif most popular leader in Pak: reports
Sharif determined to oust military rule

September 02, 2007
Bhutto for dismantling terror networks

September 01, 2007
Bhutto-Musharraf deal gets thumbs up from UK, US
No deal reached yet: Benazir Bhutto

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