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August 30, 2007
Sharif asked not to return to Pakistan: Musharraf
Musharraf to drop graft charges against Bhutto: Report
US denies hand in Musharraf-Bhutto talks
No pressure to quit as Army chief: Musharraf

August 29, 2007
Sharif may return to Pak by mid-September
Musharraf, Bhutto reach deal on uniform issue: Pak minister
Supreme Court admits petition against Musharraf's position as Army chief

August 28, 2007
Musharraf admits negotiations with all political parties
Reddy's statements mere speculation: Pak
Investigate before pointing finger, Pak to India

August 27, 2007
Sharif's brother may hold talks with Pak generals

August 26, 2007
Sharif won't be allowed to return: Musharraf

August 25, 2007
Pakistan test-fires N-capable missile
Pak's ruling party prefers Sharif to Bhutto as PM

August 24, 2007
Sharifs may not return to Pak until November
Sharif disqualified from contesting elections
Nawaz sets terms for 'grand national reconciliation'
Nawaz Sharif: Hair today, gone yesterday

August 23, 2007
Sharif can return to Pakistan: Musharraf
Pak SC allows Nawaz Sharif to return

August 22, 2007
ISI not a law enforcement agency: Pak Supreme Court
No emergency, polls will be held on time: Musharraf

August 21, 2007
Muslims take over gurdwara in Lahore
Pak govt, opposition to clip Musharraf's powers

August 20, 2007
Pak govt, militants agree on ceasefire in south Waziristan
Pakistan is the world's most dangerous country: US lawmaker
Is Pakistan headed for martial law?

August 17, 2007
US wants to see moderates in power in Pakistan

August 16, 2007
US will help Pak deal with terrorism: Boucher
Oppn blasts Pak govt for neglecting Jinnah's granddaughter
US wants Benazir Bhutto as Pak PM: Report

August 15, 2007
Unilateral US strikes will be counter-productive: Pak

August 14, 2007
Pak to continue building nuclear reactors
Musharraf-Bhutto deal is on, says Pak minister
Musharraf's top aide meets chief justice
Stable government vital for Pakistan, Senate told
Time to deal with terrorism: Musharraf
The US cannot dictate to Pakistan

August 13, 2007
It's time to settle disputes with India: Pak
Pak militants spread tentacles
No cases pending in Pak: Sharif
Musharraf not trying to grab power: Pak envoy

August 12, 2007
Pak helicopter gunships pound Taliban hideout
Stop Iran-Taliban cooperation, US to Karzai

August 11, 2007
Pak govt opens cases against Sharif: report
What will happen to Pak's nukes if Musharraf falls?
Pak courts can 'decide' Musharraf's fate
Update voters' list in 30 days: Pak SC
Rice may have prevented Pak emergency: Report

August 10, 2007
Musharraf: The growing siege mentality
Musharraf will be re-elected by present Assemblies: Pak PM
Pak govt to file 'exile deal' with Sharifs in SC

August 09, 2007
12 militants killed in Pakistan
Musharraf decides against emergency in Pakistan
Imposing emergency is unwise: Bhutto
Emergency won't help Musharraf: analysts
Saudi unaware of bar on Sharifs' return
Emergency in Pak? Rice calls up Musharraf
Emergency in Pak? Conditions ripe: Information minister

August 08, 2007
Why Yakub Memon's death sentence is surprising

August 07, 2007
The strange case of Yakub Memon
Pakistan's chief justice to head bench hearing Sharif's petition
Dawood does not live here: Pakistan
Musharraf to go ahead with reelection plans
India not trying to 'destabilise' Pakistan
Benazir steps up pressure on Musharraf
TV channels fuel Dawood rumours

August 06, 2007
Bhutto wants to return with Sharif
Musharraf for getting reelected in uniform
Pak capable of defending its territory: Aziz
Musharraf must step down as army chief: Bhutto
Talks on with Musharraf, admits Bhutto

August 04, 2007
Pak's assemblies to reelect Musharraf
23 killed in suicide blast, militant attack in Pakistan

August 03, 2007
5 injured in Pak bomb blast
Pak court orders release of Musharraf critic

August 02, 2007
US to work with Pak in hunting down Al Qaeda militants
The Musharraf-Bhutto deal is in doldrums
I was never in favour of Kargil war: Sharif

August 01, 2007
I will order anti-terror strikes in Pak: Obama
'Military rule in Pak producing a failing state'
US says forces won't enter Pakistan

July 31, 2007
No nuke deal with Pak, reiterates US

July 30, 2007
Why did Musharraf meet Benazir?
Musharraf has a deal with CJ: NSA Narayanan
'Musharraf can't get re-elected in uniform'
Another Lal Masjid in Pakistan's northwest
Bhutto ready to share power with Musharraf: Report

July 29, 2007
Terror threat has Pakistan on high alert

July 27, 2007
Now Pakistan wants Australian uranium
Students take over Lal Masjid; blast kills 12

July 26, 2007
Pakistan test-fires N-capable missile

July 25, 2007
10 killed in rocket fire in northwest Pakistan

July 24, 2007
Evading arrest, Pak Taliban leader blows himself up

July 23, 2007
Al Qaeda faces ideological split
Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan: US Intelligence chief
Expert slams US plans to hunt Osama in Pak
Lal Masjid: Girls madrassa to be demolished

July 22, 2007
20 pro-Taliban militants killed in Pak

July 21, 2007
Pak CJ resumes duties, restores SC registrar
Is Pakistan staring at split in army?

July 20, 2007
Verdict on suspended Pak CJ's petition on Friday
Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry case: Timeline
India rejects reports on RAW-trained Afghan bombers
Pak Supreme Court reinstates suspended chief justice
Bhutto 'to back' Musharraf's re-election
US slammed for 'ducking' Al Qaeda problem in Pakistan
19 killed in suicide blast in northwest Pakistan

July 19, 2007
'Musharraf's a disaster. He lost his chance'
Lal Masjid to be painted green
Musharraf's moment of truth

July 18, 2007
Pakistan seals border with Afghanistan
Pakistan is dealing decisively with problems: US
16 soldiers killed in Pak
We were transparent about Lal Masjid: Pak
Suicide bombing targeted PPP: Benazir

July 17, 2007
Islamabad: 15 killed, 45 injured in suicide bombing
2 Pak soldiers killed in suicide attack
Attack on Musharraf: 39 detained
Musharraf drops charge against suspended CJ
Pak arrests 5 for assassination attempt at Musharraf
Release Lal Masjid detainees not formally charged: Pak SC
Pakistan after Lal Masjid

July 16, 2007
Pakistan on PM's LoC idea
US increases aid to Pak's terror hotbed
Karzai rewards boy jihadi, sends him back to Pakistan
Lal Masjid: What should Musharraf do now?

July 15, 2007
Pakistan: 35 killed in suicide attacks
Osama's deputy behind Lal Masjid revolt: Report
LoC should be converted into Line of Peace: PM

July 14, 2007
Lal Masjid stand off: Ghazi tried to escape
'Lal Masjid operation could have been avoided'
91 civilians killed in Lal Masjid operation

July 13, 2007
Al Qaeda's growth in Pakistan irks US
How many people died in Operation Silence?
Bush slammed for support to Musharraf
SC pulls up Pak govt over details of Lal Masjid operation
Pak govt denies CNN access to Lal Masjid
Terror strikes foiled as Pak faces extremist backlash

July 12, 2007
Inside the madrassas of Lal Masjid
Indian clerics back action on Lal Masjid
Slain Pak cleric Ghazi buried
91 killed in Lal Masjid flush out

July 11, 2007
The Lal Masjid fallout
Report blames Pak for regional instability
Commandos clear Lal Masjid of all militants
Ghazi's family feuds over burial
Pak police detain militant wanted by India
Security beefed up in Pak amid fears of backlash
Pak papers warn government over jihadi ties
Musharraf's mosque storming act impresses Bush
Blasts rock Islamabad as army flushes out militants
US denies hand in Operation Silence
Pak used India's most wanted in Masjid talks
What the Lal Masjid cleric said before he was killed

July 10, 2007
Musharraf's theatre of the absurd
Chronology of Lal Masjid crisis
Lal Masjid crisis may derail Pak elections: Report
Musharraf's credibility has eroded: Ex-ISI chief
Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi killed in army operation
No stay on 'Operation Silence': Pak SC
Pak army smokes out Lal Masjid rebels
Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi asked to surrender
Lal Masjid standoff: A chronology
100 killed in Lal Masjid operation
Pak govt holds talks with cleric
Beyond the Lal Masjid operation

July 09, 2007
Time to resolve Kashmir issue: Pakistan
Lal Masjid siege: Talks still on
Lal Masjid: A name synonymous with radical Islam
UAV halts Pak plans to storm Lal Masjid

July 08, 2007
Pak paramilitary officer killed as blasts rock mosque complex
Pak captures man with 3 dozen bombs

July 07, 2007
People with Al Qaeda links in Britain's police: Report
Surrender or die, Musharraf tells Lal Masjid militants
Lal Masjid boys' madrassa captured

July 06, 2007
Lal Masjid + judicial crisis = emergency?
Musharraf expresses displeasure over Aziz interview
Musharraf escapes bid on life
Explosions heard near Lal Masjid
Pak: 4 soldiers killed in bomb attack
I will rather die than surrender: Cleric
Pak govt rejects surrender demands of Lal Masjid cleric

July 05, 2007
Pakistan cleric offers surrender
8 militants arrested while escaping from Lal Masjid
Pak: Lal Masjid head cleric charged with terrorism
Students must escape or surrender: Lal Masjid cleric
Loud blasts around Lal Masjid
The Lal Masjid standoff: Endgame for Musharraf?

July 04, 2007
Pak religious affairs minister resigns
Pakistan: 10 killed in attacks
Lal Masjid cleric sneaks out in burqa; caught
Lal Masjid a state within a state: Ex-Pak minister
Top militant commander inside Lal Masjid: report
Madrassa forcefully kept our children inside: parents
Lal Masjid: 800 students surrender
Journalists might be holed up inside mosque
Lal Masjid standoff: 21 dead, govt rules out negotiations
Curfew imposed at Lal Masjid

July 03, 2007
Explosion rocks Lal Masjid; 10 killed
Will Musharraf declare emergency in Pakistan?
All about the Lal Masjid stand-off
India, Pak set up groups to counter terror, drugs

July 02, 2007
Terror in UK: The Pakistan connection
Pak: Intelligence agencies banned from court premises

June 29, 2007
Pak may turn into America's jailer
Benazir may back Musharraf's reelection
India to release 40 Pak prisoners on Saturday

June 28, 2007
Pak SC grants bail to same sex couple

June 26, 2007
Is AQ Khan's nuke bazaar still open?
Balochistan: Thousands evacuated as cyclone approaches

June 25, 2007
POW kin comments: Pak takes umbrage
Heavy rains kill 228 in Pakistan
Pak arrest five suspected Tajik militants

June 24, 2007
Imran's party will not contest polls under Musharraf

June 22, 2007
Musharraf orders crack down on madrassas
Pak traders offer Rs 10 mn for Rushdie's head
Pak may be building new nuke reactor: Report
A civilised protest against title for Rushdie
Pak gets first lot of F-16 jets
Soon, Bhagat Singh memorial in Pak

June 21, 2007
Former Pak minister to sue clerics

June 20, 2007
We won't authenticate troop positions in Siachen: Pak

June 19, 2007
Pak summons British envoy over Rushdie award
Pak condemns UK's decision to knight Rushdie
Musharraf, the last military dictator in Pakistan

June 18, 2007
Musharraf best bet for US: Newsweek

June 15, 2007
Nine killed in Pakistan attack
No way to treat Pakistan

June 14, 2007
Pak: 4 terrorists nabbed with rockets
Pakistan: Some likely scenarios

June 13, 2007
Pak: Indian PoWs remain untraced
Pak minister quits over death of Pakistani-Canadian woman
'Pak is just like France before French Revolution'

June 12, 2007
What a visit to Pakistan revealed

June 11, 2007
No unilateral demilitarisation along LoC: Pakistan

June 09, 2007
Jailed & tortured in Pak, Indian awaits help

June 07, 2007
Tell Pakistan to end mischief through ISI, NDA to PM
No Pak trip was planned for PM in March: India

June 06, 2007
US warns Pakistan against media curbs
Former Pak army officer can help trace PoW
Pak Army elements backing infiltration: General J J Singh

June 05, 2007
Musharraf offers to withdraw troops from LoC
Musharraf sings 'K' tune again but without usual notes

June 04, 2007
LeT chief's brother deported from US to Pak
Al Qaeda may attack US, UK embassies in Pak: Report

June 01, 2007
Pak author accuses govt of attempting to ban her book launch

May 31, 2007
Over one lakh suicide bombers in Pak: cleric
Attack on Pak cleric's house: 13 killed

May 29, 2007
'Musharraf has no interest in pretend Islamisation'

May 28, 2007
Pak SC not worried of consequences

May 27, 2007
Does ISI have a new anti-India operation?
Sindh govt bans Imran Khan's entry

May 26, 2007
I am still the Pak prime minister: Nawaz Sharif

May 25, 2007
India yet to share intelligence on Samjhauta blasts: Kasuri
Pak lesbian couple want to be put in same jail: Lawyer
Musharraf battles the odds
Hyderabad blasts: The ISI hand
Passage of EU report on Kashmir a historic event: Nicholson
EU report on Kashmir required more changes: Pak
EU report on Kashmir criticises Pakistan

May 24, 2007
Musharraf for negotiations with Taliban
Pak rights body flays move to shut magazine
Pak registers cases against radical clerics
'Why does Indian journalism constrain itself?'
Are Pakistan's bombs safe?

May 23, 2007
The citizen jihadi
My uniform is like my second skin: Musharraf
Bush nominates Anne Woods Patterson as Pak envoy

May 22, 2007
Karachi burns, India gains

May 21, 2007
When Pakistan PM's charm failed on Rice
Fate of land given to China to be decided: PoK PM
Pak to get upgrade kits for C-130 planes
More trouble in Pak: Govt, mosque face-off
Quit due to malicious criticism: Pak tourism minister
India scared of taking bold initiative on Kashmir: Mirwaiz
Hyderabad mosque blast was a terrorist act: Pakistan
Pak must tender apology for 1971: Bangladesh

May 19, 2007
Pakistan: 8 govt officials kidnapped
Situation in Pak precarious: Bhutto
India, Pak talks on Sir Creek make progress

May 18, 2007
Musharraf has decided to quit uniform: Politician
Presidential reference can be challenged: Pak judge

May 17, 2007
Musharraf has not yet reached the end of his line: US
Sacked CJ's lawyer to sue Musharraf
India, Pak hold talks on Sir Creek

May 16, 2007
Musharraf's fate to be decided on Sep 15
Indo-Pak relations have never been better: Musharraf

May 15, 2007
US to upgrade Pak's F-16 fighter jets
Karachi violence: Opposition blamed
Musharraf's continuation as army chief challenged
Imran blames Musharraf, MQM for violence
26 killed in Pakistan hotel blast

May 14, 2007
Karachi tense, judge refuses to hear CJ case
Top Pakistan Supreme Court official killed

May 13, 2007
Karachi still tense; toll rises to 39

May 12, 2007
US explores post-Musharraf scenario
Islam forbids suicide attacks: Pak militant leader
No question of imposing emergency: Musharraf
Musharraf's worst crisis: 30 killed in Karachi clashes
'Pak is America's most serious proliferation problem'

May 10, 2007
Support to South Asian varsity conditional: Pak
'Pak militant leaders propagating wrong image of J&K'
Most of India under Pak's next-gen N-missiles
'Al Qaeda expanding, regrouping in western Pakistan'

May 08, 2007
Why attack Manekshaw?

May 05, 2007
Suspended Pak CJ gets rousing receptions

May 04, 2007
Pak army camp attacked by rockets
A Q Khan's network helping Iran's N-plan, says report
UN resolutions on Kashmir obsolete: Qayyum
Peaceful periphery is a prerequisite to sustain our growth

May 02, 2007
'Solutions come out of talks'

May 01, 2007
Pak tribal areas safe haven for Al Qaeda: US
'Armitage dropped the hammer on Pak post 9/11'
'ISI was asleep when naval officers plotted to kill me'

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