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September 30, 2006
Terrorism is an import from the West: Musharraf
Bush praises Musharraf's role in war on terror
Mumbai cops' claim baseless: Pak

September 29, 2006
Pak appoints Shahid Malik as envoy to India
Musharraf, Karzai agreed to stay in touch: White House
Dismantle ISI, says leaked British document
Amnesty puts Musharraf in the dock

September 28, 2006
CIA paid prize money for terrorists: Musharraf
Meeting with Bush, Karzai was excellent: Musharraf
Osama is well, and hiding in Afghanistan, says Musharraf
Musharraf, Karzai in frosty meeting
Extremist training in Pakistan must stop: Karzai
Bring permanent truce in J&K: Pak

September 27, 2006
Kashmir militants in joint-terror ambit: India
'Pak must do much more to dismantle terror infrastructure'
Daniel Pearl's killer may cite Musharraf's book
Osama is alive and safe: Taliban commander
Musharraf learnt to make time bomb while in college
Musharraf's book is a 'pack of lies'
Musharraf takes on Bush over Iraq war
Musharraf nailed on lie in book
Jury still out on Pak deal with tribal chiefs: Karzai
What caused India's about-turn in Havana?
'It's in Pak, Afghan interest to see Osama brought to justice'
Work with India, US tells Pakistan

September 26, 2006
No Taliban leaders in Pakistan: Musharraf
Pakistani get 18 years for trying to sell missiles to Taliban
US not looking at post-Musharraf phase in Pak: Rice
'India developed N-technology indigenously'
Nobody insulted Musharraf or me: Vajpayee
Musharraf objects to 'Islamic bomb' tag
Calling Pakistan's N-bomb Islamic is racist: Musharraf
Pakistan should shut madrassas: Karzai
How Musharraf conquered Washington
BJP to seek public support against CBMs with Pak

September 25, 2006
No one forced me to join war on terror: Musharraf
How will the world know Osama is dead?
Waiting for a Kashmir solution: Musharraf
India copied Pak's N-programme: Musharraf
Anti-terror mechanism a test for India, Pak: Musharraf
India-US: partners of convenience?
Pak to examine evidence on Dawood
Vajpayee and I were humiliated in Agra: Musharraf

September 24, 2006
Pakistan army recruits first Hindu cadet

September 23, 2006
We did not threaten Pakistan: US
Terror must not stall Indo-Pak talks: Musharraf
Kargil was planned in advance: Musharraf

September 22, 2006
'Anti-terror mechanism must be a serious forum'
Pak puts off F-16 deal
Bush, Musharraf dodge questions on Osama hunt
We will bomb you to stone age, US had warned Pak after 9/11
'A Q Khan thought he could defy the world'
US will not impose solution on Kashmir: Bush
Bangladesh admits intrusion of two Pak militants into India
I didn't know about Pak bombing threat: Bush
Lashkar a bigger threat than Al Qaeda: Expert

September 21, 2006
Pak won't discuss India's criminal list under anti-terror mechanism
'Pak extremists dislike my peace efforts with India'
Pak SC drops charges against Musharraf attacker
Osama 'probably' in Pakistan's Waziristan: Clinton
'Optimism over N-bill, pessimism over Musharraf's visit ironic'
Time to build bridges, not burn them: Musharraf
Pros and cons of the joint war on terror
US will send troops to Pakistan to look for Osama: Bush

September 20, 2006
Pak yet to decide how to oppose Shashi Tharoor
Support Indo-Pak peace process, Musharraf urges US

September 19, 2006
US welcomes PM-Musharraf talks
Pak opposition threatens civil disobedience
'Musharraf's US visit an opportunity to ease tensions'
Musharraf's autobiography to be launched in NYC
Pakistani gurudwaras to get a little help from India

September 18, 2006
Anti-terror mechanism may be wound up if it fails
I have not got security for India forever: PM
Why Havana will haunt us
Dr Singh's Stockholm Syndrome
BJP flays PM's Pakistan statements

September 17, 2006
Indo-Pak foreign secretary talks in New Delhi next month: Report
PM accepts Musharraf's invitation to visit Pakistan
Mohabbat zindabad, gushes Musharraf
Foreign Secretaries to meet in New Delhi shortly
The peace process has won: Musharraf
Musharraf siding with US against Muslims: Taliban

September 16, 2006
India, Pakistan to set up anti-terror mechanism

September 14, 2006
Pak puts off rape law reforms
'Pak can't be trusted till it dismantles terror structures'
US lauds Musharraf's anti-terror efforts
'Musharraf fuelling Baloch crisis'

September 13, 2006
Pak will not move from Kashmir stance: Musharraf

September 12, 2006
Pakistan becomes member of ASEM
Bush 'bonanza' awaits Musharraf in US
J&K: HRW flays India, militants
'Why blame the US?'

September 11, 2006
'Hunt for Osama in Pak speculation'
Musharraf looks forward to 'substantive' talks with Dr Singh
Bush to host 'iftar party' for Musharraf
Pakistan's the reason why Osama's not caught: Afghan official

September 10, 2006
Pakistan condemns Malegaon blasts

September 09, 2006
AQ Khan's nuclear bazaar still in full flow

September 08, 2006
5 killed, 21 injured in Pakistan blast
Why the PM-Musharraf Summit is crucial
Imran calls Musharraf a US 'poodle'

September 07, 2006
PM to raise terror issue with Musharraf at NAM Summit

September 06, 2006
India to press for UN convention on terror
India's Baloch dream
Bush vows to continue fight against terror
We won't arrest Osama: Pakistan

September 05, 2006
Pak has impregnable defence: Musharraf
Pakistan, China to sign N-deal

September 03, 2006
Bugti's son questions belongings displayed by govt
Mumbai blasts: 'LeT operative's claims to be verified'

September 02, 2006
Baloch issue: Musharraf confers with Army top brass

September 01, 2006
'Muslims ignorant about meaning of Vande Mataram'
Terror to dominate Singh-Musharraf talks
'India behind Sri Lanka blast'
Pak's ailing scientist A Q Khan out of danger
Bugti's funeral held, no relatives attend

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