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    Narendra Modi, BJP     spokesman
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    Dr Farooq Abdullah
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    Prof Naved Hasan
 • 'The last issue to be resolved'
    Prof Ashok Kapur
 • 'Musharraf has two options'
    Hamid Mir
 • 'Any agreement will be weighed
     against the memories of Kargil'
    Dr Rifaat Hussain
 • 'The summit is not a tamasha'
    Tarun Vijay editor, Panchjanya
 • Pakistan should learn to
     forget Kashmir'
    Seshadri Chari editor of the
    RSS weekly, Organiser
 • Vajpayee, Musharraf ideal to
     solve J&K tangle'
    Hurriyat chief Abdul Gani Bhat
 • 'Four gentlemen sat down
     for lunch and decided
     to invite Musharraf'
    Congress leader
    K Natwar Singh
 • 'Musharraf's performance is one
     of missed opportunities'
    Benazir Bhutto
 • 'A military regime is trained to
     capture, not give away'
     JNU Professor Kalim Bahadur
 • 'Talks will depend on the realism
     displayed by Musharraf'
     K Subrahmanyam
 • 'If North and South Korea could,
     why can't we talk on Kashmir?'
     Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

 • The hype has failed, let the talks
     G Parthasarathy
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      Kuldip Nayar
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     G Parthasarathy
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     Arvind Lavakare
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     Saisuresh Sivaswamy
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     Kanchan Gupta
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     Dilip D' Souza
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     Ashwin Mahesh
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     Ashok Pandit
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     T V R Shenoy
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     Arvind Lavakare
 • No ready cure for this cancer
     Arvind Lavakare
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     with Pakistan
     Arvind Lavakare
 • Sirs, why not arms control?
     Admiral (retd) J G Nadkarni
 • How far can Vajpayee
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     T V R Shenoy
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     B Raman
 • High stakes and low expectations
     General (retd) V P Malik
 • Because it's their nature,
     their custom: why the Indo-Pak
     summit is doomed
     Rajeev Srinivasan
 • What is the validity of a
     Vajpayee-Musharraf deal?
     Amberish K Diwanji
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     Admiral (retd) J G Nadkarni
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     Saisuresh Sivaswamy
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     red carpet is out
     G Parthasarathy
 • Internal security slips, but the
     red carpet is out
     G Parthasarathy
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     Arvind Lavakare
 • Supping with a rogue general
     Brahma Chellaney
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     G Parthasarathy
 • Gen Musharraf Sir, this is against
     your national interest
     Maj Gen (retd) Ashok K Mehta

Indo-pak summit 2001

• July 15, 2001
India, Pak likely to issue joint declaration
A daring Pakistani who escaped
Hurriyat keeping fingers crossed
India, Pakistan inch forward
Musharraf skirts Mohajirs issue
Day 1 evokes mixed reactions in Pak
Musharraf-Vajpayee second round of talks end
Musharraf does not see need to extend visit
Monument of love leaves General awestruck
Musharrafs presents books, shawl to their guide
Images from Agra
Musharraf misses out on the Gita
Tight security, cold hearts await Musharraf in Ajmer
Lashkar vows to step up terrorist activities
ICSSR urges India, Pak to cut red tape
PoK leaders back Musharraf
Kashmiri leaders in Britain rubbish Hurriyat
Musharraf may extend stay
Text of MEA's statement
Musharraf invites Vajpayee to Pakistan
Cops pour water over Shiv Sena's ideas
'Barriers of distrust needs to be breached'
'Vajpayee should be applauded', Sattar says
Hour-long Meeting Induces Hope
Vajpayee, Musharraf Seek Middle Ground
Kashmir Looks To Agra With Hope
First Lady Plays While President Works
Jiang-Putin To Discuss Agra Summit
Kashmir looks to Agra with hope
Home Secretary's Baggage Missing

• July 14, 2001
Vajpayee arrives in Agra
'I told Musharraf that Pandits started it all'
Musharraf charms everyone at 'High Tea'
No military solution to Kashmir: Musharraf
Hurriyat wants Musharraf to raise Kashmir issue during summit
Hizb praises PM, may suspend fighting
Trouble in Tashkent
Prez seeks a relationship based on Simla, Lahore
I keep seeing you, Musharraf to Shah Rukh
Welcoming the 'enemy'
We continue to support J&K struggle: Musharraf
'Kashmir will be the last issue to be resolved'
Pandit leader meets Musharraf, blames Pak for troubles
India seeks Dawood's extradition
J&K figures in Musharraf's talks
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to play for Musharraf
VHP leaders goes on a hunger strike
Begum Sehba to visit Fatehpur Sikri Sunday
Musharraf pulls off a coup in Old Delhi hearts
Jaswant cautions Pak against rejection of agreements
Delhi-Lahore bus: A symbol of peace
Pak chief justice takes over as acting president
Hurriyat discusses strategy for Musharraf meeting
Jiggs to provide jingle to the summit party
Air chief refuses to salute Musharraf
Agra martyrs' widows demand apology for Kargil
Agra mayor says Musharraf is not welcome
I have come with an open mind: Musharraf
Musharraf pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi
21-gun salute greets Musharraf at Rashtrapati Bhavan
General strike paralyses life in Jammu
Musharraf's kin to meet him in Agra
Musharraf arrives in India
Canada Experts Optimistic

• July 13, 2001
Taj, Agra decked up for the General
Musharraf wants Vajpayee to see reality
Pakistan has 51 Indian prisoners, ashes of 21 others
Army reduces 20,000 troops in Kashmir
Vajpayee urges dialogue in non-combative atmosphere
Pandits want Vajpayee to take up issue with Musharraf
Hurriyat not insisting on joining Indo-Pak summit: PTI
Pak media laments India's 'wrong priorities'
Pandits want Vajpayee to take up issue with Musharraf
A Kashmiri Pandit, with a difference
Jaswant to broach terrorism issue with Musharraf
Lone to attend 'High Tea'
Pak officials disallow Indian scribes to Hurriyat meet
Congress regrets Musharraf's rejection of Simla accord
Naidu not keen to meet Musharraf
Pakistanis view Agra summit with cautious optimism
Disputes may mar Musharraf's Ajmer visit
When the 1972 Indo-Pak summit nearly failed
Musharraf meets militant groups to discuss summit
VP Singh to attend 'High Tea'
No third party will be involved in Indo-Pak dialogue: PM
Musharraf rules out LoC as permanent border
Digvijay Singh to be 'Minister in waiting'
PM calls on President
Submit report on Neharwali Haveli destruction: SC
Hope wells up in Uri

• July 12, 2001
Shed narrow approach: Vajpayee
Pak Army endorses Musharraf's India visit
Hurriyat-Musharraf meeting likely before 'High Tea'
Pak expresses surprise at NDA's 'High Tea' boycott
No war pact with meaningless: BJP
Qazi cajoles Fernandes
Hopes of breakthrough fade
Tight security for Vajpayee, Musharraf
Congress to attend Qazi's party
J&K non-negotiable: Jaswant
Mulayum sceptical about summit
Shia Muslims seek transit facilities through Pak
President finds dead man among guests for banquet
Summit just a first step, say US experts

• July 11, 2001
Musharraf apprises China on summit
Govt nervous about media hype
UP ministers in scramble for invitation to banquet for Musharraf
Shubha Mudgal to sing for Musharraf
Pak high commission keeps Musharraf's kin waiting
Congress to take own line on summit
Premature to expect breakthrough: Musharraf
NDA decides to boycott Qazi's 'high tea'
'Involve true representatives of J&K in talks'
Iran wants Musharraf to discuss gas project with India
Marwar-Sindh rail link may be revived
Visas: Abdullah asks Pak to respond positively
Naqvi not to attend tea party if Pak invites Hurriyat
No Indian POWs in Pak prisons: Pak Minister
Gujral accuses Musharraf of being aggressive
NDA not very optimistic on summit
Invite to Hurriyat a non-issue: Congress
Govt buckling under pressure: Panun Kashmir

• July 10, 2001
Musharraf-Hurriyat meet no big deal: George
Easing of Visa rules doesn't change LoC status
Involve Kashmiris or talks will fail: Hurriyat
Easing Visa Regime 'Peripheral': Pak
Musharraf-Hurriyat meeting no big deal: Fernandes
India to focus on cross-border terrorism
JKLF to boycott Musharraf-Hurriyat meet
Pak DGMO wants meeting after summit
Hurriyat to have closed door meeting with Musharraf
Vajpayee to gift Husain's painting to Musharraf
Relatives of PoWs demonstrate
Mr President, will you free my daddy?
'Pakistan must stop cross-border terrorism'
Ajmer shopkeepers abandon protest against Musharraf
Pak trade ministers not to accompany Musharraf
Chastised Farooq returns to Srinagar

• July 9, 2001
Pak ready to discuss other issues
Pak's Hurriyat Invite May Harden Indian Stand
India proposes dialogue on security concepts
India, Pak experts to study Indo-Iran gas pipeline
DGMOs' meet unlikely before summit: Pak
Thackeray opposes Jinnah House as Pak consulate
Kashmiri pandits seek compensation from Pak
Hurriyat expects one-to-one meeting with Musharraf
Visa rules eased for Pakistanis
Talk, but cede no land, parties tell PM
3000 Pak soldiers died in Kargil: Benazir
Bus service linking two Kashmirs possible
Hurriyat confirms receipt of Pak invite
Pak erred in making Kashmir core issue: Bhutto
Kashmir not sole focus of summit: Vajpayee
Traders worried about Musharraf's visit to Old Delhi

• July 8, 2001
Invites issued to Hurriyat: Pakistan Radio
DGMO likely to visit Pakistan on Tuesday

• July 7, 2001
Meeting with Hurriyat depends on India: Musharraf
'I'm the first Pak leader to be invited by India'
India, Pak should give up confrontation: Advani
Hurriyat denies playing spoilsport
Farooq to be back before summit

• July 6, 2001
Agra hotels yet to fill up
PML to resist any deal on Kashmir
Panun Kashmir asks PM to take up Pandits' issue
Bitterness creeps ahead of summit
Advani suggests South Asian confederation
Don't lose focus, India tells Pakistan
Vajpayee tells DGMO to visit Pakistan
Cong disapproves of Musharraf's plan to meet Hurriyat
India making 'colossal mistake': Bhutto
Hurriyat to be invited to be Musharraf's reception
Vikas to walk from Amritsar to India Gate

• July 5, 2001
Musharraf suggests No War Pact
Confidence building measures likely during summit
Musharraf agrees to meet Hurriyat leaders
Musharraf to lead 63-member delegation
Musharraf sets up National Security Council
Vikas Singh walks to freedom

• July 4, 2001
IC 814 hijackers' extradition to figure in Indo-Pak talks
PM takes steps to better Indo-Pak ties
Red carpet welcome for Musharraf
Crucial Hurriyat meet on Thursday
Summit to discuss Indo-Iran-Pak gas project

• July 3, 2001
Lashkar rejects plea for ceasefire during Indo-Pak talks
Hurriyat episode may inhibit Pak delegation
Tight security for hotels chosen for talks
Jaypee Palace, Amar Vilas it will be

• July 2, 2001
Hurriyat demand to meet Musharraf a 'non-issue': India
UK groups lobby against summit
Indo-Pak summit a good sign: Shabbir Shah

• July 1, 2001
Pakistan agrees not to invite Hurriyat
Stop making empty boasts, Musharraf tells fanatics