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Stars favour Obama, says US astrologer

By George Joseph
Last updated on: October 09, 2008 00:40 IST
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The stars are with Barack Obama, says an Indian astrologer in the United States.


"Whatever the polls may convey, the cosmic timetable and the karmic events all seem to point in favor of Barack Obama to occupy the Presidential seat in January 2009," Malini Parthasarathy, a former senior management specialist at the World Bank, and an astrologer, says.


"For nearly three decades, every four years we do the analysis on the Presidential elections and most of them were accurate, and Rediff India Abroad published a few of these in the past, including one on Indira Gandhi," Virginia based Parthasarathy said.


"We had hinted that security measures should be strengthened because of malefic afflictions in the nation's chart which were similar to those when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948."


"I come from a family of astrologers. I started this out as a hobby, between my education and career. In fact, my mother does the intensive analysis and predictions and is the mastermind in guiding me, and I closely work with her on the same subject," Parthasarathy, who now heads a software development business specializing in medical software, said.


The horoscope is a chart based on the moment of birth at a particular place, according to the latitude and longitude. This is taking a snapshot of the constantly moving planets at the exact time of birth and place.


The ancient Hindu Vedic astrological system predicting human destinies is well known for its accuracy. By a careful study of the changing patterns formed by the permutation combination of the members of the Solar and Lunar family, historical changes can be divined.


For the election astrology, the US horoscope has to be compared with both the Presidential candidates, so that the best compatibility can be matched with the suitable candidate to be President.


John McCain:


McCain's horoscope is based on Date of Birth 9:am August 29, 1936 in the Panama Canal. I have included Pluto, Uranus and Neptune's transits. These three planets are not involved when casting the Birth chart under the Hindu Vedic system, which dates back some 4000 years, many years before the discovery of these three planets.


When McCain was born, his birth star Uttarashada came under the Rasi Capricorn, and his Lagna or ascendant is that of Cancer. As McCain began his life, the royal planet Sun's major period was in operation.

His natal planet Sun being posited in Leo made him very courageous and powerful. The ascendant Lord Moon is placed in Capricorn under the rule of Uttarashada Star also belongs to the Sun group. Hence the planet Sun is more powerful than his ascendant lord Moon.


His Mercury posited in Virgo is exalted, and is ruled by again a Sun's star (Uthiram) being posited in Virgo. This gives him great mental clarity. The great Benevolent Jupiter stationed in Scorpio is a great Benefic for this horoscope. However, Mars the war planet situated in Cancer his ascendant goes into debilitation meaning weak.


Even though McCain was a warrior, Mars has been the culprit that had caused his imprisonment in the war zone with heavy injuries. Saturn in the 8th is very strong in his own house Aquarius, which opposes Venus and Sun indicating health problems, poor negotiations, and bad reputations caused by women. The Moon in Capricorn is emotionally hard and conservative. The nodes Rahu and Kethu are posited in the 6th and 12th houses respectively causing difficulties during their running period. His 8th house holds Saturn. Transit of Uranus near his 8th house brings an unexpected health crisis. However, from March 3, 2008 onwards the major period for Mercury has already started, with its minor of Mercury period itself. In his horoscope, Mercury is elevated in his own house, which will bring him great power and change in his life.


Sarah Palin:


Born on February 11, 1964 at Sand Point, Idaho. The ascendant is Scorpio, and 3rd house with Sun, and Mercury, which is very good for politics. Additionally, Saturn being posited in his own house also is a good sign. 


Jupiter in his own house (Pisces) with Venus causes Vipareetha Raja Yoga, which is not good. For Scorpio ascendant, Moon is the ruler of the 9th house (Cancer), also the Poorva Punya sthan. This Moon is placed in the second with Kethu, a karmic controller. The planet Rahu is aspecting both the Moon and Kethu.


The yoga gets spoiled. Moreover, this is a typical horoscope of ripe Kala Sarpa Yoga, as all the good planets are hemmed in-between Rahu and Kethu, meaning eclipsed.


Joseph Biden


Born in Scranton, PA on November 20, 1942. According to Vedic astrology, his ascendant (Lagna) is Scorpio. The Sun and Venus are in conjunction in Lagna, which causes a great Raja Yoga. The best feature of this horoscope is Jupiter, placed in Cancer, which is his 9th house, in exaltation causing a Maha Baghya Yoga. The ascendant is accepted by Jupiter, and so also the Sun and Venus. Rahu is well placed in his 10th house. It will confer authority, power, elevation, etc. in later part of his life. At the time of the polls on November 4th he is under the sub period of Jupiter major and Saturn minor. This gives great support and elevation to Obama.


Barack Obama:


Barack Obama's chart has been worked out according to the Vedic principles too, based on his birth time data of August 4, 1961 19:24:00, born in Honolulu Hawaii.


Ascendant is Virgo, and the ruling ascendant Lord Mercury is posited in Cancer with the royal planet Sun which is his 11th house causing a powerful Raja Yoga. As the Sun is in Cancer with Mercury, the same yoga principle is applied here that makes the Sun sign very strong.

His Moon sign is placed in Taurus in the 9th house and the Moon is exalted there in the Constellation Karthigai, meaning very powerful aspect. Saturn, the Karmic planet in Capricorn, denotes leadership ability and a very hard worker who definitely wants to heal the Country.


Venus is in the 10th house. This natal position causes him some unpopularity with both Conservatives and Liberals. The major planets Jupiter and Saturn are neutrally placed in Capricorn where the mighty Jupiter is debilitated (weak). The Saturn-Sun opposition is not too good for politics, again another weak point.

Obama's Mars conjunct Rahu (node) in the 12th house is opposed by transiting Uranus. This kind of cosmic planetary events will threaten his life safety caused by secret enemies.


According to the cosmic timetable, once again the good stars overrule the malefic effects and his chart is compatible in many ways with the US natal chart. Added to this, he has special Raja Yogas from the ascendant ruling Trine and Quadrant signs, gaining great power to make one king, here politically destined to be a leader of a country.






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George Joseph