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The masala to flush out terrorists in J&K

By Anil Bhat in Udhampur
March 30, 2008 17:57 IST
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To be one up on militants during counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir, security forces are all set to get new anti-thermal smoke grenades filled with high concentration of red chilly and pepper.

The 81-mm calibre grenades, which have been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, have completed field trials and contain red phosphorus and chilly and pepper, defence sources said.

"The field trials have been completed with success in several areas and along the Line of Control. The grenades would be successful in forcing out militants from their hideouts," they said.

The grenades have concentrated extract of a naturally-occurring red chilly and pepper, besides phosphorus and explosive material, they said.

As the grenades burst, the extract and explosive material get dispersed in the atmosphere giving acute irritation to the throat and skin. The grenade material also chokes the respiratory tract causing difficulty in breathing.

It will also be possible to create a smoke screen with the grenade burst, the sources said.

The smoke screen is capable of neutralising thermal imagers and night vision devices and laser range finder.

The hand grenade can be effectively used by both the police and armed forces, the sources said.

The 81-mm calibre grenade can also be mounted on the turret of tank and fired by a grenade launcher, they said.
The grenade forms a smoke screen within four to 5.4 seconds at about 90 metres distance on bursting above the ground, they added.

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Anil Bhat in Udhampur