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Own up terror acts, e-rally urges Pakistan

Source: PTI
December 15, 2008 14:30 IST
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A new movement has been launched in the virtual world to urge Pakistanis to take ownership of their actions and to stop shifting responsibility.

"I am Pakistan", Pakistan's first e-rally, is inviting Pakistanis across the globe to join the group. "I think the sole purpose of this group is to instigate a desire and an oath to be a model Pakistani, wherever we may be. To be under oath to take responsibility of my 2'x2', the space that I occupy, wherever I may be," writes TV anchor Faisal Qureshi on Facebook.

"My2By2" is the 2 feet by 2 feet space that one occupies when one stands. "It's the space that is mine and my responsibility, wherever in the world I may be. If you believe in Pakistan and if you believe in yourself, then we all must join hands to stand up for our country", reads the post on Facebook.

The e-rally has already enrolled over 4,000 members. Qureshi, an anchor on a local channel, however, is not too keen on singing up members just to increase the headcount. "If you believe that you are because of Pakistan, then simply join this group. Please don't join this group, just to join another group," he writes.

Qureshi also does not encourage mindless discussions on the group. "Nothing political, no sides, no discussion, no agenda. Only a statement."

He is also urging Pakistanis to change their profile picture to the "I am Pakistan" logo which says each citizen is responsible for his "2x2".

"This is a rally just to show the world that we're one people. Just change your profile picture in large numbers, and let the world see that we stand united, and that we are Pakistan. Let this be a rally to beat all rallies, for the love, pride and ownership of one country and one nation," he declares.

Several comments on the group are high on emotion. "I am Pakistan! Whatever I am today is because of Pakistan. At this time of Pakistan being in an intense pressure and tension from all around the world, we as the citizens have to stand up together to be the spirit of Pakistan," writes Pardeep, who joined the group recently.

 "I do not at all believe in any of our political leaders who are and have been ruling our country. Hence, as citizens we have to build a positive image of our nation. Pakistan is my identity, Pakistan is my Pahchaan, Jive Jive Pakistan!!" adds Pardeep.

Meanwhile, a post by a Pakistani praises the Indian media for calling the demolition of the Babri mosque in 1992 "a day of national humiliation" and chides Pakistan for dismissing India's claims about the Mumbai attackers.

"When India issued details of the terrorist Ajmal Kasab, it was turned into a 'joke' by our press, leaders and intellectuals. First we were told 'there is no Faridkot' in Pakistan, Fareed Kot is in Bangladesh'" writes Shahryar Ali.

 "The most embarrassing development now proves that the terrorist in fact is a Pakistani from the same Faridkot which we couldn't find on our map. His father identified him...

"It's a day of a national humiliation for us. Ajmal Kasab is a Pakistani from Faridkot a fact we kept on denying at every level. But will we learn but alas we still need proof," Ali writes.

"It is shameful when young men from our society go out and kill people in other countries," reads a comment by Adnan on Ali's post. 

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