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Will you become a vegetarian today?

March 14, 2006 16:19 IST
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A new study, this one by Scientists for Cancer Research, UK, says meat-eaters who switch to a vegetarian diet gain less weight than those who don't change their diets. They arrived at this conclusion after studying 22,000 meat and fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans over five years.


Switching to vegetarian keeps weight down: study


The finding is significant since obesity has been identified as a major cause of a host of modern-day killers like cancer, diabetes, heart trouble etc.


Professor Tom Kay of Oxford University, who led the research, told Reuters, 'Contrary to the popular view that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in proteins keeps weight down, we found that the lowest fat gain was in people with high intake of carbos and low in proteins.'


What is your own experience?  Do you agree with the inference that vegetarians are a healthier lot? Will this study make you give up meat? Tell us!

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