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Lawmakers introduce resolution against blasts

By Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC
July 13, 2006 02:59 IST
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Two United States lawmakers have introduced a resolution in the Congress condemning the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and urged their colleagues to show their solidarity towards India, particularly the people of Mumbai.

In a Dear Colleague letter, Congressmen Joe Crowley and Joe Wilson, the immediate past co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, said, 'As the death toll rises from yesterday's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we should show our unity with our friend and ally India.'

They wrote: 'The Government of India has remained a strong supporter of the global war on terror and offered immediate assistance to the United States after the 9/11 terrorists attacks. Our shared values have made both our nations targets to those who wish to see an end to democracy and modern society.'

Crowley and Wilson informed their colleagues that 'the explosions on the commuter rail lines were an attempt to create terror in the financial center of India,' and spoke of the explosions that occurred within 30 minutes 'creating chaos, destruction, and terror in Mumbai, a city of 16 million'.

They lauded the indomitable spirit of the people of Mumbai who 'quickly responded to the attack by turning out in hundreds to donate blood, taking bed sheets to turn into stretchers and offering assistance and comfort to the victims of the attack'.

'While the terrorists succeeded in their goal of taking innocent lives, they failed to stop the people of Mumbai from going about their daily routines to show terrorism will never win,' they added.

Crowley and Wilson exhorted their colleagues to co-sponsor the resolution 'condemning this heinous attacks on the commuter rail service and expressing sympathy for the people of India in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai.'

The lawmakers said co-sponsoring the resolution would clearly indicate to the government and the people of India that the US Congress and the American people are united in their sympathy and stand in solidarity with them 'after they suffered one of the worst terrorist attacks in their history'.

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Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC