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'God bless Mumbai'

Last updated on: July 12, 2006 01:48 IST
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We appealed to readers who had seen the Mumbai blasts to tell us what they saw. Here are is the tragedy as witnessed by rediff readers:

If you were witness to any of the blasts, please tell us what you saw by clicking here


I was travelling from Borivli to Dadar by a fast 5:46pm local. Between Khar and Bandra, we heard a deafening sound and our train stopped before the overhead harbour line flyover. Passers-by told us there had been a bomb blast. All trains were vacated within a few minutes. As I walked ahead, I saw locals helping the injured, giving them first aid and rushing some to nearby hospitals by any means of transport they could find. Bravo, Mumbaikars!

Yogesh, Bandra


We came walking from Dadar Circle to Mahim. There was a lot of traffic and nothing was moving. But I had an experience of Mumbai I will never forget. Poor people, families, everyone on the street from Shivaji Park to Victoria Church, handing out cups of tea, bottles of water, biscuits, stuff to eat. They didn't bother staying indoors. There were young people managing traffic, helping people share a cab, get transport. It made me feel proud of Mumbai. No one should dare call Mumbai a rude city again.

Gazala Irani, Mahim


God bless Mumbai. I am travelling home at this time, as are hundreds of Mumbaikars. But the most fascinating sight is of hundreds of people who are on the roads -- not demonstrating, but offering water and biscuits. This is incredible Mumbai. Kids, girls, women, young men, old people -- all are trying to feed the hungry and quench the thirst of the thirsty.

Rana, Bandra


As soon as we heard about the blast at Khar, me and my friend Mansoor rushed to the spot. It was about 6:40 pm. The 1st class coach was totally damaged and bodies of the injured were strewn about on the tracks. Local residents with the help of commuters rushed some of them to hospital. Some dead bodies were stuck inside the coach.

We could only find some traffic cops on duty nearby at Khar Subway. At about 7 pm two or three policemen arrived at the spot. Till then, the bodies were taken out from the coach and kept aside on the tracks.

It was really a disaster. And totally against humanity.

Salaam Mumbai's trafiic cops, who were doing some very good work at Vakola Bridge on the Western Expreess Highway. They helped people reach home by stopping empty autos, taxis and even private Cars. The taxis and autos were allowed to carry more passengers than they normally are.

Hozefa Jawadwala, Vakola

I was at Jogeshwari station when the blast occurred and in minutes many people lay dead. There was chaos everywhere but the people were trying to help each other without any government official in sight. That's the spirit of Mumbaikars. Even then we are supposed to be the rudest city in world.

It's a shame -- whoever is responsible for this should be traced by the police (don't they claim to be second best in world?).

The perpetrators of this attack are inhuman. How they can do this to innocent people who are no way related to any politics?

May god give patience to the loved ones of the victims.

A Khan, Jogeshwari


As I got down from my coach in a state of shock and walked back towards the blast site, there were people already from the other coaches, and some good samaritans from the nearby slums and railway yard, who were desperately carrying the injured people down the subway exit to the roads and loading them into cars and taxis.

Residents of the buildings near the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana were flinging bottles of water and blankets for the injured people.

Those who were very badly burnt and bruised – they could have been dead – were left for the police and railway porters to attend to.

Amidst this chaos stood the ill-fated train, motionless, with a huge chunk of its roof and a couple of the window frames of the 1st class coach blown across two tracks.

Ramdas Kudva, Santa Cruz


I was there when a bomb powerful enough to shake the glasses of buildings 100 meters away went off. I ran down to the tracks to check on my mother and a couple of other friends. The first class compartment number 634A coming from Dadar at around 6:05 pm was completely ripped apart like a crushed juice can. All people from the compartment were injured.

There was no proper road to approach the tracks, we had to bend the ticket window side-fence to get to the bodies. I picked up two people, one of whom had his thigh slit open. I smelled burning fumes. He was bleeding through his nose and ears. Another person and myself carried him to the police jeep nearby, but the constable was not able to tell us where to go. Fortunately, a Police control van appeared and they took the injured person to Sion Hospital.

What I saw within an hour shook me to the very core of my heart.

Hemant Budhivant, Matunga


I was just entering Borivali station when I heard a blast. I was on my way to Churchgate.

I went onto the bridge and I saw the blast had happened in the 1st class compartment next to the ladies 1st class compartment. The whole second gate of the 1st class was popped up like a popcorn flake.

The situation is beyond description. I could see charred bodies of four men and one woman being taken away on stretchers. I think they were dead.

I caught a rickshaw back to office, which I thought is a safer place.

Nobody was accompanying the bodies, which were being carried in an auto rickshaw. One body fell out of the rickshaw on the turning of the Chamunda circle. A few women on the road fainted seeing the condition of the body.

It was really a horrendous scene.

Kishan Joshi, Borivali


We were at the G7 theatre at Bandra. The movie was supposed to start at 6.45 but, suddenly, at around 6.30, we heard a loud bang. There was smoke emanating from the tracks nearby. We then saw people climbing on the walls between the tracks and the theatre and running. That is when we realised what had happened."

Rajesh, Andheri


I saw people running everywhere. Local people were doing all they could to help. The police came so late, after everything was over. The police are so bad, but people are so helpful and they did very well. People are dead. Many are running and there are so many people dead. This is a very sad scene.

Vijay, Santacruz (E)


I was in Jogeshwari when the blast took place at 6.35 pm. It was a very tragic moment in my life to see a lot of bodies strewn all around me on the platform. I am still dazed. May God bless everyone.

Sureshchandra H S, Jogeshwari


I was standing at Mahim station at the Harbour line platform. The fast train going towards Andheri just arrived at the station and the front portion of the train just flew away. People who were hanging outside because of the rush flew out of the train and other people ran. There was a mess. I was really depressed to see people lying on the tracks.


Dhano Mansukhani, Mahim


I saw a huge ball of smoke rising and people running. It was like hell.

Kondap, Bandra station


Yes, I saw the Mira Road bomb blast. I had gone for a walk on the flyover and heard the blast. There are so many people dead here. It is a shame for the Mumbai Police.

Abhishek, Mira Road


I was on platform number 5 of the Borivali station. The blast occurred at platform number 4, just 10 metres from me.

Ketan Jain, Borivali


I have a shop on Mira Bhayander road and that is where I was when this incident happened. I heard the blast and found out about the bomb a few minutes later. When I got there, I was shocked. There were a lot of people. Some were crying. All injured people were taken to the hospitals in Mira Road. Every hospital here is full, and some are not admitting the injured.

May God bless the injured. I will pray for them.

Moiz Shabbir Mandsaurwala, Mira Road


I was on the tracks over the Khar subway and saw a train coming towards me. Suddenly, the top of the train blew up and people were thrown on the tracks. After some time, the train stopped moving and a lot of people from the nearby Golibar area came to rescue them. I have seen the unity in our people. Irrespective of religion, they simply came to help. I am proud to be a son of India. I hope politicians don't use this as a tool to divide us.

John, Khar


I was in the Mahim train in which the blast occurred. I just heard it and there was smoke everywhere. I leaned out of the train but couldn't see anything because of the smoke. As soon as the train stopped, we got out and crossed the platform to reach the roads.

Gaurav, Mahim


We were waiting to catch the 6.24 pm. local train at Borivali station. In a few minutes, the overflowing train entered on platform No.4. By looking at the compartment, we realised it was impossible to enter. The first class compartment passed in front of us and, a few seconds later, we heard a blast. The top of the compartment was just blown away. Ladies and men started rushing everywhere. I saw some people helping others stay calm and making a way for ladies to move. In the next 15-20 minutes, police come with an ambulance, took away the bodies and cleared all platforms. This is the time to show our unity to the people who want to break us.

Sunil Waghralkar, Borivali


It was like a horror movie in slow motion. The 1st class compartment of a Borivali-bound train blew up at Mahim, flinging bodies like charred puppets...

The people who did this are monsters and are waiting for a sequel. Killing innocent people is not the key. Why don't they put all our corrupt politicians in a first class compartment and blow them up?

Raz, Mahim


I was supposed to catch the Avantika Express from Borivali station to Indore at 7:40. I went early and was sitting on the bench under the stairs.

Suddenly I heard a big bang. I thought it was some electrical mishap. But then, I saw people running away from the train.

When I saw people covered in blood, I left my luggage and ran away. Later, I came back and saw few policemen standing. There were no stretchers, no one to help, nothing.

I took my luggage climbed the stairs and stood there. People came running, as policemen were evacuating the station. My mobile network was completely jammed, I couldn't inform anyone that I was fine.

People were running outside, very few auto rickshaws were available as most had been occupied.

Luckily I got an auto rickshaw and came back to my office.

Kshitij Nema, Borivali


I just came from Bandra to Matunga. As soon as I came out of the station and was on the over-bridge, I saw a huge part of the first class compartment of a fast train blow up. People were falling out of the train. All phones were jammed and I couldn't call anyone. Being an outstation student, my parents were worried and I was unable to call them.

Manish Chaudhary, Matunga


I was on the ill-fated train in the first class compartment in the middle. As soon as the train left Dadar station, we heard a big blast. Passengers who were near the door simply jumped off or fell down. The people inside were trying to jump, but I, along with a few commuters, asked them not to. We could see the wires on the left door. The first thought that came to mind was dying of an electric shock. All of us huddled near each other and avoided the doors. The train stopped at Matunga station and we all jumped out on to the platform. It was then that I saw the damaged first class compartment. It had literally opened up. Some commuters then rushed in to remove the stranded passengers. It was a terrifying scene. I saw a lot of passengers bleeding.

Satish Dasi, on the 5:54 local from Dadar to Virar


I was in my office in Bandra West -- between G7 movie theatre and Bandra station -- and heard a blast. I turned around and saw smoke coming out of a moving train coming from Bandra towards Khar. I saw parts of a first class compartment touching the poles on the side of tracks and even heard the noise of metal scraping. The train stopped right behind our office building. I saw people jumping out.

I appreciate the boys of Navpada area who immediately rushed to the spot and started rescue work. Railway police and fire brigade came very late. By that time they had sent almost 20 people, who looked severely injured.

Farhan Shaikh, Bandra


I was standing at Khar station waiting to go to Churchgate. As the train entered the station, there was a blast in the first class compartment. The impact was so heavy that I actually was thrown back and hit an iron rod. There were bodies all around. Some of them had no face, hands, fingers, etc.

Sandeep Butaney, Khar Station


I was in the Mahim train. I just heard the blast and then there was smoke everywhere.

I leaned out of the train and could see nothing but smoke. As soon as the train stopped we got out of the train and crossed the platform to reach the roads.

Gaurav, Mahim

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