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Balochistan remarks wrong: Brajesh Mishra

January 04, 2006 01:47 IST
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Former national security advisor Brajesh Mishra on Tuesday said the peace process with Pakistan could be in jeopardy and suggested India tell President Pervez Musharraf that unless he fulfilled the 2004 commitment to eliminate terrorism, New Delhi cannot go forward with the dialogue.

"India wants the peace process to continue. At the same time, we cannot tolerate terrorism aided and abetted by Pakistan.

"If it continues this way, we cannot go on with the peace process,'' he said in an interview on CNBC on Tuesday night.

"We have to tell President Musharraf to fulfill his commitment given to [the then] prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2004 that no territory of his country will be allowed for use by terrorists."

Breaking his silence after 21 months of demitting office, Mishra, who is considered the architect of the January 2004 joint statement, said he will not hold the Indian government responsible for jeopardising the peace process now, but said he certainly will if India continued to tolerate the attitude of Pakistan.

Mishra said he was astonished to read the remarks by Indian officials on the violence in Balochistan and said such comments will not help take the peace talks forward.

"It is a mistake on our part to have made such a remark. Are we suggesting that the people of Balochistan are correct?"

Mishra said during the third round of composite dialogue between the two countries, which is to begin in a fortnight's time, India should tell Pakistan that it cannot go further unless terrorism is completely stopped.

"We should use the occasion to warn Pakistan that enough is enough and we cannot tolerate this further," he said.

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