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Fight for the Right to Information!

August 17, 2006 14:12 IST
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Are you frustrated with our government?

Do you wonder why the road to your home cannot be paved properly?

Or why your local government is spending money on flyovers?

Wonder no longer. Use your Right to Information!

The Right to Information Act 2005 is hailed as a revolution in India's evolution as a democracy. It empowers the ordinary citizen who has hither-to been armed with only his vote, with the tools of information that propel government decisions.

Thanks to the legislation, citizens can seek -- and get within 30 days - information on how the government arrived at decisions, be it about his ration card application or the money spent on lighting a bridge outside his home, that affect his life.

But even before the ink can dry on the legislation, the Union Cabinet has proposed amendments to the law that activists say dilute its spirit and defeat its very purpose. So far, the government has not relented its position, and the activists in turn go about mobilising public opinion.

Naturally, there is a surge of opinion on the subject. Is the government taking away from one hand what it gives from another?

Will Indians continue to labour under administrative darkness even as we celebrate 60 years of overthrowing the foreign yoke?

We cannot let this happen!

Meet up with like-minded souls on the Rediff Connexions group and let's make a positive change!

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Fight for the Right to Information!

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