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Nepal: People destroy king's message boards

April 25, 2006 20:26 IST
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Jubilant supporters of the democracy movement in Nepal destroyed the message boards of King Gyanendra after he announced the revival of parliament in the Himalayan kingdom.

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Thousands of jubilant supporters of the Seven Party Alliance destroyed the big hoardings bearing the king's message hung in various parts of Kathmandu valley and Ratnapark on Monday night, in front of the Royal palace, local reporters present in the scene said.

First the supporters of the seven parties tried to erase the message of the king using enamel but later destroyed the hoarding boards, calling them the symbol of autocracy, they added.

Salaam Nepal! War has just begun

Thousands of people chanting slogans against King Gyanendra were warning the leaders not to make any compromise with the King and understand the feeling of the Nepalese people and go for constituent assembly.

Newar community, the people of inner Kathmandu, who had not come out during the demonstrations, came to the streets on Monday night after the House of Representatives was reinstated. Police personnel were deployed in various parts of the city replacing the Royal Nepalese Army.

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