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What Mauritian media says about PM's visit

By Anthony D'Costa in Port Louis
March 30, 2005 23:57 IST
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What has the Mauritian media said about Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's visit from March 30 to April 2?

Le Mauricien, in an editorial by Gilbert Ahnee on March 30, said the visit was likely to be a 'defining moment for the development to come from the partnership between the two countries.'

It continued, 'Of course, it is not the first time that we receive the visit of a head of Indian government. From Indira Gandhi to Atal
Bihari Vajpayee, Rajiv Gandhi and Deve Gowda, Mauritius has more than once vibrated at the passage of these leaders who, whatever party they belong to, do not hesitate to strongly underline all that binds us to their immense country.'

However, it said, the arrival of Dr Singh 'deserves to be interpreted in the light of various and rich dimensions of the person.'

The editorial was headlined Aap ka Swagat hai, Manmohanji

L'Express, in an opinion piece by Ryan Coopamah headlined Brother India, said, 'The circus of the media has moved. The projectors are directed on the official visit of the Indian Prime Minister. After several fallen through attempts, Manmohan Singh will finally land in
Mauritius this afternoon. Enthusiasm is palpable. After all, Mauritius welcomes one of its big brothers.

'During the next 72 hours, Mauritius will not cease thanking India for its collaboration… Since independence, India took an active part in the economic development of Mauritius,' Coopamah added.

The agreement of free trade that India and Mauritius will sign, Coopamah said, will give a new boost to trade between the two countries. 'India will once again be the great winner.'

'Times have changed and today, Mauritius no longer swallows any Indian grass snake. The revision of the agreement between Air-India and Air Mauritius testifies it,' Coopamah said.

L'Express, in a pen portrait by Coopamah, called Dr Singh 'the quiet revolutionist'.

'The flags with the colors of India decorate the streets since the weekend. Expected for a long time, Manmohan Singh finally arrives
today for an official three days visit. When he will emerge from the plane of Air-India, dressed in his traditional clothes and his usual
blue turban, the Indian Prime Minister will not fail to impress. His humility and simplicity are contagious. However, this step betrays a
sharp intelligence and an aggressiveness that want to transform India into one of the principal world powers of the 21st century.'

Le Matinal editorial headlined 'We consider Mauritius as neighbour' said, 'The fact that the Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, chose Mauritius for his first official visit abroad after the 10 months spent as the head of India underlines the dominating place that your country occupies in the eyes of India and also testifies the special relations, which resisted all the tests of time.'

The treaty of non-double taxation between India and Mauritius carries the signature of the Indian prime minister, it said.

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Anthony D'Costa in Port Louis