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'Mumbai not prepared to handle a crisis'

Last updated on: July 28, 2005 04:16 IST
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We asked readers about how they coped with the torrential rain in Mumbai and this is what the responses said, verbatim:

I am writing from my Office in Andheri. I live at Krishna, Nayan Sagar Complex, Kalher, Bhiwandi on Thane-Bhiwandi Road. There is 12 feet water around our building. The ground floor of the building is under water, Our families requires rescue operation so that they can get food and some help. Only one phone is working in our building i.e 02522-277265. You can contact this number to understand the situation.

Please help the families laeving in Kalher, Thane-Bhiwandi Road. You can reach to me on 9223416244 / 56918179/ 8185/8158.

I am trying to contact emergency services. But not connecting connected to anyone. Please help us...Please help us...

Mahesh G. Badgujar

I am a Rotary Exchange Student to Germany... I was supposed to be at my home in New Panvel on 27th July.....But my flight to Mumbai was cancelled. My visa is valid only for 50 days i.e. till 28th July and I cannot go back tomorrow because the flights are already booked and the weather forecast indicates more rains in the next 48 hours...

It is really hard for me to think about the situation in my city... I hope to come back early and start with my college. I think we Mumbaikars will overcome this incident and make the public infrastructure more powerful to cope with such difficulties...


I am a helpless person sitting here in Minneapolis, USA trying to get hold of my in-laws who live all by themselves in Santacruz (W). My wife and me have tried calling all the nos. since the past 12 hours. We are extremely worried.

Please help us get though to these people. If there is anyone in Mumbai who

could contact them , i would appreciate it.

Here are there phone nos. 26605391 and 9323251956.

I understand this is not a help line. I am looking for hope. Please understand this has been my last resort.

Akshay Kini

Read one of the article by Sangeeta from Shahad. My parents are also in Shahad. C9 131, Century Rayon Colony. They live on the ground floor. There's a village not even 1 km behind our house called Mharal which had been reported as submerged !!!

Could Sangeeta from shahad (or anyone else for that matter) please get in touch with my parents. you can email me at or SMS me at +17324292841 with info. Even my brother has not been able to contact them. So this is one of my last hopes of reaching out to mymom n dad ! 

Piyush Balan

I am staying in the US. My parents stay in Shivsrushti, Kurla (E),Mumbai. My mother presently is here for a visit and my father is out of Mumbai on work. Theirs is a ground floor apartment.

I am unable to contact my brother by phone or cell. Reading all these articles compels me more to find the state of the neighborhood and them.

Please can you give me any information regarding Shivsrushti? Their building name is Parijaat, Rising Sun Society.

Thanks a lot.


I'm writing from chennai where there has been partial or no rain at all. While I was just going through your article about Mumbai being hit by heavy showers and people being stranded at their workplace or wherever they are, my mother asked me to withdraw some cash from ATM.

I left my place about one hour slowly walking towards my nearest SBI atm where my mom's salary is accounted. On reaching the ATM, I found it temporarily out of service. Then I walked down to the next SBI atm which is 15 mins walk. Even there I found the same message. Then took a walk towards the next nearest SBI atm. The shutters were down at the third atm.

Then I went to the ICICI atm since the card was Maestro affiliated. ICICI rejected my card saying invalid. I did not know the reason why!

Then i walked to the HDFC atm, which is near the ICICI and to my bad luck displayed the same temporarily out of service message and so I thought of speaking with the security personnel. Only then it dawned on me and asked him if the network was situated at Mumbai and without any expression he said yes. Then I realised the whole situation.
Even SBI network is at Mumbai. So bad that even though the technology has improved a lot it also has its pitfalls.

I relied too much on atm to get my cash often. Now i'm out of luck without any cash and i'm empty handed. One city being hit has also it effects on other cities. Mumbai being the hub of business activity authorities over there should be well prepared to handle crisis like. It's like Indian cricket team relying on sachin. Wake people of India. We got to do something about this.

My friend Mamta Dayama working in Accenture has started from Marol Naka yesterday evening at around 4 pm. She is still struck in the bus that started from Marol Naka bus no 22,MH 01 L 8483. The last time I got the information she reached Ghatkopar in the morning 8am. But we don't have any further information from her as her mobile is not working now. So all their family members who are residing in Aurangabad are really tensed about the situation. So please if any one can get the information about her please let us know about the current position with her. Contact no: 9892655207. and 022 24174801 extn (1053,1002).

We will be very grateful if anyone will do the needful.


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