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Nepal sneers at threat to cut arms aid

February 24, 2005 10:54 IST
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Nepal will approach other countries for military supplies if India and the United Kingdom stopped such assistance, reports the BBC.

While Nepalese authorities say they have not been officially told about the move to suspend such aid, India and the UK announced the move to halt military aid to Nepal after the king took direct control of the government and imposed an emergency, the report said.

Nepal to mobilise military funds internally

India, Nepal's biggest arms supplier, India announced that its military supplies to Nepal were on hold.

Earlier Britain said it had suspended a planned $2.5m aid package comprising vehicles, night flying and bomb disposal equipment, the BBC said.

Nepalese defence secretary Bishnu Dutta Uprety told the BBC that if these threats were carried out Nepal would explore alternate sources of military supplies. While he did not name any nation, local media reports suggested that Kathmandu could approach its northern neighbour, China.

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