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'National security is more important than privacy'

December 13, 2005 15:38 IST
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Following Bangladesh's move to tap phones to fight rising crime, we had asked readers if the Indian government should also be allowed to tap our telephones if that could help in tackling terrorism.

The readers have, almost unanimously, given their nod. ("Yes, yes, yes. It can stop lot of unlawful activities." -- Amalangshu Pal)

They say if it is about protecting the nation from terrorism, then privacy is a small price. ("I am from the valley of death, Kashmir. . . and can understand what havoc terrorism creates on the psyche of the nation and its people…"  -- Irafa Khan)

But all readers do not support the move. Most of them also warn that the power must never be misused. ("The government must get all the information about a particular suspect and be double sure that it is really the one they are looking for..." -- Siddarth Banik)

To find out more about what readers have to tell about the issue, read on.

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