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Rani's Adi power

By The Bombay Bitch
September 20, 2007 14:32 IST
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The celebrity-ego virus appears to have inflicted Rani Mukherji who, these days, goes around Yash Raj studios ordering people to do exactly what she says.

Don't even think of refusing -- the lady breaks into a flurry of threats, with the name 'Aditya Chopra' -- or, as she says it, 'Aaaaddddi' -- used as indiscriminate punctuation.

Those -- and there are very few such -- who even think of resisting, or say anything derogatory about this overgrown spoilt brat -- find themselves in Aditya Chopra's cabin, discussing with him and her the advisability of clearing out your desk and moving to other pastures.

The proverbial little bird says Kunal Kohli recently experienced this, after complaining about Rani-madam's latecoming on the sets. Cue meeting in the Chopra cabin, considerable angst, lots of rona-dhona, and one sulking Bengali girl at the end of it all.

Rani has a bit of a rep anyway for being foul-mouthed, and flighty (the kind would say 'artistic temperamentI' -- we call it being bratty). Which was bad enough when she was just Rani; now that she has the Chopra in her corner, the lady's (we use the word loosely) tantrums have increased exponentially, to the disgust of all within range of her vitriol.

Um... someone needs to tell her that being named 'Rani' does not equate with a coronation, and the right to go 'Off with his head' at the slightest provocation.

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The Bombay Bitch
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