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'Leave Indian Idol out of reservation'

May 29, 2006 13:20 IST
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Sandeep AcharyaThe new Indian Idol, Sandeep Acharya, is on a high, having just released his debut album.

And the young singer had a blast chatting with readers last week. Though he was delayed, readers waited patiently to chat with their newest idol.

For those who missed the fun, here's the chat transcript.

Sandeep Acharya says, Hi, this is Sandeep Acharya here! Let's chat.

sindhu asked, hai sandeep.. how are u doing??
Sandeep Acharya answers, I am very nice. thank you.

maheshwar asked, hey sandeep me maheshwar from bihar... u r realy great yaar.. ur voice is nice and imprassive.. same like udit narayan
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thanks a lot. i got encouragment from your words. Thank you again.

maheshwar asked, kaya raaz hai apki is combination ka khubsurat aawaj key sath khubsurat ensan.
Sandeep Acharya answers, Koi raaz nahin hain baas. Main achha sochta hun aur chahta hoon ki sab khush rahein.

ratnakar asked, I am sure you must have planned your activities for next one year
Sandeep Acharya answers, Definitely. Future mein jam ke kaam karna chahhta hoon.

ratnakar asked, how you are feeling after wining indian idol
Sandeep Acharya answers, Bahut achha lag rahan hain. Aur chhata hoon ki mera kaam achha chalta rahen.

pranali asked, hi sandeep, congratulations what about your life after indian idol i think u are bussy on u work
Sandeep Acharya answers, Jindagi mein bahut change aa gaya hain. Aur pehli baar mujhe ek bara album karne ka mauka mila hain. I feel that I am little busy post indian idol.

ranjeetbkn asked, congrats sandeep for putting up great show for bikaner. I am originally from bikaner but presently lives in sydney..all the best for ur career..keep up the good work
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thank you very much. Thanks for your support and all the best to you too.

mat28 asked, hi sandeep!!! Congratulations. I am perticularly impresed with the way u transformed ur voice from a typical Udit Narayan to complete original!! kudos to u!!
Sandeep Acharya answers, Sahi kaha aapne. Mere liye zaruri tha ki main ye karun. Mushkile ayi lekin sab kucch bahut achha hua.

sonu asked, kaafi samahjhdhar dikhte ho acha gaate ho lekin kuch style change kar lena warna udit ke aage muskil hai tumhara tikna
Sandeep Acharya answers, barabar bola. unse jitne ki zarurat kya hain. unke barabor bhi ho gaya to kafi hain.

prince asked, u want to make a album with abhjeet
Sandeep Acharya answers, Bilkul. why not?

Bhaskar asked, Do u feel that the voting pattern of north-south helped u?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Yes definitely. I got votes from whole of India. I am so happy and grateful.

awesomeanisha asked, sandeep i love u from the bottom of my heart!! im anisha from mumbai.....though i liked karunya first now i like u
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thank you very much. I respect your feelings. All the best to you.

Phil asked, Hello Sandeep!!! R u Aiming Singing as your career?? Or do u have any other plans for your future???
Sandeep Acharya answers, I want to make singing my career.

sudhanshu asked, Hi sandeep, I belong to jaipur-Rajasthan and I have voted for you in n numbers-I know you are a star now-=But please be the way you are and Please tell me does this album of yours also have some folk song from rajasthan??
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thanks a lot. The album has two folk songs from Rajasthan -- both are different and unique.

iqbal husain asked, udit narayan or sonu nigam?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Both because I got to learn many many things from both of them.

howzzat asked, do u think there was someone else who was much deserving than u ?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I feel that i am as good as anybody else. If people voted for me they must have felt something about me and my voice.

madhu asked, why your face looks "Nervous", your face dont looks with confidence. Please be smile at every time.
Sandeep Acharya answers, :))))))))

iqbal husain asked, you are really sweet . and smiling person.maintain the nature throught. you will definetely achive a very good position as a play back singer.
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thanks a lot. All the best to you. Keep smiling you too.

Jitendra asked, hi, jitendra from NIT bhopal here, Sandeep How many gals crush on u after IDOL2 ?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I did not count them :)

Raj Hyderabad asked, Hey Sandeep how r u man, after seeing Indian Idol i have become great fan of your voice
Sandeep Acharya answers, I am fine. Thanks for those nice words. Be my fan always.

Debashish asked, Do you feel more responsible now that you have become Indian Idol?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Bilkul. Bahut responsibility mehsush karta hoon. Main chhata hoon ki isi baat ko importance doon.

ammu asked, hey sandi whats the future plan ... any new offers up ur way
Sandeep Acharya answers, Main abhi apna album kar raha hoon. Future mein Sandeep Chowta aur Anu Malik aur Deepak Pandit ke saath kaam karne ka chance hain.

navin asked, Qazi was also a person who was loved by the people of india but he is now not to be seen anywhere do u think that the same thing will happen in ur case too?
Sandeep Acharya answers, No dear. I don't think so. I will try my best not to let it happen to me.

Sandeep Sucks asked, how do u feel abt karunya? Do u sincerely think u have won against him in real terms? Don't you think the result is a truly 'manufactured' one with the SMS episode. What do u think who is really worth becoming Indian IDOL 2? u or Karunya? Are you coward who cant reply to this Questions?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I also liked karunya. he is a very nice human being. Maine hamesha se hi yeh sochke mehnat ki main apna achha kar paun aur mera dhyan isi pe tha. Aur wohi chiz mere kaam ayi.

Shalini asked, Why were u late for the chat
Sandeep Acharya answers, I got caught in Mumbai traffic :))))))))

vivekh asked, sandeep which is your favourite song ?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I love aanewala pal jaanewala hain from golmaal.

Mandar asked, Sandeep ain't u tired of being/ Pretending a nice guy all the time ??
Sandeep Acharya answers, No I am not. For, I don't need to pretend. I am nice anyway.

rainman asked, Hi, are u planning to sing in Bollywood
Sandeep Acharya answers, As long as the offer is right, I plan to sing anywhere.

KarunyaHarsha asked, Sandeep- The Rise of an indian singer. This suits you doesn't it
Sandeep Acharya answers, Thanks a lot.

reena from rajasthan asked, Sandip which is ur favourite movie?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I like andaaz apna apna, kuch kuch hota hain, Mughal-e-Azam.

ParagD asked, I think karunya and amey date were only the best singers in indian idol. What sandip, what you say when u compete them in real terms?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I feel you have raised a pertinent point. But I also sing well and I have proved it. :)))

sportynitin asked, SAndeep do u feel there should be OBC reservation in Indian Idol
Sandeep Acharya answers, Please leave Indian Idol out of reservation issue.

bhumika asked, which is your favourite colour?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Sky blue, white and green.

Norah asked, How do u manage to keep that plastic smile on ur face all the time…To be frank I think its very annoying.
Sandeep Acharya answers, It is not plastic. it is real. If it annoys you, I am sorry.

Norah asked, If u and Karunya do a stage show who do u think will win more applause?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I do hope that I get the most applause :)))))

Pragati asked, sandeep you have not answered even a single question of mine hi sandeep are you there. when will be your new album be released. You asked, Hello Sandeep, I am pragati from New Delhi. How does it feels to be on top of the world. Your life changed completely within six months. My Best Wishes are always with you. Best of Luck for all your future assignments.
Sandeep Acharya answers, Mera album aaj (may 25) launch ho raha hain aur anewale do tin din mein har jaga avaialable rahega. Thanks for your good wishes.

Sandeep Acharya answers, Thanks for the compliment. I will You take care of yourself as well.

Norah asked, Tell us about good and bad qualities
Sandeep Acharya answers, Bad: i am so naughty Good: I am very sincere, dedicated and passionate about my music.

reena from rajasthan asked, What are ur hobbies sandeep?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Playing cricket, reading books, eating and travelling.

Rashu asked, bye Sandeep...hope to c u in Gurgaon
Sandeep Acharya answers, Would love to meet you there.

SandeepCoward asked, Sandeep what want to say against notion that you are NOT WORTH of INDIAN IDOL 2 Only thing you have is LUCK, are you are coward who can only reply to good commented questions Accept criticism constructively
Sandeep Acharya answers, I did what I was supposed to do -- sing to the best of my abilities. It is the people who have given the verdict. Even if some people feel I am not worth of the Indian Idol title, once they listen to my album and my future work, they will change their minds.

hope_001 asked, Have you received any B'wood offers yet sandeep jee? Are you going to tour USA, Canada or Uk soon?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Mujhe Anu Malik, Sandeep Chowta aur Deepak pandit se offers mile hain aur main jaldi un pe kaam karunga. Aanewale samay me USA, Canada, Uk tour pe jaanewala hoon. Thank you.

ricky2 asked, Hi Sandeep,Which is you most embarrassing moment during the contest?
Sandeep Acharya answers, Jab mein theatre round mein tha aur uske tisre stage pe mera gala ekdam kharab ho gaya tha. Aur stage pe jaake maine gaane se inkar kya. Mujhe laag raha tha main ga nahin paunga. Lekin maine gaya and everything went off well.

reshma asked, What is yr new album about
Sandeep Acharya answers, It is about my life, In this album, I am tried a few experiments.

ParagD asked, how much education have you done sandip?
Sandeep Acharya answers, I have done BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Geology from Bikaner University.

matrix asked, hi sandeep what does competition mean to you>??
Sandeep Acharya answers, Competition means hard work, concentration and presenting one's best.

Kajol asked, Indian idol 2 vs India idol 1 Whos the best????
Sandeep Acharya answers, I AM THE BEST :)))))))

Sandeep Acharya says, It was very nice chatting with you all. Thanks for your time. Sorry for not being able to respond to each question. Love you all. Bye.

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