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Abhijeet Sawant answers your questions

Last updated on: June 06, 2005 15:19 IST
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Abhijeet SawantWhen Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant spent one-and-a-half hours at's office on June 3, he added a few more to the bag of hearts he has won over.

The new star signed autographs by the dozen and braved requests -- from 'please sing for us' to 'can I have your phone number' -- with signature charisma.

He obliged fans by singing Chana ve and, as an encore, Mohabatein lutaunga.   

And of course, Abhijeet chatted with readers for an hour, taking on questions on everything -- from God to girlfriends. 

For those who missed it, here is the first part of the chat transcript:

Abhijeet Sawant : Hi all! Abhijeet here. I am ready to take your questions. Ask away!

mrinaalshinde : Hi everyone u might not believe it but i am actually releted to abhijeet sawant
Abhijeet Sawant : Really? How come?

SweetFairy : Abhijeet who is ur fav cartoon character sweetie?
Abhijeet Sawant : Tom & Jerry and Popeye!

Sariya : Hi Abhijeet how do you feel being an Idol
Abhijeet Sawant : Great! :-)

idol : abhijeet - who is ur fave actor/actress in india????
Abhijeet Sawant : Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerji!

harika : areey getting bored abhijeet kab aayega?
Abhijeet Sawant : Nothing too out of the ordinary:-)

Shailendra : What are the plan you have in mind for future
Abhijeet Sawant : To be a successful playback singer, and to make a definite stand for pop singers.

Abhijeet Sawantidol : cool abhijeet they r my faves too.. what is ur fave film in india??
Abhijeet Sawant : So many. Andaz Apna Apna, Devdas, DDLJ, Hera Pheri...

pravin b : HI abhijeet when is ur birthday??
Abhijeet Sawant : Oct 7.

Hawk_7t7 : Abhijeet ur favourite Car ???
Abhijeet Sawant : My favourite car is Prado and the Mercedes Benz : What to like to eat most?
Abhijeet Sawant : Dal-rice!

idol : would u like to sing for Shah Rukh Khan? are u singing for his next film music by anu malik??
Abhijeet Sawant : I would love to sing for Shah Rukh Khan. I don't know whether I am singing for Anu Malik's film though.

sushant : Please do have one show in hyderabad!!!
Abhijeet Sawant : We want to do our show there, but maybe soon!

Abhijeet Sawant : I like romantic numbers, I like ghazals.

rains : How many girl friends do you have?
Abhijeet Sawant : Thousands! (kidding)

Abhisek : Abhijeet Do U think u can become World Idol?
Abhijeet Sawant : I don't know about that, but we will definitely plan to do that!

idol : Abhijeet... have u signed any Film Albums to sing for?
Abhijeet Sawant : I have done two film songs - one for Himesh Reshammiya and one for Sanjeev Darshan.

mohdnawaz : Abhijeet, what is the one thing that you miss after becoming rich and famous
Abhijeet Sawant : Walking on the road, free time, playing cricket.

aditya : Hi Abhijeet do u believe that God exists?If the answer is yes tell me the incident when u feel the presence of God.
Abhijeet Sawant : Yes, I do. I used to ask sam questions to God when I did puja in the mornings: Main banoonga ki nahin. Sometimes, I felt God was with me - and here I am, the Indian Idol.

sushant : r u doing any marathi album or not!!!
Abhijeet Sawant : We are doing a Marathi album- me, Rahul Vaidya and Prajakta.

idol : are you coming to asian lifestyle show in the uk...are you coming to asian lifestyle show in the uk
Abhijeet Sawant : When is that? If I get free tickets, I will definitely come there!

sharat : R U mad?
Abhijeet Sawant : A little bit! Ha ha ha

Abhijeet Sawant : Sachin Tendulkar.

ahuja_anoop : hey ABHIJIT just wanted to tell you that i sent 50 SMSs for your FINALs. I really APPRECIATE your talent at this age. GOD BLESS and EXCEL ALWAYS.
Abhijeet Sawant : Thank you so much Anoop.

jayesh_nair17 : Who are your favourite singers past and present
Abhijeet Sawant : Past singers: Rafisaab and Kishoreda.. I have so many favourite singers. In the present: Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan. In the future: Abhijeet Sawant!

misha : hey abhi do u watch tennis??
Abhijeet Sawant : I like tennis, yes.

Abhijeet Sawant : I have got two acting offers!

Abhijeet Sawant : My uncle, my guruji.

molly : hy abhi, whom do u love most in world........... beside ur mom and dad
Abhijeet Sawant : My future girlfriend!

pravin b : hey abhijeet why did u coloured your hair...
Abhijeet Sawant : I did colour my hair but it isnt suiting my face. It was the style then. I like to experiment with my hair.

uma : do you read?? what kind of books do you like?
Abhijeet Sawant : I love Harry Potter.

Alok Tewari : Abhijeet if I call you for dinner with my family at home, will you come ?
Abhijeet Sawant : Let me ask my channel!

Vaishali_005 : ABHI dear, when is ur next album coming?
Abhijeet Sawant : It will be out in a few days. The main thing is, we just finished recording for it. It is very similar to Pal. It's called Yaaron. All of us 11 finalists are going to sing in this album. There is another album with Jassi: people like Shaan, Kailash Kher and me have sung for it.

babbad : what is your strongest point?
Abhijeet Sawant : My voice quality. My smile.

Want more of Abhijeet? Don't miss the second part of the transcript, to be posted on June 8.

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda

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