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I'm already booked: Meghna Naidu

Last updated on: July 28, 2005 17:07 IST
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Meghna NaudiMeghna Naidu floored us in her Kaliyon ka chaman video.

She may not have done films worth a mention, but there's no denying the girl's hot. And everyone wants more of her.

When she chatted with readers on July 26, the chat room just could not get enough of her.

For those who missed the fun, here's the chat transcript.

Meghna Naidu : Hi, this is Meghna here to chat with you.

kavi : Hi meghna, tell me about u r latest film in telugu
Meghna Naidu : I am not doing a Telugu film right now, but the last film I did in Telugu is called Shatru. I'm doing a Tamil film called Veerasamy.

jai : chepandi
Meghna Naidu : baag unnara

shekd : hi meghna how are you ? wht is your fourth coming hinidi movies?
Meghna Naidu : One is called Jackpot, and another one, Rain. And Bekaraar.

nonu : He Maghana how r u, just want to say i think ur a beautiful actress who is also very talented. I really liked u in silsilay, love u take care.
Meghna Naidu : I was not in Silsilay! And that was Celina Jaitley and she did a great job!

ArshiMA : i love u dancing
Meghna Naidu : Thank you

rani : Are you doing any more music videos
Meghna Naidu : No, not as of now, but definitely in future if I get a good song - better than Kaliyon ka chaman - then I will!

rani : hey, why didnt youtart ur film career with a big film witrh big stars
Meghna Naidu : Cause its very difficult for a newcomer to get into the 'big star' category unless you prove yourself initially with the small people!

phosphazene : hi meghan this is saikat from bangalore a student of iisc,doing research here,u must befine,ur new movies tell me something
Meghna Naidu : My forthcoming film is Rain, in which I'm playing a blind girl. The other film is Bekaraar, in which I play a don.

Meghna Naidu : I'm very well, thank you.

Jeevan : Hi Meghna, your contemporary Payal Rohatgi and Mallika Sherawat are making in big banners or international cinema. When are you likely to make it? Are you still awaiting to get any big banner in near future?
Meghna Naidu : Yes, I am getting a lot of offers, but I'm taking it very slow right now because I have just completed five films, and I need to take a break. But by next year you'll see me doing better films and better roles.

phosphazene : tell me meghna somehting about bengali film experience
Meghna Naidu : Oh it was a great experience working in Bengali. As my mom is half a Bengali, I understand the language very well and Mithunda was also in the film which made things very easy.

mermaid : who would u like to work with from the actors
Meghna Naidu : I like Salman Khan

Meghna Naidu : It was great. He's a fabulous actor and a great star to work with. I had to learn a lot from him, and he is extremely down to earth.

mermaid : what r ur dreams
Meghna Naidu : My dream is to do very well in life, to keep everyone happy and probably be the best in whatever I do.

Male : whats ur definition of hot??
Meghna Naidu : 'Hot' is confidence.

vinu : meghana you look so gorgeous in your music videos & movies.if you combine it with roles of substance that will make it a perfect & brains.i think you hv the it in you.when will you take up roles of substance
Meghna Naidu : I have taken up a role of substance. If you watch my film called Rain, in which I'm playing a blind woman, it is about why a woman is so scared of rain, and what torture she's gone through in life to really be scared of rain.

missti : which photographer did ur first folio ? which city are u fm?
Meghna Naidu : Vickey Idnani did my first portfolio, and I am from Bombay.

phosphazene : meghna, whats ur hobby,how u spend time when ur not busy with ur filom shooting.
Meghna Naidu : I watch a lot of movies, and spend a lot of time with my family. Travel, when possible.

rahul : hi meghana wat u do to keep urself fit n glowing?
Meghna Naidu : work out regularly and eat well.

Dunga : Any plans of marriage ? if yes , think about me , love you :)
Meghna Naidu : Yes, marriage plans in the next 3-5 years, but I'm so sorry! I'm already booked! I love you too.

gibbs : hi meghna wat was ur feeling when u had a lot of fans after ur first release
Meghna Naidu : It was good. Something very different cause I was just a normal college girl before I did my video and then all of a sudden, I had fans, so it was overwhelming.

fanxxx : meghna are u from kolkata
Meghna Naidu : No, I am not from Calcutta. I was born in the south but brought up in Bombay.

jaykay : i would like to know about ur education...
Meghna Naidu : I'm a B Com graduate.

gunz : Hi Meghna I feel you have done a great job in your album..but do you feel there is a lot of unwanted importance given nowadays for actresses who show more of skin?
Meghna Naidu : It's not that actressesd who show skin are unwanted these days. It's just that when I did Hawas, it was an experimental film, but after that there were hundreds of films which came that way and which actually took the charm off.

vinu : whats t he reason of your beauty and passion you have in yourself.will you marry me.if you want i can propose to you bending on my knees
Meghna Naidu : Thank you for the compliment but I am already seeing a guy. I'm so sorry but definitely you can bend on your knees and propose to someone else.

Meghna NaiduMadhuresh : Would you like to work with Amit ji.If yes, is there any plan in near future?
Meghna Naidu : I would definitely love to work with Amitji. And there is no plan as yet, but I hope and pray that one day I would work with him.

naidug : After your marriage will u be contuining ur profession or will change urself to be a housewife
Meghna Naidu : I will be working after marriage, but probably not in films. Maybe TV serials.

narayanan : Hi meghna,what happnd to ur tamil project VEERASAMY and how was the experience working with T.Rajendar
Meghna Naidu : Veerasamy is going to release in the month of september. My experience of working with T Rajendar is just awesome. He's a one-man show.

delwyn : Hi Megha, I understand the casting couch issue is quite a "touchy" one recently. What has been your personal experience & whats your views on this? Am looking for an honest answer so just shoot :o)
Meghna Naidu : I have never experienced the casting couch in the last three years of my being in the industry. I have heard that it does exist, but unless I experience it I cannot say whether it is true or false.

lithium_on_dope : One last question. Do you think you are the same person who you were before all this celebritydom, flood-lights, cameras, and flashes started glaring you? If yes, then are you being honest/modest about yourself. If no, then do you really need to step back and think about the many people who were, and aren't in your life. Any regrets? Any pleasure?
Meghna Naidu : yes, I am the same person even after all this hype about me and everything. I'm a normal girl who came from a middle-class family. I have seen the limelight right now, and I would definitely like to live like I always used to live.

priyanka : hihow did get into film industry
Meghna Naidu : It was luck that brought me to the film industry. I actually got film offers after the Kaliyon Ka music video.

kgnairobi : Hi Meghna, Do u wish to visit nairobi in recent future. In kenya u have lots of fans
Meghna Naidu : I have performed in Kenya, and it was a great experience. Definitely, in the future, if I get a chance, I will not miss it.

CoolBlue : which kind of music do like to listen??
Meghna Naidu : I listen to old music. Hindi film music. I even like reggae and hip-hop.

gibbs : meghna ur fav color
Meghna Naidu : black. white. blue.

ricky : off late we are seeing lots of actresses involved in mms scandals. what is your reaction to that?
Meghna Naidu : I think it is very sad whatever is happening. There are certain things which are very personal, and should not be misused. I think people should understand and realise that these things are not going to help anybody, and should stop it right away.

sateeshkumarec : What are your career aspirations in film industry?
Meghna Naidu : I'm not looking for awards. I'm just looking for good performances. Yes, I have got a lot of awards for my performance in Kaliyon Ka Chaman, and it feels great, but the best part is that people loved me in it and that's what I want. Even with my performances in the movies.

prasad : u like to act with SALMAN BAHI (he is a good hunter, drunken driver and innocnet people organise party with BAHI's ---- is the reason your likeing to act with BAHI
Meghna Naidu : He is not the person everyone thinks he is. Yes, he has a bad temper but he is a great person at heart. He helps a lot of people and the film industry is always with him.

Kanishka : and what about Hollywood flick, Meghna?
Meghna Naidu : I need to first prove myself as a great actress in Bollywood. Only then can I think of Hollywood.

Nikhil : if u have a choice of 2 rolesone a sex symbol reole and the other a short role but of substance which one wyd u prefer??
Meghna Naidu : Definitely a short role of substance, because I've already done a sex-symbol role!

bablm : What POINTERS would like to GIVE the aspiring actress / dancers who want to make their debut in Bollywood
Meghna Naidu : Be confident. It's a very difficult industry to be in. A lot of hard work needed. And a lot of people talk, you have to actually be very choosy about what you take up.

RajanishNaidu : hai meghna R u From Andhra Pradesh
Meghna Naidu : yes, I am from Andhra Pradesh. I was born in Vijaywada.

ranjan : hi, why u signed this movie called MASHOOKA?
Meghna Naidu : I signed mashooka because I really liked the role. I think it had different shades to it. I could play a good girl to a bad girl.

papulal : what is your date of birth ?
Meghna Naidu : 19th September.

rahu : How is your life changed after joiner Bollywood...............
Meghna Naidu : yes, my life has changed. Earlier I could go do whatever I wanted and people would not notice, but today everyone notices whatever I do!

mastanadeewana : who do you think is the most gorgeous and talented actress in bollywood at present?
Meghna Naidu : Rani Mukerji.

moodyblue : what do you do for fun to destress??
Meghna Naidu : sit at home, watch movies. go out with my family and my friends.

sateeshkumarec : What are the best things you say about film industry ? What kind of roles in movies you are looking for ?
Meghna Naidu : The best thing about the film industry is that the industry is not what a lot of people think it is. It is a very clean, neat industry with a lot of good people in it. And I am looking for roles like a Sridevi did in Sadma or a Sridevi did in Chaalbaaz.

Robot : Hi Megh, Wish I could have been along with you.. when U were stuck in the lift (Elevator) for 3 Hrs? How was the experience being alone?
Meghna Naidu : It was horrible. Yes, I wish that somebody was with me in the elevator. THe experience of being alone was horrifying.

rodolph : what qualities u expect in ur dream man
Meghna Naidu : He has to give me a lot of space. He needs to respect me, and my work. A good sense of humour.

Rajas : Do u believe in live n relationship? Explain
Meghna Naidu : Yeah. A lot of my friends are in live-in relationships. It's just that there are no commitments in it, and that's why people live in, but I personally would not.

badmash : According to you who is the sexiest actor in Bollywood? Please reply..
Meghna Naidu : There are a lot of sexy actors in Bollywood, but according to me the sexiest would be Salman!

bhatiashish : wat is ur take on sallu-aish tapes???
Meghna Naidu : I don't think it's true. Because it's been 4 years for the episode. And I think it shouldn't have come out now.

nlrecruit : I am based in Amsterdam, Are u by chance visiting Amsterdam any time?
Meghna Naidu : I did a show in Amsterdam earlier, but I don't know when I'm coming back there. But if I get a chance, I will.

srini77_raavi : you said you are basically from you keep coming to vijayawada
Meghna Naidu : not really. I have come to vijaywada twice after I left, and that too for shows.

meetu : meghna how do u rate urself in hawas
Meghna Naidu : I think that was a good performance. As it was my first movie, I looked nervous in the film.

bhatiashish : If given a chance to work with one hollywood star who would that be and why???
Meghna Naidu : Mel Gibson. I think he's a great actor, and he's good loooking also.

CoolBlue : do u listen to english songs? if yes who is ur fav. singer?
Meghna Naidu : I listen to english songs. My favourite singer is George Michael. And in hip-hop, it's Eminem.

aqua : what do u think is ur biggest strength n ur weaknesses?
Meghna Naidu : My biggest strength is my family, and my boyfriend. And my weakness is again my family, and my boyfriend!

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda

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