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Sheesha has nothing but skin

By Rohan Sonalkar
February 11, 2005 16:53 IST
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Neha Dhupia in SheeshaIf it was hard for you to take your eyes off Neha Dhupia in Julie, imagine what two Nehas would do to you!

The actress is featured in a double role for the first time, in Sheesha. Though she has done an okay job, she has a long way to go where acting is concerned. And to think she's the best actor in the film!

But Neha definitely has her magic working on the masses. Even her name in the titles brought on some whistles in the theatre.

The plot is interesting, but it could have been executed better. The story goes like this: Sia is a good, rich and famous fashion designer. Her twin Ria is deaf and dumb. They fall in love with the same guy, Raj (Sonu Sood).

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Sia marries Raj, breaking Ria's heart. Suddenly, Ria starts talking and hearing. And then, she plots revenge. Ria seduces Raj (seduce, here, is an understatement).

Sheesha is for those audiences who don't care for the story, and prefer the masala!

Neha tries to act like an obsessive, seductive lover, but as mentioned earlier, she still needs to work on her acting skills. But she looks fantastic, even with her clothes on!

The less said about Sonu Sood's performance, the better. Vivek Shaq (remember Sunny Deol's sidekick in Gadar?) has done a good job of acting, and adds humour to the film.

The music is average, with decent song picturistions.

Sheesha is a paisa vasool film if you want to watch Neha Dhupia. The movie has nothing but skin.

Warning: Do not watch this film with your family, or you will be reduced to shuffling uneasily in your seat.

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Rohan Sonalkar