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Talking Movies!

December 12, 2005 16:13 IST
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Ronjita KulkarniLast Friday, Rediff readers talked movies with Entertainment Editor Ronjita Kulkarni and discussed the Friday releases among other things.

If you want to be part of the chat, simply log on to Rediff Chat every Friday between 4 pm and 5 pm.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Ronjita Kulkarni : Hi Everyone! Lets chat!

Aaronraj : What is your personal opinion about all three movies? Which one of them will hit the bull"s eye? I prefer the English original than this kind of utter copies? God save Indian cinema
Ronjita Kulkarni : I think of the three, Ek Ajnabee has the potential to do better than the rest.

vish : ppl who like to watch ORIGINAL hindi fillums go watch "govinda's and sharukh's) movies rest go watch Holywood movies ..( im not speaking bout Aamir, ashutosh and movies like iqbal here)
Ronjita Kulkarni : Yes, most of the Hindi films releasing these days are either fully copied or partially inspired by Hollywood movies. Quite sad, actually.

pahari : Ronjita didi, did you do any film course? I think your reviews are very good.
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hi Pahari! Yes, I've done a course in Journalism before I took up this job. Thanks!

Murali : Hi Ronjita, How is life in these days ? How do you feel Editing is a difficult job in film industry, especially first of all Censor board will edit first and after you have to adjust with that, So difficulty Job. Bye.
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hi Murali. Life's pretty good, thanks! But I'm not a film editor, I'm a journalist :)

dinesh : ronjita hi..i am a tv news journalist from Hyderabad....can you tell me how do the film makers feel when they see the output of movies like home delivery
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hi Dinesh. Sometimes, filmmakers are honest and do admit that they don't like some of their films. Of course, most of them just stand by their films. What's the scene in Hyderabad?

papa : Hi. Do you think Ajnabee will be a success? If so, why?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Yes, Ek Ajnabee is a well-made film, and Amitabh rocks in it! Besides, with AB in hospital, people may want to see more and more of him on screen.

nandini : well i am still waiting for your take on the new yashraj film
Ronjita Kulkarni : You mean Neil N Nikki? It looks refreshing, but may not have what it takes to be a hit.

raghu : Hi ronjita, How do you feel about malayalam movies when compared to hindi movies
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hi Raghu! I haven't seen any Malayalam movies, as I don't understand the language.

kamalraj : i am just one of ur lovely please resond me
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hey, nice to know I have a fan :)

dinesh : home delivery was a s**t movie sucha bore but the i liked ayesha takia she is so cool and smooth in performance.....
Ronjita Kulkarni : Home Delivery was riding on a lot of expectations but unfortunately, it fell short.

bharat : just curious who and what is Ranjita and what is her full name ????
Ronjita Kulkarni : Bharat, this is Ronjita Kulkarni. I'm a rediff Entertainment Editor, and am here to talk movies with you!

chilkan : Critics turning directors - Whats ur take? MK (looks like one of his chammach is online) was my fav critic, used to find his reviews witty and informative (or so I thought) then he goes and makes this film with the happening star of the time and I curse myself for not watching the movies he has trashed... Do you think critics shud stick to critiquing and not get into direction?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Yes, I agree that it's quite disappointing when film critics make bad movies. Don't worry, that won't happen when I make my first film ;-)

vish : Personal question Ronjita.. What pulled you into this field where you need to review Hindi Movies?( such pain for me ..i cant watch hindi movies for more than 1 min.. thanks to trailors :p)
Ronjita Kulkarni : I love watching Hindi movies! So this was a very natural line of work :)

Ronjita Kulkarni : I've lost count! Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi is my fave.

Rakesh : Hi, Ronjita . My Question is not related to this friday movies so dont know whether u will answer it or not.But still i m eager to know what went wrong with the movie " Deewane Huye Paagal".Who is responsibel for this a)Rimi Sen.b)Garam Masala c)Promotion.Waiting for ur response
Ronjita Kulkarni : Deewane Huye Pagal had its moments. But it's hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. Audiences are very hard to guage sometimes.

shivanand : do u think its worth investing so much money in Hindi movies
Ronjita Kulkarni : It depends entirely on the movie. If it's really good, why not?

Shine : As per bookings and advance reports from the trade, which movie do you see doing Well. Can yashraj continue their success streak with Neal n Nikki also inspite of having no major starcast?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Neal N Nikki has been promoted heavily, but the film is a letdown. Will it do well? Just read the Rediff Box Office on Tuesday!

dev : Ronjita, please tell that when did you finish your graduation? I think my brother studied in same college as you.Please reply
Ronjita Kulkarni : I graduated in 1999. Who's your brother?

monee : Do you think arjun matches the energy with amitabh in ek ajnabee
Ronjita Kulkarni : Arjun looks hot in Ek Ajnabee! And he does manage to hold his own opposite Amitabh.

akshaykhanna : if two horses were used instead of dharmendra in Sholay, do you think they would perform better?
Ronjita Kulkarni : I loved Dharmendra in Sholay. Could imagine the film without Veeru. Why didn't you like it?

imy : Wats with the movie Kalyug? There is a major hype about lots of skin showing in the movie. Is that true? Who is the actress and how did she manage to be so bold
Ronjita Kulkarni : Kalyug is about the porn industry in India but does not have much skin show. There are 2 actresses --Smiley and Deepal Shaw. Which one do you mean?

chilkan : Paheli - OscarsRonjita, will wait and hope you wont tread the same line ;-)Whaddya say about Paheli being our nomination for the Oscars? Dontya think the entire selection process is farcical?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Paheli was a good film, but not Oscar-nom material. That selection really surprised me.

maintohoonpaagal : Rakesh i think biggest weak link in DHP was Rimmi Sen and Shahid Kapoor. I mean one can understand guys going bonkers over Cameron Diaz, but Rimmi Sen gimme a break. Also in Mary, Ben Stiller put up a superb goof ball act, Shahid Kapoor just wandered about with a lost lover boy expression, i dont understand how that guy is supposed to be the next best thing.
Ronjita Kulkarni : Rimii isn't even close to Cameron where screen presence and looks are concerned. Frankly, I was quite surprised that she was Mary in the film!

cooldude : will hrithik roshan make a rocking comecack in krrish
Ronjita Kulkarni : I'm looking forward to Krrish. Sounds like an interesting film.

shaji : hai, not interested in today's release. Waiting for Rang de Basanti. but what is the reason for less freshness in the bollywood movies when compared to southindian films espectially tamil films?
Ronjita Kulkarni : The promos of Rang De Basanti look very promising. I'm looking forward to it too. I wouldn't be able to comment on South Indian films as I have not watched any.

Shine : I felt Paheli may have been a bit too simplistic but still way better than Black with its heavy duty sets and pretentious melodrama. What do you think?
Ronjita Kulkarni : The performances were brilliant in Black. Paheli was like a fairy tale. One can't really compare the two.

Rakesh : Nowadays AmitJi is doing a lot of films ,nearly a dozen every year. can we still hope the same pace after the surgery. according to u(ronjita) is it good for a actor of his calibre to continue doing this amount of movie
Ronjita Kulkarni : Yes, Amitabh has been doing too many films these days. But no one's complaining! Personally, I prefer the younger Amitabh, and am not much of a fan of his recent movies.

cooldude : is it true that akshay kumar has increased his price to 5.5 crores.
Ronjita Kulkarni : Where did you get that from?

Shine : In Neal N Nikki how did Tanisha perform? Does she have as much potential as her elder sister or did she come across as an irritating overexposed brat?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Tanisha will have to work much much harder for her to reach her mother's and sister's standards.

crispapple : what do ya think about the ban on smoking in films?
Ronjita Kulkarni : It's a double-edged sword. Youngsters get influenced by a cool shot of SRK or Ajay Devgan smoking. But if smoking is actually banned in films, it would restrict creativity.

Shine : What about Uday Chopra? I thought he was fairly good in Dhoom and Mere Yeaar ki Shaadi.
Ronjita Kulkarni : He's a good actor. Quite natural. But he doesn't have any star quality.

ankur : Hey can i say u a CJ(chat jokey) like we have VJ, RJ
Ronjita Kulkarni : Ha ha. No, I'm not a CJ

aditya : U know what even my dad is in the film industry. i am from mumbai ,presently enjyoing myself.
Ronjita Kulkarni : What does your dad do? : hi Ronjita which is your favorite movie and how many times you have watched this film
Ronjita Kulkarni : Hazaroon Khwaishen Aisi. Watched it many times. But i've seen the end only once or twice. It's too tragic, and I can't get myself to watch it again.

Hellraiser : well ronjita,dont u think the movies nowadays are too commercialised?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Movie-making was always a commercial business.

Rakesh : Last Question of mine.Abhishek is doing a lot of cameo roles in yashraj films. Like Salaam Namaste,Hum Tum and newly released Neal 'n' nikki.So Mr Yashji is considering him a lucky factor or it is just a coincidence
Ronjita Kulkarni : Abhishe has the potential to become the next superstar like his dad. Yash Chopra may have recognised that. So answering your question, maybe they consider him to be a lucky factor.

Deepu : Hi , These days many movies are coming as remake of hollywood stories so many ppl loose interest watching those movies. do u think there is dearth of talanted directors and script writers in bollywood industry..
Ronjita Kulkarni : No, there's no dearth of talent. People are just too scared of experimenting, and prefer to copy hit films.

nettalk : Do you feel Bollywood films thrives on over dose of sex?
Ronjita Kulkarni : It used to. But that trend is over.

nettalk : Who do u think will succed Shah Rukh Khan as the megastar from the current lot of actors?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Abhishek has to potential to be the next big star.

rgupta : Don't you think that thee is too much of exposure being done in Neal n Nikki? These kinds of films degrade our culture!
Ronjita Kulkarni : Why do you think their degrade our culture? Exposing has become part of TV culture, whether they're films, music videos or the like.

Vij : Another question... see film reviewers are different persons so their review may also differ.. for instance one may say that its a watchable movie, another a terrific movie and yet another a terrible movie. So as a film goer, how should one rate the reviewing and decide on whether to watch the movie or not? Please answer
Ronjita Kulkarni : One can guage from the films' promos whether they are good or not. Or else, just read the Rediff Reviews for the correct verdicts. ;-)

bfreeza : Thx Ronjita for answering my question! one more question goes here: do u think mallika sherawat will be hit in bollywood industry inspite of knowing that sex trend has been changed in present sceaniors and more n more comedy movies coming ?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Mallika Sherawat is here to stay!

cooldude : journalist raja sen said that hrithik roshan can't act? well i think he is completely wrong. what do u say??
Ronjita Kulkarni : Everyone is entitled to an opinion. So here's mine: Hrithik rocks!

sandip : I just want to know that out of all this week's releases which one is worth watching?
Ronjita Kulkarni : Ek Ajnabee looks like the best of the lot.

Ronjita Kulkarni : Ok, I'm off guys! Hope you guys enjoyed the chat!

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